I’m Writing A Book!

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A few weeks ago I made the decision to halt my new series, Saving Kiranthia. My apologies to anyone wanting to follow it to its conclusion. I loved, and still, do, love writing the story but it was becoming obvious to me that it wasn’t Arkaya’s (the main characters) story. The story ultimately belonged to my favourite character and this was a development in her story.

No matter how much I try, I always, mostly anyway, end up back writing about Ariel from The Secrets of Saltlake. You could say now, she is my little obsession and always on my mind. I did try to continue her story once I had wrapped up the series on the blog. But right then it wasn’t the right time. I knew she was the one who would make me write my first book, but she wasn’t ready and her story wasn’t there.

But now it is. Thanks to Arkaya, I have finally found Ariel’s voice and know exactly who she is and where her story will develop also. It also gave me an idea of how to bring her back in a new part I posted on here a little while back. Returning Home sees Ariel and Jonny a few years in the future. This is when it became obvious to me that I wasn’t done with my favourite couple and I needed to pull my socks up and get writing and not for a mini-series on the blog. I had plenty of other ideas for that.

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So What Has Been Happening?

I have been writing, a lot. So far, it is little snippets and ideas I am jotting down as if I am writing for the blog. I need to get them out whilst they are there so I have them for reference. It isn’t looking like a book just yet. More like a mis-mash of ideas on a page that will need a timeline to join them together at some point. this is where I have the issue.

I can get the ideas out, give them all the drama you are used to getting on here, but creating the story, their lives, it is proving to be difficult right now. The truth is, I actually do not know how to. So I will continue to write and practise my story and hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to invest in a course to help me out along my way. The issue here is will I be able to see it through if I do take this step or will it be a hindrance to me by not finishing it?

Who knows? But I do need the extra help aside from asking one of my favourite authors for feedback – which so far is positive and highlights my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to writing and editing novels!

The Book

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Right now – the book is a trilogy. I have it in my head it has to be 3 books long. That being said, I have also cast the main characters in my head for the movie. It isn’t yet written but I already know how it will play out beginning to end and who will play Jonny and Ariel.

I have the first book started which I began last year. The second book is going to up the anti and be full-on action-packed and classic drama. The third one so far is shaping up to be the emotional chapter in the trilogy.

I have my main characters, I have my notebook and as something comes to me I jot it down to fully develop them as they reveal themselves to me and I can then write about them. As I mentioned it is all a bit up in the air. Is this how writers write their stories? Get the ideas out and then join them together? I have no idea and it only goes to show my lack of knowledge on the subject a little bit more!

I am under no illusions it is going to be easy. I have a feeling this will break me at some point as I struggle to juggle life and writing when all I want to do is write full stop. But I know, right now, this is what I need to do. I will do it. Even if it takes a year or three and I have to recast my movies and Selena Gomez is way too old to be Ariel (have you read it? Is that who you had pictured or someone similar?).

“I had this discussion with my best friend and my answer was she can play Ariel as we see her in Returning Home and use CGI effects so she can still play teenage Ariel!”

There may be less fiction on here. Less interaction everywhere else (ps I am always around on Facebook if you want to check in or follow me there). But honestly, I have always been more of a storyteller than a mainstream blogger so this is where I am and where the blog will be at for the foreseeable future!

I would love to hear any tips or advice for budding authors you may have. Or even some company if you too are in the same place and would like some support too.

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  1. I am so glad you are writing a book, your stories are amazing! I loved reading about jonny and aeriel, good luck with it all. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  2. Wow thats pErseverance for you! I write novels too i have three that i have finished but havent shared because im
    Too busy ediTing and re editing and re writing! #KcAcols

  3. I have never written fiction but it sounds like you are making great progress by getting it all right in your head and in note form before trying to jump in head first and just write the story. Good luck with the whole process, must be very exciting! #KCACOLS

  4. Oh good luck! I admire your determination and ambition. I started to write a book but life got in the way and I lost momentum! I’m hoping to get back to it. I think write in whatever way works for you. whether it is writing in particular order or just writing snippets like you are and then pulling everything together at the end. I hope it goes well! #Kcacols