The Glam Goo Deluxe Set Review

glam goo deluxe set box on a white table in front of a silver and white fireplace

My whole life seems to revolve around telling Olivia she can’t make more slime and crying at the state of my kitchen when I do let her! It seems pretty much most kids are slime obsessed these days, aren’t they? My most recommended videos on youtube are slime tutorials. (Thanks, Olivia!)

The Glam Goo Deluxe set is a slime kit that enables you to turn your slime creations into wearable accessories. 

This set is perfect for all those kids who love slime, this includes Olivia. In the Glam Goo Deluxe Set, you get,

  • 1 container of Glam Goo (clear slime)
  • 2 wearable slime accessories (glitter purse and double ring)
  • 3 slime decorations (cloud crunch, daydreams and unicorn tears)
  • 2 sparkle colours (electric blue and pinky promise)
  • 1 scent (violet vibes)

Extra sets are available to buy separately and this pack may contain items (fragrance) that can cause allergies. For ages 6+*

So with all the technical parts out of the way, let’s get down to some serious slime making business? Does it appeal to the more enthusiastic homemade slime makers or is it just a pretty looking box and no slimy substance?

As soon as Olivia opened the slime it was an instant hit.

The container of clear Glam Goo was bigger than I expected and Olivia was able to mould it and separate it quite easy. She did notice it was really sticky upon opening it and really struggled with it at first.

glam goo deluxe set contents including a handbag case ring glitter and colours for the slime with a pink tub of clear slime

But once she started adding glitter and colours she said it took away the stickiness and the more she handled it the nicer it felt.

I’m not one for slime so I took her word on this. After 5 minutes my youngest niece A walked in and wanted to try it out. She too was hooked. As was her older sister who was late to the party but still had fun making her slime different colours.

white table with colour powder glitter and a girl making pink slime from the glam goo deluxe set

The thing with this set is that whilst the actual slime itself is a one use thing only, and colours and glitters are used up pretty quickly, you can still use the jewellery AND if you store your glam goo in them, they will still be good to use after the initial play when you ‘glam’ it all up. So if you have a child who loves to make/buy/play with slime, then the jewellery will be great to keep for that!

young girl with a plastic ring on her finger filled with the glam goo deluxe set with butterfly wallpaper in the back ground

the bag container for the glam goo deluxe set filled with 4 different colours of slime with girls in the background

Whilst we’re on the subject, the Glam Goo bag has an insert to keep all your different glammed up slime separate. You don’t have to keep it as a big chunk and can make as many different designs as you want and then store them all separated in the bag. Olivia really liked this. The ring wasn’t such a hit with any of the girls, not sure why, but they loved the bag. It actually matches Olivia’s phone case so she loved that!

On the whole, the Glam Goo Deluxe Set was a huge hit. Olivia got to make it up exactly how she wanted it and in a variety of different colours. It was mouldable, flexible, she even managed to blow bubbles through it and being able to store it all for another time was the icing on the cake.

girl on a white table holding clear slime in her hand decorated with coloured glitter

We used the Glam Goo on my white coffee table and I noticed no marks or staining and the girls managed to remove all traces of goo quite easily. If you do have some rogue slime use some more to remove it from the surface with a rolling action. That was how Olivia peeled it off the table when using it and managed to remove it from her cousin’s hand after she decided to make a hand mask with the slime!

The Glam Goo Deluxe Set is available to buy from Argos for £29.99. (although I did buy this for one of my niece’s for her 9th birthday, it was hard to find and pretty much out of stock in most places such is it’s popularity!)

*disclaimer: we received the glam goo deluxe set for purpose of the review. all thoughts and opinions are our own*
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