Review & Competition: The Paranormal MI5 Series by Rachel Medhurst

book covers of spells and life and spells and death in the paranormal mi5 series by rachel medhurst

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know I am somewhat of a fangirl for Rachel Medhurst. I first stumbled across Rachel thanks to a free kindle book called Pisces. It is book one on the Zodiac Twin flame series. There are currently 7 books released and I am all up to date with them now thanks to a week away with nothing else to do but sunbathe and read.

Recently, Rachel started a new series, Paranormal MI5 based in the same world featured in her highly rated Hunted Witch Agency series. Spells and Death is the first book and Spells and Life is the newly released book 2 in the series. I am an ARC reader for Rachel (and overzealous fan at times). I am reviewing the books as a thank you and this isn’t part of my obligations as an ARC reader.

Paranormal MI5 follows Gemma Abbott.

Gemma is a Paranormal MI5 agent and is the main character of the series. An Essex witch and protector of the ley lines, Gemma has been trained by her mother her whole life to protect the pure magic which is sacred.

Spells and Death introduces us to Gemma, who we first came across in The Hunted Witch Agency series, as she is chasing a suspect and subsequently ends up getting shot. We follow her as she learns she is, in fact, dead and the only thing keeping her alive is her connection to the pure magic of the ley lines she is protecting.

With a serial killer hot on her heels, Gemma must find out why she did not actually die and how she is still alive with the help of her team. That is if she decides to let them in and open up to them. But can she?

In Spells and Life, we see Gemma coming to terms with her situation and finally opening up to her team as she accepts help to find the serial killer who has a strange obsession with her. Will she find out who it is and what it is they want with her?

My Thoughts on Spells and Death and Spells and Life.

As a big fan of Devon and The Hunted Witch Agency, I was intrigued to see if Paranormal MI5 kept up the pace with a new lead character in the same world. One of the things I love about Rachel’s books is how she seamlessly integrates different characters in her books and crosses over their worlds. Another is her ability to help me create the world as an image in my head so I can visualise the story as I read it. Both of which are done perfectly in both books.

Spells and Death jumps right in the action from the beginning as Gemma struggles to keep her death a secret and chase down the serial killer who seems to have an intense obsession with her! The suspense holds right through book one as we follow the mystery unravelling and see Gemma open up to her colleagues and let them in.

Gemma reminds me a little bit of myself. A nerdy book geek who is content on her own and doing things her way by herself. Seeing her open up and let people is almost as much of a journey as hunting the person who is draining the magic from the ley line.

Spells and Life follows hot on the trail with some family secrets being aired leading Gemma to find out who the mystery serial killer and exactly what it is they want with her. Things don’t always go smoothly, but where is the fun in that, and you can really get a feel for Gemma and her resilience against all the odds being stacked against her at times. She is exactly what I like in a female lead character.

With her connection to magic weakening, can Gemma find out who is responsible before it is too late? After all, the ley line is the only thing keeping her alive when she should be dead.

If you like the sound of this fabulous new series from Rachel Medhurst you can download them on Kindle now or in paperback if you prefer.

Alternatively, Rachel has kindly offered me 5 copies of both books for 5 readers to win (1 copy of each book per winner). To enter this competition, make sure to read the rules carefully and enter as many options correctly as you wish.

  1. The competition is run by One Frazzled Mum and Rachel Medhurst.
  2. There will be five winners who will each win 2 books. 1 copy of Spells and Death and 1 copy of Spells and Life.
  3. The books will be supplied in digital format only. No physical book is offered.
  4. Any details such as your name and email address will only be used and stored for purpose of this competition. Once prizes have been fulfilled, all details will be deleted.
  5. Entrants must enter via the Gleam widget.
  6. Any 3rd party or bulk entries from the same IP address will be deleted.
  7. Any incorrect entries will be void.
  8. Winners will be contacted within 7 days of the competition ending.
  9. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.
  10. Prize will be sent via email. It is the winner’s responsibility to make sure they have to appropriate app to read the files sent.
  11. Competitions ends on 18th November 2018 at 11.59 pm.

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