Securing My Home With Cocoon Security

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One thing I have never thought of getting is a home security system. Both of my next door neighbours have security systems set up to cover the front and back of their houses and I know they overlap my home too. So I figured they pretty much have me covered on that front. But in all honesty, having something at home myself wouldn’t be wasted, would it? I have been contemplating adding a dash cam to my car, so when the opportunity arose to try out a Cocoon security system, it piqued my interest. Could one small piece of equipment alert me to anything untoward happening around my home?

Cocoon™, the world’s first multi-room smart home security system.

Cocoon uses Subsoundยฎ technology to sense sounds around your home. Learning what is natural and normal for your home to alert you to any changes whilst you are out. Its Artificial Intelligence is able to learn about your home to be able to better protect you and alert you instantly if as soon as changes are detected.

I know, I was a bit sceptical at first when I realised there was just the one camera. How can one camera in one room protect the whole house? Can it even do that?

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Before that, I had to set it up. Being notoriously bad at technology I was actually dreading this part. But honestly, it took me minutes. The advice is to place it close to your internet router. As mine is next to my TV, the position is perfect for covering the whole of the living room and my front door. this would mean I could see who is coming and going or trying to come in when I am away from home.

I downloaded the Cocoon app to my phone and following the instructions in the app, I paired it with myย phone. The flashing lights indicate when this is done. You need to keep the phone really close to pair them up. Standing in front of the Cocoon with my phone didn’t work for me so I put my phone down next to it and voila all done. That really was the hardest part of the setup.

cocoon security system set up in front of a tv on a white unit

Don’t forget to tell the system who lives at home!

What attracted me to test out this security system was the fact it could monitor things at home via live recordings on my phone. So after setting up my account, I sent Olivia a link to add herself to the network. This meant that it would recognise Olivia and be able to alert me to when she is home.

Once a week Olivia comes home after school whilst I’m in work and waits for me. I trust Olivia to be sensible for this 60 – 90 minute period until I get home, but Cocoon could give me that extra piece of mind. And with Olivia knowing I can see what she is up to, it helps me to make sure she does her homework as asked. I can also see if anyone visits and who she opens the front door to too.

screenshot of cocoon security app showing activity detected by the system*This screenshot was taken after the school run. It detected me driving past the house. Just to show how sensitive it is and how much it can detect*

We have been using Cocoon for around a month now.

And I have to say I am impressed. We are able to easily activate and deactivate the alerts between both of us and the app has been fully responsive. I can check when Olivia arrives home, when she opens the app and when she has been watching live. A little awkward at times, as it records sound too. This meant I had to request (via the live feed obviously) that she didn’t spend her night watching and listening to my girls night in with one of my best friends! However should the shoe be on the other foot – mum is always watching!

One of the things I never realised before now is how noisy my home is.

I suppose I am used to it by now but it took Cocoon a little while to adjust to the traffic outside. I live on a main road and as a result, there is a lot of noise from traffic and people walking past. It meant I was being alerted to buses stopping outside and people chatting as they walked past. Even my next door neighbour as he noisily slams the gate behind him when he comes in and out. If I activate it during the night when we are in bed, the sensors can detect all the nighttime noise from people slamming doors and letting out dogs. It really is that sensitive!

Should the worst happen

and someone did enter your home without your knowledge, Cocoon records from just before the disturbance so you can watch it as it happens and alert appropriate authorities should you need to. As your system adjusts to your home, the alerts will become less frequent as you tell the app what is normal. You are able to sound the alarm from within the app should any activity not be what you expect. There is also the option for you to save the recording, of which you can do 3 times.

screenshot of a living room live video feed as seen on the cocoon security app

I have to say I am really impressed!

Simple to use, even simpler to set up. I am confident that should anything untoward happen whilst I’m not at home, Cocoon will have me covered. Perfect for those dark nights when Olivia is home alone. Even more perfect for my upcoming trip to London when the house will be unattended for 3 days.

For more information or to get Cocoon for your home, you can find the answers to any questions on their website. You can purchase from Amazon, B&Q, Selfridges&Co and Idency. RRP ยฃ159.

*disclaimer: i was provided with the cocoon home security system for purpose of this review. all thoughts and opinions are my own based on using the product*
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  1. A security system is something me and my husband have been considering. We live in a small village but lately there has been a spat of sheds being broken into. This system looks really good