Blackpool Really Does Have It All part 2

Been to Blackpool recently? No? We lurve Blackpool and I mean luuurve it! Seriously *heart eye emoji* How much do we lurve it? (Ok I’ll stop it now it’s getting old) Quite a bit actually and even more so after our recent invitation to see if Blackpool really has got it all! It does by the way and if you want to know exactly what it does have make sure to catch up with not only this post on our absolutely amazing day out in Blackpool (I didn’t even lose any kids) but my previous post which features Madame Tussaud’s and The Blackpool Tower.

Let’s have a quick recap anyway in case you missed it.

There was me, Olivia, 10 along with C, 10 and K, 7. A Blackpool Resort Pass Plus and 10 hours. Our challenge which we chose to accept, sans Tom Cruise, was to see exactly how much fun we could have in those 10 hours on Blackpool’s famous promenade. 

With visits planned to Madame Tussaud’s, The Blackpool Tower Eye, Sealife Blackpool and The Pleasure Beach we had a jam packed day ahead of us. Armed with comfy shoes and rain coats we were 100% ready, as was the weather which greeted us to the iconic resort in typical British fashion. With a torrential downpour, what else!

Carrying on from a fun filled morning posing with celebs in Tussaud’s and facing fears at the top of the Tower, them not me, we made our way out onto the prom to refuel before the afternoon activities with Sealife Blackpool and The Pleasure Beach. Having not to been to either for a long time I was possibly more excited the girls!

I’m not going to lie initially the girls weren’t really fussed on visiting Sealife. The queue and people with passes behind us being ushered in before us didn’t help matters either. Olivia ended up leaving the queue to flash her pass and felt like a movie star (and acted like one too) when she got a fast pass out of the queue and into the attraction. Possibly another good reason to get your Resort Pass Plus before you arrive, shorter queuing privileges always a plus in my book!

Armed with their Dory flags and booklets, they set off to find the letters hidden all around Sealife and mark them off in their books. After 10 minutes they were whizzing around the place with shouts of ‘look at this fish’ ‘ooh look at the mini octopus thingy’ and ‘I found Dory’ where littering the already noisy air.

blackpool really does have it all part 2 pictures of sealife blackpool

The place was busy and a lot darker than I imagined but there were plenty of staff on hand to answer all their questions and help point us in the right direction. Not once were they made to feel they weren’t welcome and they were all so helpful and friendly. I liked how they didn’t dismiss the girls or even act like they hadn’t been asked that exact question a million and one times already that day. There were plenty of interesting bits of information in and around the tanks to keep them oohing and ahhing over things they didn’t know.

They also got up close and personal in the rock pool, well C and K did Olivia chose not to, where you are able to not only get close to the creatures in the water but touch them too. With some guidance from a staff member, they had a ball stroking a starfish. Apparently, it didn’t feel like a starfish should feel but in a good way!

I thought the connection with the new Finding Dory film was a brilliant way to get the kids more interested in the information rather just looking at all the different creatures around them. My absolute favourite part (not the exit funnily enough) was the tunnel where you can walk underneath the tank and a get a different view. The viewing window was packed so we didn’t get to see much thus meaning the girls didn’t want to hang around but walking through the tunnel really grabbed their imaginations even if a little claustrophobic again due to it being busy. I also managed to get some great pictures.

The girls found all of the letters and I helped by arranging them into the correct order to spell out the word so they could receive their prizes from the gift shop. I was actually really impressed by Sealife Blackpool and I didn’t think I would be. The girls had a good time and gave it a big thumbs up. The venue is again fully accessible with lifts, wide walkways and ramps for ease of navigation with prams and wheelchairs alike and plenty of staff on hand to help.

My advice for future visits you may be planning is to do your research. Check out any feeding times/show times and try to arrange your visit around them. Of course, it will be busier but it will give your trip that added boost to see something different. We left before any of this happened due to a tight schedule but I recommend trying to arrange your visit at those times.

blackpool really does have it all part 2 picture of shark at sealife centre blackpool

After finding our way back outside and back onto the seafront, the sun well and truly had it’s hat on and proved to be the perfect time for ice cream. What’s a trip to the seaside without an overpriced ice cream that inevitably ends up all down your brand new white top before 2pm in the afternoon! But damn it was good ice cream.

Ice cream in hand (and on top) I took the girls on their first ever tram ride to The Pleasure Beach. I haven’t been on a tram in Blackpool since I was a child. Squashed in a heaving tram on a cold October night standing on tippy toes trying to get a glance of the illuminations through a steamed up window. No such problems this time round however with the girls excitement peaking during the 5 minute journey. I was still trying to baby wipe the ice cream off my top!

blackpool really does have it all part 2 picture of ice cream and enjoying the rides at the pleasure beach

The Pleasure Beach was everything I remembered from my last visit at 21 with the welcome addition of Nickelodeon Land. My first port of call was the lockers, quite possibly the highlight of my afternoon. By the way, lockers at all attractions would be amazing. I can’t tell you how much that would help people (me) enjoy the attraction more if I wasn’t carting heavy bags and/or coats around with me. £4 for the afternoon was absolutely worth it in my opinion.

So much to do but where to start! They wanted to do it all and they wanted to do it now. Our first ride was the rockets. We made it as far as the queue before I wimped out! I just couldn’t do. So we made our way over to Nickelodeon Land for a more tamer thrill and we weren’t disappointed.

With the assurances that they had plenty of time to experience it all, we made our list and joined in the queues for everything that took our fancy. From the thrills of the Blue Flyer roller coaster, 6 rides in total, to the calm waters of Dora’s World Voyage and then the insanity with water cannons of SpongeBob Squarepants. I got absolutely soaked which they all found hysterical of course.

Back and forth from one to another, to another without pausing for a break made time fly and before we knew it they were calling last orders at 6 pm as they prepared to close down for the night. Time was spent bouncing from the carousel horses, then down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland to the River Caves and spinning around in the sky in some mini balloons on Diego’s Rainforest Rescue to name a few. Yet somehow they were still hyped up and super excited.

Our amazing day ended with a KFC on the train and one very sleepy me! We had the best day and can honestly say, hand on heart that yes, Blackpool really does have it all! And then some!

*Disclaimer: We were given this amazing opportunity courtesy of Merlin Entertainments who kindly supplied us with our Resort Passes so we could share with you exactly how much fun there is to be had in Blackpool. Resort Pass Plus are available to buy online before your visit for £80 per person. The pass is valid for 7 days and allows 1 visit per attraction per person during this time to the following places: Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Nickelodeon Land, Blackpool Tower Eye and 4D Experience, The Blackpool Tower Dungeons, SeaLife Blackpool and Madame Tussauds Blackpool, Blackpool Zoo, Sandcastle Waterpark (including hyperzone tickets) and Blackpool Model Village and Gardens. More information can be found at Visit Blackpool.
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  1. Lived in England for 30 years and never made it to Blackpool. After reading this I’m disappointed I didn’t.
    At least having kids now I’ve an excuse. There is so much to see and do with them.
    Sounds like you had a busy but fantastic day.

  2. I have never been to Blackpool but my husband did as a child. He loved it back then. Looks like some great things to do there now! xx

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  3. I haven’t been to Blackpool for years but I used to love it when I was younger. I think maybe a trip is in order! x #KCACOLS

  4. We have a Sealife place near us and my daughter loves it. The pleasure beach sounds amazing, I probably would have chickened out on some rides too lol. Sounds like you had a brilliant day x

  5. Sounds like there really is lots to do. I’ve not been to Blackpool for years and haven’t ever seen Nickelodeon land. Looks like you had a great time! #kcacols

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to Blackpool! I grew up in the USA so this traditional British seaside experience sounds very exotic to me. Thanks for this useful review. #KCACOLS