Shake It Up This Dinner Time with Bacofoil

Does anyone else struggle at meal times to actually find food that the whole family likes? Seriously, and there are only 2 of us! With myself and Olivia both being uber fussy when it comes food, there are few meals we will both actually eat! We most definitely needed to shake it up at meal times. This is where the Bacofoil Baco-Shake comes into play.

I am a rubbish and lazy cook. And on those days when I’ve just gotten home from work to realise I forgot to put the dinner in the slow cooker and I am so hungry, I could eat Olivia, I really do not want to wait for food. It will be a case of loading up the oven for a quick and easy dinner. Smiley faces and fish fingers with a side order of ketchup anyone?

But what about when you pull that oven tray out of the oven and the breadcrumbs from the fish fingers have become one with the non-stick lining and all you have left is a pile of white mush! Soul destroying. You can feel your heart sinking quicker than the pound after Brexit. Just gutted. I admit in part it may be somewhat down to my questionable skills in the kitchen as I am the girl who can burn beans to the pan! Guilty as charged. And more than once too.

So when I was asked to put the new Bacofoil non-stick kitchen foil to the test, I thought if this can go wrong for anyone it will be me! Would I be right?

Shaking up Meal Times with the Bacofoil Baco-Shake!

My task should I choose to accept it was to not burn the house down attempting meals I would never usually cook just for the fun of it to put Bacofoils claims of ‘nothing sticks!’ to the test. *cue evil laugh*

How Does It Work?

By placing your food on the dull side of the foil, it prevents it from sticking to the tray ensuring the food you are cooking reaches you in perfect condition and every last crumb reaches your plate!

Did I Manage to Shake It Up?

Take a look for yourself and see my food do the Bacofoil Baco-Shake!

The good old Chicken Goujons for dinner meal. One of Olivia’s favourites. With wraps and chips. A quick and easy meal after a busy day at work. Also not something I can mess up either, usually anyway.


I have been putting the foil to the test now for a few different items. OK, pretty much anything that needs to go in the oven is going on it. It’s kind of making my halogen oven a bit redundant now, to be honest. From the above-mentioned chips and goujons to fishcakes and roasties and a few bits in between.

The foil works best on foods like I have used above. Frozen food is a winner on the foil. The food just slides right across the foil. So for less clean up (winning already with this!) when cooking your kids chicken nuggets for the 50th time that week the foil is perfect for the job.

Whilst other foods didn’t fare so well on the shake test, there was considerably less sticking than on the tray alone. I found adding in any oils eg Fry-Light on roasties reduced the efficiency somewhat and would opt for no oil next time, or most definitely no Fry-Light. That being said there is no scrubbing involved for the after dinner clean up. All you do is simply throw away the foil. No soaking overnight *ahem* to get off the burn marks from forgetting about your dinner and cremating it in the oven again!

How To Do The Bacofoil Baco-Shake.

Now, this is the most important part of the foil, you need to know how to do the Bacofoil Baco-shake.

  • Assume the position, feet shoulder width apart
  • Loosen the knees for more flexibility
  • Clear the immediate area so you don’t knock into anything/break it
  • Grab an oven mitt or tea towel – the tray will be hot
  • Carefully remove the oven tray from the oven
  • And shake!
  • TopTip: pop on your favourite tune and shake to the music or just onto a plate!
  • If you actually do this you have to send me a video.

Will you be attempting the Bacofoil Baco-Shake anytime soon? I think I’ll be shaking my meals for a while to come now after trying this out!

*Disclaimer: We were sent the foil to try out and write about our honest thoughts. We were also compensated for this post*
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  1. I have days where I have to “mould” my tin foil into a high sided tray so a greasy item (e.g. Meatballs) don’t get grease onto his potato smiley faces! Kids hey lol gotta love em!