How You Can Improve Your Home Wifi Connection with a BT Whole Home Wifi System Review

I make no secret that the WiFi in my house is sketchy, to say the least. I have thrown many a diva tantrum on twitter to the poor team at Sky help every time my connection drops. Or there is yet another fault on the line or something else. A complete first world problem I know! But that still doesn’t stop me from pouting everytime my WiFi has an unannounced break. Do you need to improve your home WiFi connection at times like me too?

Despite my house only being a small 2 bedroomed terrace I still have issues getting a decent connection in every room in the house. A little frustrating for anyone never mind a blogger with a deadline and a dodgy internet connection. Hell hath no fury I tell ya!

So when I received the BT Whole Home WiFi system to review, I was very excited. Its aim is to improve your home WiFi connection. What would that mean to me and my poor connection in the kitchen where I prefer to write as I gaze, daydreaming out of the kitchen window and across my not so beautifully manicured garden (more like a disaster zone!). Would I be able to stay connected to waste hours scrolling through Facebook write a whole blog post without losing my connection and my temper? I couldn’t wait to find out!

It’s Time to Improve Your Home WiFi Connection with the BT Whole Home WiFi System.

What is it?

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The Bt Whole Home Wifi System is a 3 part setup to improve your home WiFi signal and eliminate and any dead areas or low coverage spots.

  • • Improve or establish a superfast wireless network without low signal areas or WiFi dead zones
    • Three WiFi disc hubs give your home complete wireless coverage, from ground to roof
    • High speed AC2500 dual band connections for all of your wireless devices without network slowdown
    • Compatible across all current broadband providers and operating systems
    • Intelligent self-configuring wireless network manages WiFi connections as you move from room to room
    • One touch update system keeps your wireless network protected at all times
    • Wireless protected setup lets you create a wireless connection at the press of a button
    • Find the perfect position for your whole home WiFi system using the BT WiFi application
    • Easy to use system dashboard lets you monitor your whole home WiFi network, so you can see what is being used and who is connected
How Do You Set It Up?

improve you home wifi connection with the app screenshots

Super easy to set up. You need to download the app to your phone and from there it takes you on a step by step guide on setting it up. All you need to do is literally follow the instructions within the app and you’re good to go. The app will also tell you how good your connection is and any tips to relocate to receive a better signal. It aims to get you a good or excellent strength signal and my living room and bedroom are both excellent and my kitchen is good. Which is still much better than without it.

Initial Thoughts?

It looked good upon opening the box and completely different to the previous WiFi extender I had been using. The instructions and set up were pretty straightforward and I was up and running within 10 minutes. The extra time was for me having to move my whole TV set up to find a plug so I could connect it to my sky router via the ethernet cable. Plus I can actually write at my desk in the kitchen without having a meltdown at my poor quality signal. Or wait hours for pages/media to load. I never realised that you could improve your home WiFi connection quite so easily.


a bt home wifi disc to improve your home wifi connection

I have had the BT Whole Home WiFi System set up now for over a week. I absolutely love it. No more struggles to get online when I write in my kitchen. No more waiting longer than the actual episode for programmes to download on the extra Sky box in my bedroom.

The set up was so easy to do and the app lets you know if there any issues. I was up and going in minutes with minimal effort. There have been no drops in my connection at all. No speed issues at peak times as I was experiencing previously. And…….Olivia has not once moaned at me that she keeps getting booted off the WiFi. She was costing me a fortune in topping up her phone, going through her full 3GB allowance in less than a month as she hadn’t realised she was disconnected from the WiFi.

This is something else you can check upon within the app. It tells you exactly how many devices are connected in each room. So, of course, we tested this by having all our devices running in different rooms at the same time. Absolutely no issue whatsoever. It means I can get on with things I need to be doing online without the hassle of checking who else is connected and what time it is!


I love it. As a lot of my time is spent online with the blog, and Olivia’s watching YouTube we were considering upgrading to Fibre for a better broadband connectivity. We don’t need to now. I have been suitably impressed and bowled over by the BT Whole Home WiFi System. Currently retailing at £199.00 at Maplin, this is a great investment for anyone who needs to be online with a reliable connection at any time of the day or night.

If you are looking to improve your home WiFi connection this could be exactly what you are looking for!

*Disclaimer: We were provided with this product in return for our honest views*
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  1. This sounds amazing. We too have a small house, but the connection is not always 100%. We were considering upgrading, but this could be a better option (and probably cheaper in the long run) #TriedTested

  2. There’s nothing worse than when your wifi doesn’t cover the whole house is there! Glad you’ve found a helpful solution.
    Thank for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week

  3. Interesting tool. Our wifi is pretty good at the moment but soon we will be moving to the countryside so I imagine this will come in very handy indeed!