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Raising healthy, confident, kind, respectful and responsible kids is a challenge. It requires a lot of strategies and hard work from the parents. Nowadays, the influence of technology on our kids’ life has its pros and cons. The biggest pro is that there is a lot of help available online and many parenting tools to ease parents too. But on the other hands, this exposure is also dangerous for kids.

The tabs, smartphones, internet surfing, social media, online games and the fact that everything now happens online has some negative effects on them. This includes less real interaction, more sitting on the couch all day, gaming, social media addiction and continuous body fatigue. Then there are more dangerous problems like sexual predation, blackmailing, harassment, bullying, and sexting. This is definitely something I worry about with Olivia now she is getting closer to secondary school and growing up.

The Gen Z parents have to take care of everything in addition to other parenting duties. I constantly feel that if we make some rules and changes in their lifestyle we can give them a better quality of life. And quite frankly, ease our own stress as well. Here are some tips that parents, raising kids in the techno age, must take up:

Memory Exercises

These kids don’t memorise stuff anymore like phone numbers and addresses. Their phones have everything on them. They can access almost everything from one Google search so there is no need to remember. They don’t do simple math in their minds either. They are becoming tech dependent for these little tasks and it is affecting their memory. Make them do little exercises like calculate without a calculator or remember certain phone numbers. You can also bring special memory exercise books and play with them to help build their memory.

Teaching digital ethics

As most of their life is online, it is important that you teach them the digital ethics before you expose them to the digital media and keep on teaching them as they explore new gadgets. Tell them about the privacy concerns and hazards. How they should keep their personal info and pictures private. Show them to set privacy settings on social media accounts. Also, tell them what is appropriate to share on the internet and what is not. Discuss sexting, predation and trusting strangers online and the outcome of these. Teach them about cyber bullying and that they should always share such incidents with elders.

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Mandatory physical activity

One more thing the technology does to these kids is keeping them sitting on the sofa all day long. It is either binge watching movies, playing games, YouTube or social networking that keeps them occupied and they literally forget to move around. As a result, they are becoming obese, treat with xenical orlistat, they suffer from fatigue and tiredness, dry eyes and also depression. So make sure you make physical activity necessary in your house. It can be anything from outdoor games, indoor games, walking, running, dance or some after school activity like soccer or yoga class. The goal is to make them take a break from their digital devices and do some actual work.

Get Parental control apps

Another thing that parents should do these days is to monitor their kids online which means what they surf, their social media, friends, the games they play and the people they interact with. Parental control apps are a real help in this matter. These apps also help you to tone down their digital use and keep tabs on their location as well. It comes handy when you let them drive to the school, or take the subway or just anywhere they go on their own. A highly recommended digital tool is the FamilyTime app which comes with the following features:

  • Screen time locks
  • Unsafe mobile apps blocker
  • Browser activity and history
  • Call, message and contact details
  • iTunes filtering
  • Location tracking
  • Check-in and checkout alerts
  • Panic button
  • Pick me up alert
  • Safe drive limits for teens

All these features are available under one roof and parents can keep a check on all their kids from one place.

So these are some of the changes and rules kids need in order to have a healthy future. These tips are great for their health, both physical and emotional, as well as a safe online presence. You also get to spend more time together as a family and keep them safe. So try using these tips and parental control apps and experience a better change in your house.

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  1. thank you for the article! very interesting and very close-to-life about memory and lying on the sofa. Sometimes it looks like kids think that life is impossible without their gadgets. And this is a problem at school as well, instead of communicating during breaks – they sit in their devices… Even teachers recommend to use parental control apps (we started to use the one called Kidslox). Life became a little easier, as now I can even see my children without their phones, but I think the problem is more global… Mb to forbid the devices at schools etc.

  2. As a father of a young daughter I found this post really helpful, it’s important to keep them safe online but it’s also equally important to keep up with technology as a parent! Thanks again for the great write up.

  3. It definitely makes me worry about my children growing up using so much technology but I guess that’s the world we live in now 🙂 #kcacols