There’s Something I Need To Tell You: part 3

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Tammy couldn’t help but think about Carly that night. How she was probably sat there on her own. Quite happy with her own company, embedded in the corner of that deep black battered old corner suite of hers. Propped up by cushions, surrounded by pillows and blankets that were slightly burying her as if she was slowly being sucked into a giant black hole. She lost count of the amount of times she turned up to find the woman engrossed, and completely oblivious to absolutely everything, in her new Netflix box set. Damn that girl had a bad obsession she thought. She could picture her now hand in popcorn, toffee of course, not a care in the world. She always envied how Carly could just block out the world like that. How she could just get lost in her own bubble.

Her train of thought was interrupted by a pair of strong muscular arms snaking their way around her slim waistline, having recently just lost those last few pounds of baby weight that stubbornly clung to her for the last 15 months. She smiled as Paul nuzzled the nape of her neck, inhaling the cherry scent of her hair left behind from her shampoo.

Hey you, she said. Baba go down ok? She was wiped out after just one round Guess how much I love you said Paul.

He knew she had something on her mind. He had come home early today as he was working locally and had hardly gotten two words out her all evening.

‘Everything all right?’ He probed tentatively. ‘How’s Carly?’ He could see in her reflection in the kitchen window she was a million miles away from him at that very moment. Gone in a second, he couldn’t quite put his finger on exactly what was going on behind those sparkling emerald green eyes of hers. The ones that took his breath away all those years ago, and still do now. He stroked a piece of hair gently off her neck and planted a trail of kisses before leaving her with a squeeze.

He left her in her own thoughts there at the kitchen sink leaning against the cold marble basin, hands in the lukewarm soapy water, dishes all done. He left to go check on the boys, 100% positive that fifa ’15 was not homework assigned that day and headed off up the stairs.

Tammy was unaware he had even left. Consumed in her own thoughts again. Not being able to tell a soul would kill her. She would kill Carly for making her keep this a secret, she understood why obviously, but still ‘God damn it woman’ she shouted out loud and yanked the plug clean out of the sink.

She poured herself a large sauvignon blanc and headed into the family room almost draining the glass before she reached the white leather sofa adorning the main wall and the focal point of the whole room, sinking into the grey deep pile shaggy rug her interior designer convinced her to buy last year and it was there she stayed.

Carly was aware that the tv was on. She could hear it was on, yet had no idea what she was watching as she started to tune back into reality and heard the gravely tones of Steven Tyler providing the soundtrack for Armageddon, she realised she still had Sky Movies on. If only life was a movie, she pondered, absent mindedly twisting her chocolate brown locks around her fingers. What would Bruce Willis do she thought? I mean the man saved the whole entire planet for goodness sake, this would be a walk in the park. She could be scripted to know what to do, how to act, feel, behave. She would be portrayed as a young confident woman who knew exactly what to do in a time like this.

Snapping back into reality, she noticed she had a message on her phone of Joel, who was staying at his dads.

     We won the match tonight mum i scored 2 goals and jason was motm see you tomorrow.

She was grateful he was at his dads tonight, she knew her behaviour would worry him , he was such a sensitive soul. Her baby boy, how he hated it when she shrieked out in terror and violently attacked any spider that dared cross the threshold in their home. She could hear him now….. but mum just get a glass and let it go outside…… he would say. ‘what so it can come back and kill me in my sleep, no freakin way’ she would reply. And he would shake his head at her and roll his eyes. Those hazel eyes she swore were his dads, he was a complete clone of him.

She picked up her phone, replied and typed a new message,


She didn’t what to say so she hit delete. The whatsapp status telling her Tammy hadn’t been online for just over an hour now. Not that she knew what to say. Should she carry on as normal? Should she let her know she was here should she want to talk about it. She knew it wouldn’t change anything between them and she had never felt like this before, it was all new, alien almost.


Her phone vibrated with a reply almost instantly.


They both smiled. Carly settled in to finish watching Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck et al save the world and Tammy became instantly aware that Paul hadn’t yet come downstairs and set off to find him knowing full well that he would be perched on the edge of Paul Jnr’s bed engrossed fully into whatever game was being played tonight. She would tell him in time but not tonight, tonight she would go and put on the mask of the hard done to gaming widow and pout till she got her own way. Everything else would just have to wait till morning.

Suddenly Carly hated being alone, being left to dwell and ponder on things and dramatise every little detail. She wasn’t worried any more, a little scared but not worried. Having someone else to talk would no doubt help rationalise things, what she wouldn’t give for a hug right now she thought as she pulled her mink fleece around her tighter, for someone to hold her tight, and have what Tammy had with Paul. Her time would come but first she had to make it through this fight. And fight she would. She had had two weeks to dwell, to worry, to cry. The why me’s where already gone and replaced with determination and strength. Strength to fight, to fight and win.  There was no way this cancer would win. If it was a fight it wanted then it had come to wrong person. Bring it on she thought, bring it on.

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Thank you for continuing to read and I am sorry to say that for now part 3 will be my last part of the story for now. I want to be able to fully do this story justice if I carry it on and will have to take time to make sure I fully research to make sure I get my facts right and take my characters on their journey. I wrote this whilst watching Armageddon myself (!) and I can honestly say it wrote itself and I may of did cried when I realised what had happened. I thought about changing it but it just didn’t feel right. They had a story to tell. This is their story and I hope you enjoyed reading it thus far.



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  1. Oh how sad is that. I can honestly say i was not expecting this twist. Very good writing hon it goes without saying that you’re a natural!xx #KCACOLS

  2. I really did have a feeling it was going to build into this. Brilliantly written, so well-constructed and put together. You really have put each character together perfectly. I love this and I really do hope you turn it into something bigger. It has been a pleasure to read and thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xx

  3. I need to go back to the beginning as just started the take here. I love the detail you build and your showing rather than telling when it comes to the action. Seems like an intriguing set up. Looking forward to reading more at #prose4T

  4. OMG I wasn’t expecting this Tracey!! It is so sad!! But I must say you have had me completely hocked with this story!! I do hope you will be able to write more about these characters in the future. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS! I hope you join me again tomorrow for the last #KCACOLS of 2015!!! 🙂 xx

    1. I already have the next parts planned out, still debating whether to keep it or publish the whole thing on the blog I will let you know xx

  5. I had a feeling about the ending but was still stunned by it. I love the way you built the characters, I felt they were well drawn and rounded. Thank you for this little diversion into someone else’s world on a grey Wednesday!

    1. Thank you for your comment, I really enjoyed building the characters and I kind of hoped it wouldn’t go that way myself too. Glad you enjoyed reading x