Fiction Ginny & James: Choices

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This is final part in my series and the story of Ginny & James and their doomed love affair. I hope you have enjoyed all the previous instalments, Ginny & James: A Love Long Lost, I Felt You Before I Knew You, You Will Be Mine, The End and Cassie.

Ginny & James: Choices

James was surrounded by his brothers from the coven. They all huddled around him in the back of the old warehouse behind Brewster’s garage. He looked at them, their hopes high that his and Cassie’s love for each other would come through and help them defeat Ginny once and for all. But his eyes held sadness, a sadness so deep he couldn’t hide and at that moment it was all for nothing. Everything. Nothing made sense.

He had told them what happened. It’s an open secret in the town that the coven exists, yet no one talks about it. Things happen in the dark cloak of night. Things happen in daylight too but most occur of a night. The people of Maraville accept this and know the coven will protect them to the best of their abilities. But Cassie wasn’t from here. She didn’t know and as he told them how she laughed and denounced him as a lying pathetic cheat, his heart broke somewhat. Joe watched from behind his counter. A sorrow in his old features that said not this time James, not this time.

He sat there for a while after she left him that night. Joe had long since left, lights turned down except for the one hanging over his booth. Glowing red from under its glass hood and projecting the colour around him. Blood he thought, like the bloodshed Ginny will create when she realises he’s been playing her. It would be all his fault too. He had succumbed to her charms. let her spin him a tale of love and heartache. Showing him what their love had seen and withstood in days now long past. He yearned for that love, a love he thought he could have with Cassie once Ginny was dead.

He was playing a deadly game, one he knew he was exempt from but one he knew he would suffer for too. You see Ginny wouldn’t, couldn’t kill him. It would break her and she wasn’t ready for that all over again. She wanted her prophecy, her fairytale but not at any cost. But she wasn’t adverse to making him suffer until she had him exactly where she wanted him.

But what she didn’t know was he had her heart. It had been discovered in her hiding place and covertly delivered to the covern to use when the time was right. And now was that time. The covern’s hopes bolstered by the fact they could depend on James and Cassie’s love. But the love was gone, over, finished. And as he sat nursing his now stone cold coffee he reflected upon how completely and utterly wrong he read everything and the huge mess he had created.

But what struck him most was the fact that the one person he wanted to run to was the one person he needed to defeat. Her love, her words, her heart, he craved it now more than ever before and he let his defences down. He opened his heart, ignoring his head and let her love for him in.

James hadn’t slept a wink last night, knowing Ginny had Cassie and that Cassie held him in disdain right now he feared for her. Running the plan through in his head over and over and through every possible outcome until the break of dawn poked it’s head through his window just as he had lost all hope that they would pull this off. It was now or never. He had to help his brothers end this for once and for all and lay the past to rest. He just hoped the past wouldn’t take his future with him too.

The prophecy was unable to tell him what would happen to him upon Ginny’s demise but he had never felt so sure of anything in his life. He was born to do this and he would see it all the way through to the end. Because right now, this was his moment.

He locked eyes with Ginny and in that instant, he knew she knew what he had been doing to her. He saw her soul crushed. Just for a fleeting moment as the realisation that he wasn’t planning on following through on his promises to her hit her. Instantly she regained her composure and her green eyes turned scarlet with all the blood she had spilt during her reign of terror on Earth.

He had lost her, and her loathing for him spat of her body in waves as he watched her summoning power like he had never felt before. The green heart he was still hiding in his palm was vibrating as it sensed its original power surge through it. He held it still as Ginny drew on her powers and those of her sisters before him. But it wasn’t quite timeย yet, he could sense her getting stronger yet still he hesitated as his grip grew tighter entwining the gold chain through his fingers and slicing his skin as he held on in his efforts to suppress the power.

Just then the chanting started. Holding her gaze they directed their ancient words at her. Casting their spell to harness the power locked inside her green heart so it would destroy her, never to return and thus eliminate her demonic line completely. But the words stuck in James’ throat. He felt his deputy’s gaze fall on him as the words failed to materialise from his mouth. He felt Cassie staring him down as she too chanted alongside his brothers. She had kept her word and done as they asked, so why couldn’t he keep his?

The spell was working, he could taste her powers eviscerating before him and they absorbed it into chants as they grew louder and stronger. The only voice missing was the one needed to truly finish this for once and for all.

After what seemed an eternity, eyes still locked together it was time. He could see her fading, faster now and he had to make his move. Their motionless stance mimicked by the other as they both wished for their will to be granted.

James took a step forward. A step closer to Ginny and away from his brothers, the power following him, attached via the heart and advanced slowly to her. Lost amongst a sea of words the spell hanging heavy in the petrol scented air laying stagnant in the warehouse, he made his way to her. He had made his choice and he was finally at peace with what he had to do.

As he reached Ginny she began to fade to the floor, her bodily form reverting to its natural demonic shape, he reached for her hand. “I love you” he whispered “let’s rule this Earth together”

The End.
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  1. Would you believe I finally finished it! I did not see that coming! Every time I read a part of this series I can almost imagine it on screen too. Iโ€™ve been watching a lot of vampire diaries lately too so Iโ€™m so into the mystical earth,magical beings right now.

    A fab ending…but you know you could so go for more


  2. Eeek! Gripping! I love that you right non-fiction on your blog – it’s a breath of fresh air from the usual blog posts I read ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I LOVE the new logo! #blogcrush

  3. I loved reading this. I really like your writing. I’ll have to go back and read the rest now! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  4. I must go back and read more! You have me very intrigued! In the meantime, happiest of holidays to you and yours! #kcacols xoxo

  5. I love this series, I’m going to go back to the beginning and read them in order! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza, Merry Christmas! Xx

  6. You have inspired me for 2018 to share some proper real writing on my blog. I am going to find a quiet time and go back and read all your stories. #BlogCrushLinky

  7. Loved reading the short part of your series, I dont enjoy reading non-fiction much but your story was captivating. Keep on writing.