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A little over 20 years ago I remember walking to the shop to get something for my mum. As I strutted my stuff down the road and past the park I held my head high, my confidence soaring. That day I discovered the power of red lipstick. I can’t remember the shade or the brand but I will never forget how it made me feel. A girl who feels good is something to celebrate. These days I am in some desperate need of busy mum beauty tips. Not a red lipstick in sight!

Since then I have experimented with a whole range of different brands, styles and colours before settling in my makeup routine. I’m by no means a beauty blogger, more a slap it on and hope for the best kinda girl but I have picked up some tips from over the years.


Busy Mum Beauty Tips.

I learnt long, long ago that in the same way you can’t out train a bad diet you can’t use makeup to improve bad skin.

My skin is really dry and sensitive and it makes for a terrible combination. But there are a few things I do regularly to help improve the condition of my skin.


So easy so simple yet water seems to be the magic cure for a whole host of ailments. Not only does drinking water help to keep your skin hydrated it also helps to keep it supple and smooth and you looking younger. I can always notice a vast difference in my skin when I don’t drink enough water.

That being said I don’t wash it with water alone.


I use a mild daily exfoliating face wash in the shower. As I have to be careful what I use I need to make sure all the dirt and dead skin is washed away daily. There is nothing worse than applying your makeup and it flakes off the dry skin.

I have also started using a moisture bomb face mask every couple of weeks for an added moisture boost.


I always, always use a moisturiser. This is one of my must do top busy mum beauty tips. Every single day without fail. You can tell when I haven’t. My favourite is a L’Oreal Triple Active one for dry and sensitive skin. My skin feels so supple and soft after using it.



So as I mentioned I’m not the best at applying makeup. In fact, I’m quite rubbish. Despite many years experimenting you are not going to find me making videos on how to achieve the perfect contoured face. Probably watching them but definitely not making them.

I have seen many a makeup trend come and go. I lived the glitter make up phase in my late teens/early 20’s, never going on a night out without it. But one thing that has stuck with me is my love for the natural look. I have always aimed for that just got up, fresh-faced look. It suits me and who I am. I choose to enhance my features ever so slightly as opposed to making them stand out.

To keep with this theme, these days I opt for an all in one powder foundation. I know, powder on dry skin kind of makes you wince a little doesn’t it but hear me out.

I have been using Magic Minerals for a little over 18 months now and I still love it. With colour correcting pigments in the powder compact all you literally need to do is swirl it on. One product, 2 minutes and boom you look fresh-faced and ready to take on the world even if you had to drink your coffee cold and the kids ran rings around you before you even left for the school run.

If I feel I need it I swirl one some MUA Pro-Base Correction Powder. This gives me that even look I prefer to reduce the redness in my cheeks and uneven complexion.



Having greasy hair means I need to wash it every day ideally. This isn’t always possible though so these days dry shampoo is an absolute lifesaver. A quick spray on the greasy parts and you’re good to go. Perfect for those mornings when you need an extra minute or 30 in bed.

Feeling Extra Tired?

Try applying some highlighter under the brow line to open up your eyes for a more awake look. need a little something extra? Try running a nude coloured liner across your inner lower rims to give your eyes that more awake look. Failing that, throw on a pair of sunglasses and hide until fully awake

Out of Blusher or Need A Top Up When Out? 

Try a lip gloss. Apply to cheekbones for a perfect pick me up during the day. On the flip side, I always carry some tinted lip balm in my bag. So if I end up heading out straight from work I slick some on my lips before I leave.

Some More Busy Mum Beauty Tips.

Ellisons are predicting some great new beauty trends for this year including moving on from the perfect eyeliner flick to a more smudged look. This is something I think I can get on board with. It also looks like glossed lips are back. So follow my tip from above and get some in your handbag sharpish!

They also second my tips of plenty of water and dry shampoo for your hair especially those with fine greasy locks like myself.

Do you have any Busy Mum Beauty Tips for me? Nice, quick, simple ones would be perfect thank you.

*Disclaimer: A Collaborative Post*
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