My Shake That Weight Review & Competition


One of the things I am really good at failing at, time and time again is dieting. Or rather ‘healthy eating’ as I now say in front of Olivia. The only thing I do better than failing at ‘healthy eating’ is procrastinating. Usually, I procrastinate about needing to lose weight whilst inhaling a family size bar of chocolate. My love for all things sugary and chocolate based knowing no bounds, hence the need for my Shake That Weight Review!

But then I got ill. My back was causing me issues and my doctor advised I needed to help myself by trying to lose some weight and exercise more as well as taking my medication. So I got back on the bandwagon and spurred myself on by working hard right up to my holiday. I lost a stone and toned up thanks to my new eating habits and working out to The Body Coach on YouTube.

One of the ways I managed to do this was by trying the Shake That Weight Meal Replacement Diet.

My Shake That Weight Review.

With a whole range of options to help you lose weight and stay on track, from partial meal replacement, where you eat 1 meal a day to full meal replacement, consuming 4 packs per day, to ketosis plans. There was something for everyone. But could I stick to it? My post about my first impressions proved that actually yes I could.

Having been on a partial meal replacement diet previous to starting the Shake The Weight plan, I didn’t initially find it so hard. By initially I mean in the hours before 6pm at night. After that it was bye-bye to my motivation hello sweet tooth.

So after initially wanting to do the full replacement plan, I opted for the 3 packs with 1 meal. This would at least appease the greedy side of me and hopefully keep me from literally doing a back flip off the diet train whilst merrily waving it goodbye with a takeaway in hand! This wasn’t an option for my Shake That Weight Review at all! I need to totally stay on that wagon!


Did I stick to it?

Oh yes. But that’s not to say it was easy. I think my previous plan had helped me somewhat. As I had a few packs left upon returning from my holiday I started again straight away, to combat the 3 plates per meal, 3 times a day with drinks and snacks in between I had consumed in a mere 7 days on holiday.

It’s safe to say I struggled, a lot. So if you are going onto this plan straight from eating healthily/reduced meals then it’s safe to say you won’t really find it that hard. If like me the second time around you are going all in from slightly larger meals and increased appetite, then it may be a struggle at first.

What Does It Taste Like?

Not bad at all. I’m a girl who can live (until that 6pm witching hour at least) on shakes. Shake That Weight has the best range of flavours available making it so much easier to forgo food for shakes. And…… they taste good too. I really enjoyed them. Mixed with either water or milk both totally drinkable. Stock up on Hazlenut Crush you won’t be disappointed!



So whilst the shakes were delicious, I also chose some other meal packs to try out for the purpose of this review. Some noodles and porridge, soups too. These I didn’t get on with so well. Mostly I had problems getting the consistency right despite following instructions! The noodles were delicious, if not a bit on the thick side consistency wise for me. But this is because I don’t normally eat noodles. But the Blazin’ Beef flavour is definitely blazin’ and my favourite non-shake meal pack.


The soups didn’t quite have the thickness or desired taste for me and I found that I did struggle with hunger after having them. The porridge, again I struggled to make but they tasted nice, despite the lumps, and did keep me fuller than regular porridge does.


For a few days, I also had snack bars. A bit like a dry wafer they packed a punch when it came to keeping you going in between meals or after 6pm to stop you reaching for the Ben & Jerry’s!



On the whole, I really enjoyed the plan and definitely found it easy to get on board with. A bit hit and miss with some meals but you will always find this as everyone’s tastes and preferences (and cooking abilities) differ. For taste and being able to keep on the plan, it is most definitely up there with some of the best I have tried!

I love the flexibility of the plan. There is no right or wrong order to consume your packs. You eat them however and whenever you want. I found it best to plan my day and work out approximate times so I knew when I was next eating. Also, drink the water. You will not be able to do this without drinking between 2-3 litres a day. You may not think so at first, but it really does help with the hunger pangs, promise.


This is the important thing, isn’t it! I am always put off by the prices of some plans similar to this, but Shake That Weight have different options available. Getting paid weekly I find it difficult to pay out large sums at once. With the option to by a week at a time, with prices like £26.25 for this option. This is definitely something I would be able to get on board with. You can also buy products individually too.

Since receiving my products, Shake That Weight have added to their range with products like Spaghetti Carbonara, Tikka Masala and Pasta, Ham and Mushroom Soup.

My Results.


In 10 days on the plan, combined with daily 15 min HIIT workouts I managed to lose around 6lb in total. There was noticeable inch loss too and it gave me that boost I needed. If you are looking to start a diet plan like this then you must always consult your GP prior to making drastic changes. But for the minimal effort involved and plan that was really easy to stick to, I really do think, long-term, Shake That Weight could help you to reach your weight loss goals. One of the things I learnt from my Shake That Weight Review was that I really do not need to eat as much as I did and that I genuinely do feel so much better when I stick to a healthier eating plan!

For more information on the plans available and for prices head over to Shake That Weight and find a plan suitable for you.

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a 2 week meal replacement plan for purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

Thanks for Reading My Shake That Weight Review, Now it’s Competition Time.

The prize is for a 2 week meal replacement bundle worth approx £60. The competition is open to UK residents only over the age of 18. The winner will be supplied a code for their bundle upon confirmation of their entries being verified. Any incorrect entries will be disqualified. Multiple entrants from the same ip address will also be disqualified. The prize will be supplied by Shake That Weight not One Frazzled Mum but I will endeavour to do my best to resolve any issues should they arise. The winner will be chosen within 5 days of the competition ending and has 28 days to acknowledge their win before a new winner is chosen. The competition will run from 20/06/17 to 11.59 16/07/17.

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  1. I’d love to try this and see if it works. Ive been so desperate to lose weight but nothing I have tried so far has worked. It is so depressing. WELL DONE ON YOUR ACHIEVEMENT!!

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  11. I moved jumps and went from a really active job to a desk job and piled the weight on. I’m feeling really unconfident and struggling to lose the extra weight.

  12. Ive got my beautiful sisters wedding in September and I’ve seen a lovely dress i want to wear but need to lose a few pounds for it to fit help!!!

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    great prize.x great blog with great ideas.x

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