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I know I say this every year, but time really does fly and I cannot believe I have been blogging as One Frazzled Mum for 5 years. Looking back on my old posts, they were so shockingly bad. I have no idea how I plugged away at it for so long, but in true Tracey style, I never take the hint. And here I am today, 5 years later.

If you have followed me from the beginning, thank you so much or if you are a new reader, thank you again. I love doing this and I so am happy I think I might celebrate with cake! OK, I’ll definitely celebrate with cake. I know it’s actually Valentines Day, but I haven’t celebrated that for years, so it is now officially my second birthday!

As has been the way for the past few years now, I am running a little competition to not only celebrate but say thank you too. This year, I am running it myself to make things easier for everyone. The prize this year is everything in the photos below (and possibly a few extra bits too). These are items I have either received via the blog this past year or have accumulated thanks to overzealous sale shopping!

But before we get to the good part, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite posts from the past 5 years. I have moved away from traditional blog posts for the most part and this blog is now probably more fiction than inspired pieces about the world we live in. (well aside from sponsored content but a girl has to pay the bills!)
  • There’s Something I Need To Tell You. This was my first ever series. Every time I thought I was done, another part popped into my head. It was dramatic and emotional and still is one of my favourite blog series to date.
  • The Secrets of Saltlake. This is the series that made me want to write a book so badly. I still do especially as Ariel encroached on another series, Saving Kiranthia. The girl has a story and I need to tell it.
  • To The Newly Single Mum. This is a post I wrote after reading a blog post from another single mum blogger. It really touched me and this post was the result of reading hers.
  • The Best Things About Being A Single Parent. I rarely cover anything to do with either being a single parent or parenting these days now Olivia is older but I thought this would be a great post to boost and inspire any single parents reading.
  • Darkness. I wrote this randomly one day. I have no idea what I was feeling or why I wrote it but this piece of writing is one of a few things I have written that has actually touched so many people and meant so many different things to different readers. I really loved the feedback and was proud it could reach so many who read it.
  • The Top 7 Tag. I wrote this recently after struggling to write a completely different post. I reached out to other bloggers and was so surprised when it took off as it did. Like an overexcited child, I have been trying to comment on all posts I have found that took part and sharing them on Twitter.

Competition Time

a box of a chalkboard globe

a flatlay of beauty itmes including make up bags, face masks, foot scrubs and lotions a flatlay of items including a joules handbag, a speech bubble white board light, adagio teas, a star wars electric toothbrush and candlesflatlay of items including a calendar, notbooks, budget planner and diary


Terms and Conditions
  • The competition is run by One Frazzled Mum. No other parties or brands are involved included any featured in the above images.
  • Details entered into the Gleam widget will be used only for the purpose of checking correct entries and choosing a winner. Details are not stored once a prize has been received by the winner.
  • The competition will run from 14/02/2019 until 10/03/2019.
  • The winner will be chosen within 7 days of the competition ending.
  • Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.
  • Please enter all the options correctly. Incorrect entries will be void. I do check.
  • Bulk or third party entries are not allowed. Multiple entries from the same IP address will be void.
  • Competition is open to UK mainland residents only.
  • Over 18’s only.
  • The prize will be as specified in the images above. The prize cannot be swapped or exchanged for cash.
  • The winner consents to their details being displayed on the widget and upon request.

5th blog birthday comp

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  1. My ideal birthdaywould be a weekend away with my husband and grOwn up children.. we rarely get together all under the same roof at once nowadays, it would be lovely to spend some quailty time with them all!

  2. I’ve never had a birthday party since I was 21 I’m 65 so well overdue I’d love a disco party with all the people I know before I’m too old to enjoy one

  3. my Ideal birthday would be a fantastic tour around southern spain with my hubby. i would love on the day to go to a top notch restaurant and have lobster and champagne

  4. I know exactly how my ideal birthday will look – i’m 50 in july and we are having a couple of nights in london, eating street food in soho, dinner wherever takes our fancy and, of course, a visit to the west end to see a show. Might manage to fit an afternoon tea in as well – there are some fantastic themed ones available in our capital city! oh, and let’s not forget the cocktails 😀

  5. Happy 5th blog birthday to you. I’d be away on holiday in Australia, relaxing with a good book, for my perfect birthday.

  6. my ideal birthday would start with a lazy morning and a full cooked breakfast. then s trip to the city, in my case Glasgow, for some shopping and then a nice restaurant for lunch. then home for a quiet evening with a movie and some nice wine.