Enjoying Good Food at The Acorn Hotel, Bebington

outside of the acron hotel bebington wirral

Does anyone else find that when looking for somewhere to eat out with kids, you tend to opt for the same places over and over? Finding somewhere you know the kids will eat all of their meals can be tricky. That’s before you even look at the options available.

After visiting The Swan, Prenton back in December with my mum and Olivia, The Sizzling Pubs chain has become a favourite of ours. With a wide range of meals and generous portions, we were won over. So when we were invited to check out the new look and some food at The Acorn Hotel, Bebington recently, we couldn’t say no, could we?

This time though, we brought reinforcements. I know I love their meals, as does my mum and Olivia but what would my new chief toy tester A (age 5) and her sister E (age 13) think? Known for being highly fussy (A) and temperamental (all 3 of them) could the food at The Acorn Hotel, Bebington win them over?

The Acorn Hotel, Bebington.

Arriving at The Acorn Hotel on a sunny Wednesday evening with 3 hot and tired kids in tow and my mum for back up, the car park was filling up nicely and there were plenty of people milling about outside. I’m not sure about anyone else but to me, this is a good sign of a popular place.

With a nice traditional look to the outside and a bright spacious interior – thanks in part to the gorgeous sunny day, I instantly warmed to The Acorn.

With a welcoming feel and some gorgeous interior features, my first impressions were good. But we still had to order our food yet!

feature wall with wooden fireplace at the acorn hotel bebington wirral

Decisions, decisions!

Ordering meals for 5 people isn’t an easy job. Especially with an impatient 5-year-old! I wanted to bring A as Olivia now orders meals from the adult menu and I wanted to try out their kid’s menu to see how the options fared and if it would be a hit.

The kid’s menu offers a range of options from just ordering a main meal to a meal with a drink and pudding. You also have 2 different size options which is perfect as, of course, younger children won’t possibly eat as much as older ones. They can also order a kid’s portion of the sizzling dishes too! We chose to order for A from the younger kids menu. She has a good appetite and eats a wide range of food but doesn’t always eat a lot in one go. The smaller meal size would be perfect for her.

What We Ordered

For A, she chose a mini toad in the hole – sausages with Yorkshire pud, chips and corn on the cob. This comes with gravy too. She was able to build her meal exactly how she wanted by customising her sides and veg options. She loved doing this instead of being told what she was getting and it definitely appealed to her fussy side. It’s good to see so many options for kids meals and in this case, it absolutely had the desired effect.

young girl in yellow dress looking the kids menu to order food at the acorn hotel, bebington wirral

For the rest of us, we ummed and ahhed. It was a 20-minute process from start to finish. I think this time, we were fussier than A! Eventually though we all decided on a shared starter and burgers. It’s safe to say by this point we were totally ready to try some food at The Acorn Hotel, Bebington.

kids food at the acorn hotel, bebington of yorkshire pudding sausage chips corn on the cob and gravy

What We Ordered.
  • Sharing platter £8.99
  • Sharing nachos £5.99
  • Mini toad in the hole £4.99 meal deal
  • Backyard BBQ Burger £7.89
  • Chicken Fillet Burger £5.59
  • Southern Fried Chicken Burger £7.59
  • BBQ Chicken Burger £7.89

All our burger meals had an offer on for a free drink with the meal too!

sharing platter of food at the acorn hotel bebington with garlic mushroom,garlic bread sticky chicken wings and dips nachos on a bowl with melted cheese and salsa

What We Thought of the Food at The Acorn Hotel, Bebington.

We all loved it. The meals were absolutely delicious and all arrived hot. When we ordered we were told of the waiting time for food. Due to it being a busy night, it was around a 30-minute wait but we expected that as we could see how busy it was (we arrived just after 6).

Having learnt our lesson and ordered smaller meals to follow our starters, we still found the portion sizes more than generous and we all still struggled to finish our meals. But everyone gave it the thumbs up, even my mum. She was really taken, as was I with the pub and decided we would definitely be visiting again. It’s not really too far from where we live but it’s not a part of the Wirral we venture to frequently.

The girls were more than pleased with their burgers and A loved her Yorkie pud. It would have been better with some broccoli apparently but she would eat broccoli morning noon and night if she could!


No, thanks I couldn’t possibly. But it seemed the girls could and it would be rude not to let them, wouldn’t it! For review purposes obviously. A had the ice cream from the kid’s menu and despite my best efforts to convince the girls to order the big Cadbury Sundae, they opted for Strawberry Waffles without strawberries (don’t even ask) and Olivia’s favourite Chocolate Fudge Cake.

chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice creambelgium waffle with sauce and vanilla ice cream

In my opinion, after starters and a main, these desserts have to be shared. Just look at the portion size. My mum and I did help them out a little as they wouldn’t have finished it alone, they were too tasty to waste.


We loved our visit and will definitely be back again. Our meals in total with drinks (we had two each and one drink was free with each burger came to under £64. For a family of 5 with starters and dessert, we thought the food at The Acorn Hotel, Bebington was excellent value for money considering the generous helpings.

*disclaimer: we received a voucher towards the cost of our meal in exchange for our honest thoughts and opinions. All views expressed are based upon our experience when we visited*
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  1. OMG, that food looks so delicious! You made me so hungry now and I am on a diet! lol. I have been in Bebington before (You know that my sister in love is originally from the wirral). It is lovely! 🙂 xx #kcacols

  2. The portions look huge!It looks very appetising and I have to say I am impressed they serve on plates. I always find it hard when they serve in baskets or on slates! DEFINITELY well worth a visit #pocolo

  3. how fabulous are those portions? Super value for money! love the fact they offer toad in the hole on the children’s menu, my daughter would certainly choose that option! Sim x #PoCoLo

  4. Oh my all that food has made me hungry – especially the desserts! yummy! thank god its lunch time now i write this! #KCACOLS