Marigold, Not Just Rubber Gloves!

a marigold white dishcloth placed over a tap with cleaning supplies in the background

Date: 16/02/17

Mrs R. Bottomsley-Harrow

Rosehill Cottage

Dovefold Lane


RF56 7FO

Dearest Neighbour,

Greetings again from Mrs R. Bottomsley-Harrow. I see I have yet to meet you despite it being almost a month since you and your family arrived in the village. Mr. Davidson from the newsagents assures me you are well from you many visits to buy the groceries I presume you forget to pick up with your weekly shop. It does sound like you go through an extraordinary amount of Pepsi Max. I take it you do recycle?

Now onto other matters. Do you recall my mentioning of the Clean Up Chatterington Committee? I’m sure you’re well aware of our activities around town. Winnie mentioned she saw you tootling past in your car last week. Do you have an issue with your back or neck I wonder, she said you were drivingΒ with your head angled in the most peculiar position. She said she couldn’t quite see your face despite being sure she made eye contact with you as you stopped at the crossing. Now that can’t be safe, may I suggest you visit the local practice to get this cleared up.

Now back to the committee and our meetings. Are you available on a Tuesday evening? 6pm? I ask as it seems you have yet to attend and after my last letter, I can only think you may be under the impression it is voluntary to attend or the matter at hand doesn’t concern you. But as a Chatterington resident, new or old, you have a level of expectation on you. To uphold our traditions. We would love to see you attend the next meeting.

I hope you managed to find the Vileda product mentioned in my previous letter, I would be more than happy to take you myself to pick one up should you not. But I wondered if I could be as bold as to make sure you are indeed following our other cleaning recommendations to keep our tidy village in tip top condition.

We must insist on only Marigold for your rubber gloves and cleaning cloths. I’m sure you don’t want to waste too much time cleaning up after yourself and the ‘family’ members you invite over especially after cooking for everyone. I assume that’s what you were attempting to do upon hearing your smoke alarm activated more than once.

Here are some of my pictures should you not be familiar with the brand.

selection of marigold products


Now as you can see neighbour Marigold don’t just do rubber gloves these days. With 70 years expertise in providing household cleaning materials, Marigold is the Chatterington Clean-Up Committee no.1 recommended brand for cloths, scourers and of course rubber gloves. You do use rubber gloves, don’t you? I’d imagine you’d need them after setting off the smoke alarm! Especially considering, now I wasn’t snooping but I did knock to see if you were home, it appears you don’t clean up immediately after cooking, or in fact the next day. Dried food must be so hard to clean, no that I would know nor would any of our residents.

marigold rubber gloves and scourer

They even do sensitive gloves should you need them. It looks like you may be sensitive to cleaning from what I have seen these past few weeks.

I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting?

Yours Sincerely
Mrs R Bottomsley-Harrow

So What Did I Think of the Marigold Products?

It’s safe to say I literally own minimal and basic cleaning supplies which you might remember me mentioning before. I’ll be honest I’m not even sure I have used Marigold products before and there is a serious lack of cleaning cloths and the like in my kitchen. Usually, I buy wipes. yet here I am again, cleaning for the blog. I tell you my house doesn’t know what’s hit it lately.Β 

Can you tell the difference? Compared to the brands I usually buy, yes. I can personally. Mostly in the microfibre cloths. I avoid those as they make me cringe but the Marigold ones are so soft and lately, I have been using them to quickly wipe down my countertop in the kitchen.

My favourite one though is the scourer. I hate those little metal round things I tend to buy to clean my cooker with. But I love this. So much so it is the most used item in my kitchen right now. Β As Mrs R mentioned, I did indeed leave overspills on my cooker overnight, purely for review purposes of course (Honest!). I then sprayed with some anti-bac cleaner and wiped off. Simple and really easy too, I ended up scrubbing the whole cooker because, for some reason, it gets really dirty constantly despite it hardly being used! It’s my new most favourite thing ever!

a before, during and after collage of cleaning a dirty cooker using marigold rubber gloves and scourer.

We are really messy cookers! I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much I used them. To be honest I always thought I didn’t need to use products like this. But it just goes to show, maybe (always am) I was wrong on this! Also, I love that you can wash and reuse the cloths.Β 

Do you use Marigold products? What about any cleaning tips? I would love to know about your cleaning hacks especially ones passed down through the family! Anything to make my life easier now I’m actively cleaning up! But shhh…. don’t tell Mrs R!

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a selection of Marigold products for purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Mrs R and the CCC bear no resemblance to any person real life or otherwise……. well I hope not anyway!*
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