Returning To Life

It’s been a while since I have felt on top of things. I got caught up in the cycle of being too tired to do anything and I mean anything. My house was starting to

Her Words

She was standing there, just standing. There. On that spot. There. She didn’t know why. Or how. She just came to be. There. On that spot. How long she had been there she didn’t know.

Phasing Out: An Original Short Story

It was Facebook that done it, always is these days isn’t it! Confirming what she already knew. That they were back, back in the circle forgiven, maybe not forgotten but definitely forgiven the comments showed

I wonder…….

Am I interesting? Do you want to know what I have to say? Do you care what I have to say? Or does it bore you? I can see for myself I know what you’re

story idea #2

She sat alone, waiting and watching. he was there but they didn’t sit together. She could see him of course from her place at back hidden in the shadows. But she didn’t want him to

short story: untitled

I got to the front door finally, my arms sore and tired from carrying Casey and my shopping. Wearily I put her and  bags down and fumbled in the dark for my keys.One bloody day

Poem #3

There’s just so much to sayYet no words to say itI open my mouthBut it’s not enoughToo much, yet not enoughI can’t make this rightBut my heart knowsIt has the right wordsIt’s just getting lost

Story Idea: Real Life

How long have I been walking? Where am I? Let’s go for a walk you said, Clear your head you said, I can’t have gone that far can I It is getting cold now though

coming home

*whistles a merry tune* hmm Hmmm hm hmm . Hello……Is any one here?I am I made it am I late?I’m talking to myself now and I cast a glance upwards at the sky. Expectant black

Poem #1

I can feel you I know your thereYour darkness is suffocating meOn meAround meSeeping through my skin I can see youI don’t want youI don’t need youYet you’re still there WaitingBiding your time You’ll get

Poem #2

Do you see what I can see?Can you see it?It there as Plain as dayEtched in every poreIn every fibre of my beingScreaming at you to just seeYes I can see you’re  looking atLosing yourself