Taking GOPO to Help with Back Pain

I was 21 when I first started suffering from back pain. Right at the bottom of my back. One doctor described it as stretching an elastic band too far. Once it’s stretched out of shape it would never go back. Since then it’s pretty much been an off and off thing, something I’ve gotten used to really. Not painful enough to seriously affect my life. Until now. Before Christmas, I had a muscle spasm which was irritating my nerves causing a lot of pain and pins and needles. Now? I have a muscular problem causing me excruciating pain when I lie down. It’s not fun. So when the opportunity arose I jumped at the chance of taking GOPO to help with back pain.

What is GOPO and Why am I Taking it for Back Pain?

Well, these days I pretty have some kind of pain in most of my joints. I can’t even pick which one is the worst because they’re all pretty much sore or painful at one point of another. This is where GOPO comes in.

GOPO® is a galactolipid derived from rose-hips with powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists have found that GOPO® can prevent the migration of inflammatory cells thought to be involved in triggering and maintaining joint inflammation.

Results of clinical trials suggest that GOPO®:

  • Reduces joint pain
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Reduces the need for painkillers
  • Rebuilds joint tissues and cartilage

Research suggests the supplement may be more effective for pain relief than both paracetamol and glucosamine and recent research into active, healthy adults also found that 12 weeks of GOPO® supplementation led to reductions in joint pain and improved mobility, potentially even helping to reduce degeneration of cartilage.

Made from 100% natural rose-hip and containing high levels of GOPO® with high levels or vitamin C. Free from yeast, gluten, dairy and lactose. They don’t contain GM ingredients or shellfish and are allergen free. Also suitable for people with diabetes.*

What Were the Results of Taking GOPO to help with Back Pain?

As is my way when I review supplements, I forget things. Usually to take them (this time I have a daily medicine box with everything in I need to take each day) but definitely, forget if they’re helping or not. I just get on, swallow the tablets and forget.

This time was no different. I was taking 6 capsules a day as directed, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening for 3 weeks (they state you can take for 3-5 weeks at this dose then I kept taking the maintenance dose of 2 capsules daily). At the time of writing this review, I am nearly through my second pack.

I want to mention that for part of my time taking this supplement I was (am) also on Naproxen. Whilst I don’t think they have eased my aches and pains I wanted to mention it anyway for a fair review.

For me, the biggest change is always in my behaviour. I can get quite bogged down with the pain and literally halt everything that isn’t necessary. This went on for weeks during my back and forth to the doctors. Since Christmas, all exercise has stopped. I’ve remained living in my bedroom where things have been comfy and eases the pain somewhat. Especially with my not sleeping too well due to the back pain.


This past week or so I have noticed a big difference in my body. Whilst I’m not completely pain-free, I’m also not sore. The pain is still there but it’s more manageable. I’m able to do more and I’ve even started exercising again. I’ve gained this desire to be more active, my house is tidier, I’m eating better and generally feel better. I’ve even cut down on my Naproxen mainly taking it when I have to go to work.

Off out for a run! Well more like a walk but it's a start!

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Sure I still get flare ups but for the most part, those niggly pains you get (possibly just me?) when walking, lifting doing press ups are not as bad anymore. I can actually hold my hand flat on the floor as oppose to making a fist when doing push-ups and exercises requiring me to use my hands to support my body.

The burning I feel on and off in various joints has also reduced quite significantly. Not altogether stopped but most definitely improved especially at the base of my spine. The place of my original injury at 21. In recent months this was happening more and more but I think, in part, the GOPO has helped with this symptom too.

But, the best part for me is just being able to be me. To move freely as a 35-year-old woman should be. Not to be concerned or bothered by which part of the body is hurting now. Sure I still have other pains, this is awaiting a medical diagnosis, but the niggles and aches I’ve had for many years are now more manageable, if not altogether gone for the most part these days.

Whilst I wouldn’t (and can’t really) say it’s been a miracle cure for me and my pain, taking GOPO to help with back pain has been a positive experience and has shown me that not all pain needs to be treated by medicine and I am definitely feeling healthier and more supple of late. This has to be part of the benefits of taking GOPO. And if they are to thank for my sudden uptake of exercise and increase in activity then I need to stock up and fast!

Have you ever tried GOPO? Or do you use another remedy to help with your joints?

*Disclaimer: I was provided with the above-mentioned product for purpose of this review. All thoughts, opinions and results are my own and honest based on using the product* *Words underlined and in italics are taken from GOPO and are not my own.*
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  1. No I wouldn’t take it I like a drug that’s had a proper clinical trial, can’t afford to risk it interfering with any meds I take. But can appreciate when you’re in pain you try anything.