Stocking Fillers & Xmas Eve Baskets with the Sports Direct and BritMums #SDfiverchallenge

stocking filler items in a flatlay including top leggings light bulb and craft toy

There once was mum who was rubbish at buying
– anything really but bless, she kept trying

She shopped and she shopped but nothing was found
until Sports Direct popped up with gifts for five pounds

“Amazing!” she cried as she found what she wanted
by her fussy young girl, she was no longer taunted

With novelty gifts and Star Wars stuff too
a huge range of gifts she just had to view

So into her basket, some goodies did go
for the daughter so fussy she wouldn’t yet show

Not her or to anyone, so she could make her surprise
of a Star Wars Xmas eve box appearing right before her eyes.

star wars gift basket filled with toys, clothes and sweets sat on a table

Sports Direct #sdfiverchallenge

So I was challenged recently by Sports Direct and BritMums to find some stocking fillers for family and friends for £5. Armed with a discount code, I spent literally hours scouring the site. My original thought process was I could use the voucher to find some perfect gifts for our Aunties gift bags. As you know the main gift has to be around a fiver. So off I went to look.

Honestly, I had no idea of the range of gifts available for the £5 price range. There was so much choice, however not for what I was looking for for my sisters. After a while, I changed plans. The gifts might not be suitable for our bags, but they did have a great range for other family members. Something I kept being drawn too was their character range. For kids, young and old, who like to have their favourite characters blazoned on toys, gifts, clothing, there was a great selection of products.

Stocking Fillers & Xmas Eve Basket Ideas.

I decided to get Olivia some stocking fillers (note to self: keep her off the blog and this post!). Her current obsession as you may have noticed is indeed Star Wars. She absolutely loves it. Sports Direct had some great ideas for a Christmas Eve Box for her too. So I chose a Stormtrooper 3d mug (£5) and some workout clothes too (top £4.99, leggings £11) All with the Star Wars branding on. Mum for the win right there!

star wars hamper basket with gifts and sweets

Also ending up in my basket was an LED Party Bulb (£2.99)! A complete Olivia novelty gift if ever I’ve seen one and also an Amigami set (£5). She has had these before and whilst the box is technically too big to be a stocking filler, we always leave a bigger gift on the bed with the stocking so it is perfect for that!

stocking fillers on table incliding star wars gifts and a craft toy and led light bulb

I have absolutely no issue with the quality of the products at all in the £5 range. In fact they were better than I was expecting. Unfortunately, I did have to send the leggings back to get a different size. I paid for the return postage and exactly a week later I received my exchange product. I was worried it would be a hassle but it turned out OK and I was pleased with the turnaround time of the exchange. Having never done it before it was definitely a positive experience.


My only issues with the order were the packaging. The items came in a bag and as I was giving them as gifts, they did look a worse for wear on the packaging. I would like to see them packaged a little better. The other thing was I have had a nightmare trying to remove price stickers. I’m sure there is a trick which I am missing (tell me please). But having half a ripped price sticker on a gift doesn’t look that good!

But on the whole, I was really pleased with what I managed to get with my gift voucher (£30). I did pay for quicker delivery on a specified day so I didn’t miss it which brought my total just over the £30 but I was more than happy to add to it. I just hope Olivia loves her Christmas Eve Box now! Fingers crossed.

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  1. Would never have thought to look at Sports Direct for these kind of gifts! Looks like you picked some good ones #KCACOLS

  2. Sounds like a great haul. Hope they respond to your highlighted points. Loving the poem of course too.

    Thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS

  3. I love that Sports Direct sell gifts like these! Looks as though you have got a great variety there 🙂 thank you for sharing your thoughts with #Blogstravaganza

  4. I never knew all this was available at Sports Direct! I too hate price stickers that don’t come off x

  5. I love making Christmas eve boxes for the girls, I never knew Sports direct did gifts like this though. I must pay them a visit! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx