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Recently we were invited up to TraffordCity to experience the thrills of snow fun at Altitude in Chill Factore. We absolutely love it there and after an exhilarating morning clocking up some mountain miles it was time to head into intu Trafford Centre for some much-needed food to refuel for the rest of our day.

With a whopping 44 places to eat and/or drink at intu Trafford Centre, we were literally spoilt for choice. All options were family friendly and the decision of where to try out had us walking in circles as the 4 of us each wanted something different. With one wanting pancakes and another wanting pizza, there had to be somewhere to please us all didn’t there?

Our quest and growling stomachs eventually took us into TGI Fridays. At around 1 pm it was filling up nicely and after a busy morning up the slopes, we decided it was best to have a big meal to keep us going for the rest of the day.

open tgi fridays menu on a table
Olivia and my niece had never been here before so it was good to get them to try something different with their requests for pizzas and pancakes not being on the menu. It wasn’t long before we pinned down our starters and all we had to do was pick from some amazing looking mains. It wasn’t easy but I made my decision, eventually.


We ordered 2 selections from the Fridays Appetisers menu of Garlic Ciabatta bread with Monterey Jack cheese (£4.49) and the Time Square Big Share (£15.99) which is, Fridays chicken wings, loaded bacon potato skins and mozzarella dippers. Stacked high and served with the Legendary Glaze made with Jack Daniel’s, sour cream and tomato & basil sauce. 

a selection of starters including potato skins and chicken fingers at tgi fridays a selection of starters at tgi fridays including chicken wings and cheesy garlic bread

What’s not to love, all of it was absolutely delicious and more than enough for the four of us!

Main Courses

All of us except my sister went for a chicken meal. As soon as I saw the sesame chicken strips (£13.49) my mind was made up. Then I spotted that you could upgrade your fries for £2 and I had to try out the warrior fries. OMG! If this meal tasted as good as it sounded, I was in for a treat! And possibly a trip to buy some bigger clothes after clocking the portion sizes.

It was a taste sensation, the sesame chicken was so good I didn’t want to leave any. Even after the point of knowing I should have stopped and the Warrior Fries, what can I say except DELICIOUS! If you like you fries loaded with a bit of a spicy kick to them, you need to try these. There was no way I could finish them off as they were a little too hot but I gave it my best shot.

sesame chicken with a bowl of warrior fries from tgi fridays

The Sesame Chicken Strips are a mega portion of Fridays sesame chicken strips tossed in our Legendary Glaze made with Jack Daniel’s. Topped with toasted sesame seeds and chilli flakes, served with crispy fries.

Olivia and my niece both went for Chicken Fingers (£12.49). Olivia with no sauces and my niece, just the BBQ. They both gave the chicken a thumbs up and loved the cute little serving baskets the chicken fingers came in too.

chicken fingers in a little metal serving basket with fries from tgi fridays

My sister opted for a good old cheeseburger. The CheeseBurger Deluxe (£11.99) is a Beef burger simply grilled and smothered in cheese and Fridays mayoShe also opted for loaded fries, but she isn’t a spicy fan like I am and chose the Mario Fries. She joined in with me and my “OMG these are so good try one” line whilst trying to force everyone else to eat our food. The girls, obviously looked at us like we were, in fact, old and crazy and refused both of our offers. They have no idea what they were missing out on with the loaded fries.

cheeseburger with sauces and mario fries from tgi fridays


No, we couldn’t possibly. I mean seriously we literally couldn’t. There was no way we were ordering a dessert after the size of those mains. We decided to leave something sweet until later on in the day when we could fully appreciate what we were eating.


Amazing food, generous portions and great service (just to be honest, as far as I am aware the guys at TGI Fridays had no idea we were reviewing our meal. The choice of restaurant was ours and picked when we arrived). None of our meals disappointed us and we were definitely all pleased with the portions, no complaints from us at all. We also chose the endless refills (£3) to wash them down with, this option is perfect for kids or teens who like to drink a whole drink before any food even arrives!

glasses with soft drinks making a cheers formation with girl in background blurred

I was pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed our meal and being able to sit in a booth was perfect too, because who doesn’t prefer a booth over a table. I can see the girls wanting to visit again now they have had their first taste of TGI Fridays.

*disclaimer: we were provided with an intu gift card as compensation for our meal. We chose the restaurant ourselves as part of our day out with TraffordCity and intu Trafford Centre. All thoughts opinions and weight gain from overindulgence at TGI’s are all my own based on our meal and experience in the restaurant*
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