Review: Trolley Bags

review trolley bags

You know when you’re stood in the queue in Aldi and you try to beat the cashier every time? You will be faster than them, you will figure out a way to not have to unload your trolley twice and end up with squashed bread because you panicked and threw everything back in the trolley? This may be just me then? Then I heard of Trolley Bags. Convenient reusable shopping bags with Velcro strips attaching them together with integrated rails to hold them open by resting on the side of your trolley.

Answer to my Aldi checkout nightmares! I get why they do it but it seriously stresses me out every time. Reduces me to a bumbling idiot it does. This time was going to be different though as the lovely people behind Trolley Bags asked me if I wanted to give them a whirl! Oh, yes I thought after months of trying (and failing) to win me a set! Let’s do this!

review trolley bagsLet me tell you a little bit about them. Trolley bags come in a set of four in two different sizes. Original and express, which I opted for, for the different trolley sizes. Retailing at £17.99 per four pack. They are all wrapped up by a velcro tab for when they are not in use. You then easily open them up to sit closed in your trolley whilst you do your shopping and then open them up in your empty trolley to be able to easily pack your bags. What a genius idea. Perfect for just leaving in your car boot, or for me in with my 300,000 bags for life I now have under the stairs thanks to the carrier bag charge and my inability to remember to take the damn things with me when I go shopping! It goes without saying you don’t need to take all four every time you go shopping but they are great for a big shop, they’re even numbered to so you can keep them in order as each size fits a certain part of the trolley.

So, how did they fare against the mighty speed of an Aldi checkout? They were great! I wasn’t as per usual, went to pieces I did! I opened them up in my empty trolley, pure determination in my eyes and then……………proceeded to frantically flail about throwing everything in anywhere despite having had my mind set as to how I was going to organise my shopping! I reckon if I had gone to Asda or Tesco I would of managed my system perfectly. But in all seriousness though, I love the trolley bags. There is no faffing with your bags trying to keep them open as you pack them, they are wide enough to pack properly ie not to squash your bread as it falls in your shopping and most importantly I didn’t have to retrieve my shopping from all over the boot of the taxi when I got home either! Result! And they look good too! What more could you want from shopping bags, big thumbs up from me!

review trolley bagsAs you can see I still haven’t mastered the art of perfect shopping bag packing, however I managed to not squash anything, whoop, and I was racing against a super quick scanner man!

Have you tried Trolley Bags? What are your thoughts on them and………………please leave me your Aldi checkout tips help a girl out 😉

*Disclaimer: I was supplied with an express set of Trolley Bags for purpose of the review foc, all thoughts, opinions and over dramatic tendencies are my own*
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  1. had these trolley bags for quite a while now. I pack my shopping into the bags as I go round the shop and then carefully load on to the belt in the right order, so I know exactly what fits in each bag!

  2. These look great – I also try to beat the cashiers at both Aldi and Lidl and have yet to win (the highlight being at xmas when I threw my brie with such force it landed in someone elses shopping trolley who was behind e repacking all their goods!)

  3. Would love these! Yes, Aldi is a nightmare for trying to pack your bags as quick as the cashier is putting your things through & my other bags always start collapsing & I give in. How smug would I feel leaving the store with full packed bags 🙂 x

  4. I have tried to win these for ages even thought about buying some . I actually saw a lady in Aldi this week using these and I asked her how she finds them . She loves them , said they were a great buy , so I really need to get some now.

  5. I absolutely love these bags! I have been after some for ages I think the idea is simply genius and I would get full use out of them – even get the kids involved helping with them

  6. i work in a supermarket and have served ladies who use these, they make packing so much easier one of the ladies said it was the best thing she had bought in a while she was in and out like a flash no faffing about with lots of different bags 🙂

  7. These Trolley bags look wonderful,time saving,easy to pack and unpack and no more scrabbling around for bags when you go shopping.What’s not to like ?

  8. I love these they are such a good idea. I already do something similar with my shopping when I pack it but these would work much better than me shoving stuff in plastic bags!

  9. I love the look and idea of these bags. i always put everything back in the trolley at Aldis, and then move over to the packing area, but hopefully these bags would stop me having to do that

  10. I would love to try these. Me and the hubby always start arguing at the tills whilst packing. I’m quick, but he annoys me as I need him to hold the bag open when we first start filling it, and he’s busy faffing about with something else. I always put things on the conveyor belt in a certain order and pack in a certain order. So all frozen and fridge in one bag, tins and bottles in one bag, fruit and veg in another, and then everything else. In Aldi or Lidl we sometimes manage to pack at the till if we haven’t bought much and we are both there

  11. These look so so handy and esp even more so now we have the bag charge in shops. I don’t think i’d ever forget these because they’d make so much easier you’d not leave without them!

  12. Ive seen these a few times and I always say I will get some, but I never do. Handy tip for Aldi, put the heavy items on the checkout first,, so the go in the bottom of your trolley, no squashed up bread then 🙂

  13. These are great. I work in Aldi and saw a customer with them a few weeks ago. Saved so much time and is much easier for customers and workers.

  14. Great blog post, These look fab! I really need to get my hands on some of these genius bags, they would definitely make my shopping trips a lot easier.

  15. Love these, look like they would make shopping trips so much easier, especially with 3 little ones. Love the colours too x

  16. Fab blog post. You know what they say ‘the simplest of ideas are often the best’? I definately think these bags fall into that category.

  17. these look really great! i allways try and get my fridge/frozen/cupboard and extras in different bags but it allways ends up getting mixed up. x

  18. These look great, we’ve got a self scan while you shop at our Tesco, I think these would be great for that.

    I can’t keep up with Aldi sometimes, I usually have 2 toddlers with me, which makes it a lot harder, so Aldi trips are few and far between unfortunately.

  19. I have the express ones. They hold a lot so I use the smaller bags for the heavier items and the largest bag for light items like crisps. I got mine from Lakeland as they have a lifetime guarantee on everything.

  20. These look like such a fantastic idea and would save money on bags anf space in our cupboards as they are full with Tesco carrier bags I should sell them I would be rich ha-ha. I haven’t seen anything like this before such a great idea x

  21. What a brilliant idea! Like you I’m always leaving my bags at home (or manage to tear them). Sometimes it is the simplest ideas that are the best – and this definitely counts as one of those!

  22. I have seen people using these at Supermarkets & they look so useful! Would be great for scan as you shop or at Aldi where you tend to just scoop everything back into the trolley!

  23. These are great bags my on,y tip is think when unloading your trolley on to the conveyor belt as to how you are going to pack it try and plan each bag will help you be a bit more organised at the other end

  24. I really need to get some of these trolley bags. My handbag is bursting with all the carrier bags I’ve started talking shopping with me.

  25. Great review! I’d love to try these trolley bags. My tip for dealing with the super speedy Aldi checkout is not to rush too much to put/throw things in your trolley – they seem to match their speed to yours so if you are frantically chucking stuff in your trolley they will move up a gear with their scanning!

  26. Like you I understand why Aldi checkout staff fly through the shopping like they do, but it actually makes me really cross the way they throw your shopping around, and I’m not sure I have any tips on how to deal with this lol. I think you’ve come up with the best one – these bags!! I’ve seen them a few times and thought what a fabulous idea, and even better an express size – now this I didn’t know!!
    Also they would be great for me when I do self scan at Sainsburys, shop and pack all in one go!

  27. They are fantastic! I have had a set for over 12 months now and love them! 🙂 I would love another set for my daughter x

  28. The thought of actually being able to ‘out pack’ and beat the Aldi Cashier who always thinks my trolley is like the pit of a ten pin bowl alley really appeals to me, plus the colour coding of the bags helps as well when aiming your shop through the front door and you know which bag is Fridge / Freezer / Cupboard etc

  29. I haven’t tried these, but they look fantastic! I do my shopping in Aldi & they often scan so quickly that I just shove everything loose in the trolley & pack it afterwards – using these would massively cut my shopping time!

  30. I love the look of these, think it would make the shopping trip much easier and quicker, especially with a toddler in tow 🙂

  31. The first paragraph of this made me laugh so much, that is a description of me!! I love the sounds of these bags, what a wonderful idea.

  32. These would be amazing. I’d love to give them a go at any store, especially Aldi. When I’ve been there before, I always put the heaviest items on the conveyor belt first. Makes it less likely to squash something (though I still manage at times).

  33. We don’t have an Aldi in our nearest town but we do have a Lidl which is a very similar shop and these would be so helpful. I haven’t seen them before but they would make the weekly shop so much easier and quicker at the till.

  34. These look like a great idea and something I am less likely to forget when shopping and therefore save me buying plastic bags.

  35. For Aldi packing you’ve done fantastic there, my shopping is everywhere when I’ve tried to keep up at Aldi. These bags look fantastic, thanks fr the review.

  36. We still don’t have a local Aldi but one is coming soon which is great! I’ve seen these trolley shopping bags around for a while now and think they’re a fantastic idea. I hate packing shopping in the tiny space you’re given so I think these would really help making shopping trips a little easier.

  37. What a great idea, these will be super handy for when I take the kids camping and we have to visit the supermarket but have nowhere to store the plastic bags apart from the car where they look tatty 🙂

  38. Oh my gosh I feel so dumb now because I’ve never known what bags shaped like these are for!!!!!!! Thank you for enlightening me xD Now looking at them, this is such a great idea! I always get to the till and have to rearrange everything for convenient packing >.<

  39. I’ve been eyeing up these bags for a while so I’m really pleased to come across your review. They sound sd though they are just what I need to get the trolly monster under control.

  40. i keep seeing these pop up on a facebook ad and i’m so tempted to give them a whirl. the only thing is, i never remember to take my bags in as it is lol so think i need to get that sorted first

  41. I have seen these, never seen anyone using them when I have been shopping though. I do think they are a great idea, although I have loads of bags open in my trolley and then just throw stuff in anywhere and have no idea where it is until I unpack. I could do with these though x

  42. What a neat idea for a product. I can so see myself using this. I was in Aldi on Tuesday and I know what you mean about the rush to get things packed. I usually don’t pay until I have packed everything. I am quick but like you also feel seriously stressed when the cashier starts with the next customer when I am packing. The cashier can’t do that if you pack before paying.

  43. These looks like a fantastic idea! I know what you mean about the frantic checkout panic. No-one takes any time anymore, it’s all a crazy rush.