Scrub Daddy Review & Competition

Date: 17/08/17

Mrs R. Bottomsley-Harrow

Rosehill Cottage

Dovefold Lane


RF56 7F


Dearest Neighbour,

It seems of late that my monthly emails regarding the Clean Up Chatterington Committee meetings are going unopened. And as we haven’t had the pleasure of your company at a meeting for 3 months now, I felt it was in the villages best interests to get in touch.

We have recently received our notification of the towns annual inspection for the Cleanest Village in Britain competition so it in all our best interests if you are brought up to speed. Mr Markel the window cleaner said he couldn’t help but notice the insides of your windows are looking a little less than sparkling should we say! I think this is best addressed another time. However, he was most startled at the pile up around your sink last Tuesday morning. Is there an issue with your water or drainage system? You do know we have a plumber in town who resolve this should you have an issue.

Now, I’m not one to tell people how to keep house, but at this time of year, I’m sure you’ll agree that all houses in the village should be kept in tip top condition. Dirty dishes in and around the sink is not in keeping with the standards we expect here in Chatterington. If you need me to send over the list of recommended products, schedules and cleanliness levels that can be arranged.

New Cleaning Product Alert!

scrub daddy review yellow sponge on window sill

We have recently introduced a new selection of products to help you keep your home spick and span with minimal effort. Although some effort on your part is required. Gladys’s niece popped over Wednesday last and mentioned about this new sponge she found at online. Scrub Daddy. A soft sponge in warm water and a firm sponge in cold water, you can use it to clean a whole manner of things around the home. Gladys bought one herself and couldn’t stop raving about it at our last meeting, they’re held Tuesday’s as I’m sure you’re aware. Oh, she said it tackled the dirty dishes like a breeze and even got off some stubborn stains she found on the inside of her halogen oven, similar to yours I believe. No problem, no scrubbing. She even got a blue one for her bathroom. We do suggest to keep all your cleaning products colour coded.

scrub daddy review blue sponge by tap


If you would like me to show you where to purchase one of these to remedy the slovenly appearance inside your home, I would be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. I’m sure it goes without saying we are hoping to retain our crown this year and will go to any lengths possible to make sure this occurs!

Yours Sincerely
Mrs R Bottomsley-Harrow
Scrub Daddy Review!

Yep, it’s that time again where I have been cleaning my house for the sake of the blog. Mrs R would have an absolute breakdown if she could see inside my house right now! Mid decorating/decluttering there is stuff everywhere and of course, the obligatory leaving of dishes until the morning after. What better test than dried tuna mayo around the bowl from last nights dinner! Or some splashes of paint around the bathroom sink left on for purpose of the review (honest!)

scrub daddy review before and after pictures

I put the sponges to the test on my dirty dishes, halogen oven and bathroom. It cleaned the grease and grime from my halogen oven just as easy as a coffee ring on the bottom of one of my cups. I was surprised and impressed at how easy it was. Nothing was too hard for the sponge, either in its soft form from the warm water of as a firm sponge after holding under cold water. 

I really can’t find any issues with these sponges. After using them for over a week, they have replaced my need for my other sponges (sorry to all my now redundant cleaning sponges, cloths, etc). You can literally use them for anything. I have a blue one in my bathroom like Gladys and a yellow in my kitchen. They’re just so easy to use and really effective too. You can clean them in your dishwasher to keep them nice and bright too. Only I don’t have a dishwasher and my yellow one is now looking a little grubby from my greasy halogen oven. So that is my only grumble with this product.

You can buy Scrub Daddy from Amazon (below is an affiliate link. You don’t pay any extra but if you purchase via the link I get some pennies for your purchase) or via Packing Sorted at £3.49 each.


If you would like to try these fab sponges out for yourself. I am pleased to be able to host a competition to give away 3 sets of 3 Scrub Daddy Sponges to my readers.


The competition will run from17/08/17 to 10/09/17. There will be 3 winners who will receive 3 Scrub Daddy sponges each. The prize will be supplied and dispatched from the competition sponsor, not from One Frazzled Mum. All reasonable efforts will be made to reach a resolution should any issues arise. The winner will be chosen and contacted within 5 days of the competition ending. The winner has 28 days to respond and acknowledge their win. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. Please enter all options correctly. Any incorrect/duplicate entries will be void. I do check!

scrub daddy

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  1. cleaning the kitty litter trays – we have 3 of them and they get scooped out daily with a complete empty, scrub with bleach and refill every weekend – as soon as they are cleaned the cats line up to use them!

  2. Cleaning the oven. I always leave it to long and promise Ill do it more often…..nup I never do and its the biggest and worst chore in the world!

  3. The chore I like least is brushing around the edges of the carpet to get those irritating bits of fluff out that congregate in there.

  4. Cleaning the bathroom and around the toilet in particular is never the most pleasant experience in a male dominated household 😉 x

  5. Ironing is my least favourite so I buy clothes that don’t need it. Next worst is having to get out the big hoover. Groan.

  6. cleaning the hob – too many awkward bits to get to if there has been a spillage that wasn’t cleared up as soon as it’s happened