Experiencing Altitude at Chill Factore in TraffordCity Manchester

image of altitude at chill factore in manchester

A few years back Olivia and I visited Chill Factore in TraffordCity, Manchester. It was a first and completely new experience for us to enjoy some winter sports fun and something neither of us would have chosen to do. But we had the best time in the snow park area and we vowed to do it again.

And this month, we did! We were invited back to Chill Factore to check out Altitude and see how much fun we could have in the snow! So, of course, we took along my niece and sister to experience the fun with us this time.

Chill Factore in Manchester is at TraffordCity just a stone’s throw away from the Trafford Centre.

This time we drove, however the first time we visited via public transport and it is just a 10 min (max) walk from the bus station at the Trafford Centre. You can see it from the main road. Also, parking is free, we arrived at 10 am and the main car park was pretty full already but there is an overflow car park around the back too.

Altitude is a fun challenge for family, friends and strangers booked into the same time slot as you to race to reach the top of Mount Everest! Take an adventure in the snow and see how many mountain metres you can clock up starting on The Downhill Donuts before sliding down The Snow Luge and The Luge Slip N Slide before racing each other at Sledge O Mania! The more you do the more mountain metres you clock up to see if you can reach the top of Everest! Were we up to the challenge?

I Totally Was!

Absolutely I was! After complaining I have been far too hot during the heatwave that never ended, I was itching to get into the cold and have some chilly fun in the snow. Our group host for the session was Nessa and she guided us on our journey to fun and kept track of our challenge to reach the top of Mount Everest. If there was ever a fast and fun workout, this is it!

2 girls in helmets and ski wear a an indoor ski park

Once we were suited up with boots and helmets on, it was time to get on those donuts! Last time it was a straight down slide but this time you could double up, slide straight down or take the bumpy way down as you twist and turn through the ice till you reach the end!

Of course, I tried both for the sake of the review. although I did go last to see how the other 3 found it and take videos of them on their first donutting trip! After a big thumbs up it was my time and with fear in my eyes off I went! Let me tell you there is nothing to be scared of.

Donutting down a slope is possibly one of the best things ever!

My fear was not being able to get up at the bottom and have someone crash into me. True Story. But I am pleased to report there were no crashes and I just about managed to get up and out the way. Just!

image of people in a 2 man donut in chill factore in manchester

image of the donut run in altitude chill factore in manchester

Do you Luge?

snow luge in altitude in chill factore in manchester

If not you totally should!

You can do this one of 2 ways. Either on the top, partially closed over slide on your own where you lie down on a mat and hurtle your way down a la Cool Runnings style or you double up in a donut and take the scenic route on the slip n slide and get stuck through the twist and turns! Disclaimer: no it wasn’t just me, yes most of us got stuck and the second time down, I totally nailed it! Olivia chose to take to the ice every time but my sister and niece loved the Snow Luge. There was some panting for breath and red cheeks at the end of the second activity from all of us.

girl in ski clothing standing on steps

Sledge for Your Lives!!!!!

sledging section in altitude in chill factore in manchester

How fast can you sledge? Seriously? This is where you get to put into practice that scene that we rarely get to try out here in the UK in the snow. All wrapped up at the top of a hill sledge in hand. It’s a winter fun dream and one you can race to your heart’s content in Altitude. Seriously what’s not to love! For the sake of honesty though, I sat this one out so I could capture some footage of the girls hurtling down the slopes and have a good old laugh at their expense!

3 girls high fiving wearing snow outfits inside chill factore in manchester

Did We Reach the top of Everest?

Not quite but as you can see from this pic below, we weren’t that far off really! We toppled Kilimanjaro and were well on our way to the summit of Everest! The exhilaration of flying down the slopes was amazing and we thoroughly loved every single second of it, even those tense moments where I wasn’t sure I would be able to get up and out of the 2 man donuts!

About Altitude.

Altitude is for ages 4+ (there is a mini moose land for younger visitors). Some younger guests may not be able to use the snow luge due to size/age but can with another person on the slip and slide activity. The session is 90 minutes longs with 45 minutes on the ice. 15 minutes per activity. All equipment is available to hire with helmets and boots being included in the price. You are free to take your own appropriate clothing should you have this already. Price is £12.50 per person from ages 4+ for Altitude excluding equipment hire.

image of a price list in the changing village in chill factore in manchester

Visit Chill Factore in TraffordCity, Manchester for more information on booking and opening times, ski passes, lessons and more including birthday parties.

*Disclaimer: we were provided with passes for Altitude at Chill Factore in TraffordCity Manchester and equipment hire for purpose of this review. all thoughts, opinions, fun and pulled muscles from not being able to get out of the donuts are my own*
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