LighterLife Fast: 2 Weeks In

lighterlife fast 5:2 diet meal replacement bar

For the past couple weeks, I have been trying out the LighterLife Fast 5:2 diet plan. In a nutshell, you fast for two days a week. On these two days, you consume the LighterLife Fast meals, shakes, soups or bars with up toΒ two of their Light Bites snacks if you feel you need them. I am terrible for sticking to a diet plan, healthy eating plan or complete lifestyle overhaul. So for me, at this time, this plan felt like it was perfect. But could I stick to it?

How’s It Going So Far?

As I write up this post I am almost through day 2 of week 2. Day 1 seems like such a long time ago yet I feel like I’ve not really been on a diet especially for the past couple of weeks. Initially, it has slotted well into my lifestyle. I usually have 1 -2 days at home during the week where I sit and write and I have used these as my fast days. I was a little scared of fasting and going to work if I’m being honest.

What has appealed to me the most is the flexibility. The days can be when I choose. So if I don’t feel like fasting one day then I can just change the day. I have done that this week. If you follow my Facebook page you will see that I opted to fast Thursday however after my porridge I felt like I wouldn’t be able to stick to it that day. So Friday became my fast day and it worked out well for me.

lighterlife fast diet shake on a desk

The simplicity of everything being ready done for you was another big tick in the plus column for me. I am lazy so just adding hot water or popping something in the microwave was appealing, to say the least. Even better is the ready mixed shakes and bars I can literally just throw in my handbag and take out with me for the day. Very handy if you need to go out.


No coffee is the biggest one for me. Huge. I have been getting terrible headaches on my fast days which I am putting down to sugar and caffeine withdrawals. I did try to substitute it for hot lemon water but who am I kidding, it was never going to work!

lemons in hot water for lighterlife fast diet

Also that 6 pm ‘witching hour’ I’ve discussed before. Absolute killer. Although the afternoon munchies stage is proving difficult too as I write this post. So far that’s all really. It seems to be a case of mind over matter, especially when sitting in KFC with Olivia and having a meal bar for my dinner whilst she’s taunting me with her lunch! But telling myself I can have it tomorrow if I still want it is easier than the knowledge of denying myself for longer periods and is thus far working. (ps I didn’t go to KFC the next day)


This is the question, isn’t it? We know how convenient it is but how does it taste? Because if it’s not too nice then it doesn’t matter how many days you need to do it, you just won’t want to will you!

So far I have sampled the delights of the Thai Lemongrass noodles, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Skinny Latte shakes, Apple and Cinnamon Porridge, Salted Caramel Crisp Bar and the Aromatic Chicken Ramen. There has been some nibbling of snacks. Namely the Apple and Strawberry Fruit Chips, Quinoa, Honey and Pumpkin Seeds Bar, Sweet and Smokey Chipotle Popped Chips.

lighterlife fast light bites popped chips

Despite not being a noodle fan, I enjoyed both the Thai Lemongrass and Aromatic Chicken Ramen more than I thought I would. So much so I may have to buy some more. Like I did with the Salted Caramel Crisp Bar, Strawberry and Apple Fruit Chips and the Sweet and Smokey Chipotle Popped Chips when I came out on a Fast day without anything. A quick detour into Superdrug remedied that issue. Even better is they are still on offer (you know if you fancy trying it yourself!)

lighterlife fast noodle meal pot with fruit in water

The milkshakes, whilst drinkable didn’t overly impress me with flavour, good for Strawberry as I’m not a Strawberry flavoured anything fan, but not so much for the other shakes. I did much prefer the Skinny Latte one (obviously!). The same goes for the Apple and Cinnamon Porridge. But the Light Bites are a completely different story. Bursting with flavour and leaving you wanting another pack, they are a delicious but dangerously slippy slope for me. I have had to back away from the fruit chips and Chipotle chips more than once this week! However, they are a big help in curbing those pesky mid afternoon and ‘witching hour’ cravings during fast days.

lighterlife fast shake bottle in handbag

Does My Body Feel Any Different?

I haven’t weighed myself. I don’t want to until the end and want to go on how I feel and how my clothes fit. So far not much change on the clothes fitting part. Although I suspect I will notice more at the end of the 4 weeks. Health wise though it’s been a good one. Each fasting day provides you will all the nutrients your body needs and was something which was most definitely lacking on a regular basis in my life. I definitely feel less sluggish after fast days and not so bleurgh!

I also have noticed a big increase in my energy levels too. I am refinding my motivation once more as I am being led back to the path of a more healthy diet.

Along with this, I found myself casually picking at fruit in work on none fast days. It’s been a while since I opted healthy over sugar. This has slowly started to seep back into my diet with more salad and vegetable options making their way to my meals. And….. a really big drop in my sugar cravings! Seriously, those Daim bars we won in Blackpool over the weekend are mostly still there! The pile has dwindled due to us GIVING AWAY a lot of the packs! Totally unheard of for me.


OK so I know it’s still early days but so far the changes I have noticed have been unexpected yet not entirely unwelcome. I have enjoyed the food on my fasting days on the whole. Knowing when I get to mid afternoon and I still have two packs left is such a boost. I like to save them for later on to try and combat the ‘witching hour’. I don’t get all that hungry of a morning so it makes sense to me to keep my meals until later in the day after having one pack for breakfast. My timings are usually 8 -9 am, 12 -1 pm, 4 -5 pm and 8 -9 pm. Any snacks I have will be between 3 -7 pm usually. This is what works best for me and my appetite.

One thing to add thought is to drink the water! Not just liquids, diet pops etc. Water. Every day, not just the fast days. It is something I have to remind myself to consistently but honestly, the benefits far outweigh anything else and you cannot stick to any type of diet plan or healthy eating structure without it.

Until next time, which will be my final review of my LighterLife Fast trial, you can find my updates with how I’m getting on on my social media channels. Or if you have any questions you would like to ask then feel free to pop me a message on here or via email.

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