Saving Kiranthia. The Spells of Arkaya

Welcome to my new series. Saving Kiranthia. Introducing my new character, Arkaya. Arkaya is a witch who has been banished whilst the rulers of her world set out to destroy all its history before claiming new territory. Arkaya can’t banish them on her own. She needs help. This is her journey and I really hope you join me on her quest to rid the world of the evil taking over hers.

Saving Kiranthia. The Spells of Arkaya.

Arkaya lowered her head in concentration. It had been too long, too hard a road up to this point. But this was the moment she had been working towards. Her power buzzed at her fingertips as she steadied her body for the spell about to roll off her tongue. The original work had been hard to find. No one, not even the ancient masters had all the pieces. Scattered far and wide across this plain and the next and realms beyond most peoples comprehension.

It had taken 120 long years but finally, Arkaya had all she required to perform her spell. Learning the old dialect of Carambia had proved more difficult than she could have ever dreamed. But this was her life’s purpose. She needed this if she was going to not only save her beloved Kirathia but every other world, galaxy, portal, everywhere. It was now or never and Arkaya was ready.

She could feel the giddiness taking control of her limbs as always when she was excited about something. But she needed to keep the nervous energy in check. One wrong move, be it a nervous jerk of the leg or twitch of the finger, and it would game over. Not only for her but for the whole of Kirathia too. This was her moment and she’d be damned if she would ruin it because she couldn’t keep her emotions in check.

Reaching up she ran her long green fingernails through her wavy hair. Currently, some shade between jet black and a washy midnight blue depending on how you squinted your eyes and if any sunlight was shining through the cave. Arkaya whipped it up into a messy bun on her head. She knew it needed cutting but right now that wasn’t important. She could spell it later if she remembered. It’s not like she could venture to the village after the watermelon fiasco. It would be a while before they stopped shunning her completely over that debacle.

Arkaya practised running some of the trickier words of the spell off her tongue.

“florazious, breatenium, quieeliomiana” she gurned “quarvaricus, absolitioum” she continued. Her own native tongue wasn’t an easy language but Carambian had her totally perplexed and permanently tongue-tied.

Lowering herself to the mat, she arranged the crystals in a square representing the 4 corners she needed. Two green marbled malachite on one side and two Labradorite. The guardian stone for travellers and the stone of destiny to ensure safe passage to her world and good blessing that their destiny will be fulfilled. The four corners for the three souls she sought to bring to her, with herself making up the fourth corner required. The only ones she truly believed would be able to help her save everything she knew and believed in.

Time was running out and the planets had aligned meaning tonight had to be the night.

She just hoped they heeded her call. Praying for the last time before settling into position. Arkaya was in the centre of the crystal cornered square. Slowly releasing her breath, she found her inner peace and began her spell. Chanting the words in a rhythmic flow as best she could she read verse after verse after verse. Hope was still strong and leading the fight and she grew louder and stronger with each word, each syllable.

It wasn’t long before she could feel it connecting to them. One at a time. Her girls would hear her cry for help and heed her warning, she could feel it. Arkaya lost herself to her spell completely. Channelling more and more power into each word she spoke. Louder and stronger, no more would she be silenced and she released her power to exact her intentions and bring them to her. The ones who rule supreme over their own worlds and their own destinies.

“Ginny, Ariel, Diana”

She called out to them individually.

“Hear me, reach me, help me”

But still she didn’t break, she didn’t fumble her words, her chanting smooth and unbroken as her body seized freezing her arms open wide, facing the skies above her. It was was working, she could feel it in every part of her. Giving it one last ferocious call into the ether, Arkaya jolted as she felt herself move. She had no idea what was happening or where she was going. This wasn’t something she was expecting. This was new, the tomes never mentioned this as she studied the spell. It was unnerving but Arkaya felt safe. She knew she was going where she was supposed to go.

And just like that, the power filtered from her. Gingerly, Arkaya dared to open her eyes. It was white. All white, above, below and around. White, everywhere. But before her eyes stood the most glorious sight she had witnessed in her entire 900-year life. Stood together before her eyes were her other three corners. Diana, Ariel and Ginny, Her spell had worked and as her energy seeped from her body, Arkaya smiled as she collapsed into a heap before their feet.

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  1. You already know how much I love this new series – cannot wait to read more about it. I really want to know what happens!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x