6 Fall Veggies To Grow Now

Avid gardeners experience fall with mixed emotions. The work from the summer and spring harvests is over. We have enjoyed our plants that have brought our fall decorations to life. We have canned, frozen, and

paints paintbrushes and writing pad for post on creative inspiration

Finding Creative Inspiration

Writers, artists and creatives of all kinds know the unique sense of horror that descends when a mist descends over their creative vision, resulting in a creative block that’s near impossible to shift. As soon

london eye review view of house of parliament

A London Bucket List

Living ‘up North, it is very rare I get to travel to London to visit our country’s capital city. In my entire life, I have visited twice. My first visit was to see the one

home improvements - white fireplace against white wallpaper with butterflies on and a photo frame hanging above with the word love

Home Improvements

2018 is the year of doing for me. For far too long I have been stagnating in the ‘why do it today when it can be put off until tomorrow’ camp. 2017 saw fits and

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Raising Diana

Welcome to my new fiction series, Raising Diana. I love how this started, inspiration flowing after reading Magically Bound by Rachel Medhurst. So I just went with it and wrote like I always do. I’m really