Jessica 6 weeks later

TRIGGER WARNING: This post mentions scenes of domestic violence. If this subject matter is likely to cause upset or distress please do not read on Jessica 6 Weeks Later is part 2 in my new


Whilst I have been absolutely loving writing my fantasy fiction series of late, I had to change my tempo before thing got a little too samey, don’t you think. Not so long ago a sentence

a picture of a girls blue eye

Raising Diana: Betrayal

Welcome to part 2 of my new series, Raising Diana. Would she go to bed so to speak with the enemy? And what or who doesn’t belong in her inner circle as she prepares for

woman in the dark with hands in front of face

The Secret Battle

It’s been so long since something just popped into my head and I wrote. I have really missed doing this. Expressing myself and being able to share it with you all. I would love to

girl walking through a beam of light in an abandoned warehouse

Ginny & James The End?

So The End? Or is it? This is it now, the end of Ginny & James’s love story. Only, just this one part didn’t really seem to wrap it up for me. I mean, there


Poem: Speeding To A Stop

When I wrote this poem I had been sat at my laptop trying to force the words out. I should know better than anyone that the well runs dry and no amount of rain dances