Colladeen Visage Review

I am at that stage in life where when I look in the mirror a wave of confusion hits me as the woman staring back suddenly has more lines on her face, a few more wrinkles and an abundance of grey hairs right in the part in her fringe.

You see, in my head, I am still 25. However, in real life, I am heading towards 40 with a pace only matched by the speed of light. Whilst I can sort my greys with a box of hair dye, caring for my now ageing skin requires more care and attention and a change in the products I use to be able to get my skin to look its best.

It’s a running joke between myself and my youngest sister that we both need 50+ anti-wrinkle cream now we’re getting ‘old’ (she has just turned 30).

But looking after not only your skin but yourself shouldn’t really take a back seat as you age gracefully regardless of what you have going on in your life.

This is where Colladeen Visage Supplements come in.

Colladeen Visage Supplements are available from Natures Best for £18.95 for 60 tablets taking 2 per day. Ingredients per 2 tablets per day are typically:

  • Anthocyanidin/Pro Anthocyanidins 320mg (from Grapeseed & Bilberry extracts)
  • Green Tea Leaf 500mg
  • Lutein 6mg
  • Zeaxanthin 240µg
  • Vitamin C 40mg
  • Niacin 8mg
  • Biotin 25µg

Helping to protect your skin from sun damage and promote the natural production of collagen, Colladeen Visage Supplements designed to help you take maximum care of your skin.

Have I Noticed Any Difference?

I have been taking the supplements for around 3 months now. I’m not going to lie they are a little on the big side to swallow and I did struggle with this initially.

If you have read any of my previous supplement reviews, you will know I prefer to not know what they can do or how they benefit you so I can’t be swayed in my opinion rather base my review on my own noticeable changes. At first, after 4 weeks of taking the capsules every day, I have to be honest, for me, there weren’t any changes at all. So I read the leaflet with the supplements to refresh my memory and see if I could find pinpoint any benefits or ways Colladeen Visage was working for me.

Month 2.

Haircut 15/06/18

During this time we finally got some warmer weather and I decided to have a complete hair overhaul and my gorgeous hairdresser came and gave me the full works. A vivid blue/black colour for my hair that was long overdue and much shorter style that I love. But within 4 weeks it had grown, a lot! Long enough for me to start tying it up again at work which turned out to be a blessing with the gorgeous warm weather we have been having lately.

It was then that my hairdresser turned up at my work and commented on my rapid hair regrowth! Aside from me pointing out my grey hairs that seemingly appeared overnight, she was surprised to see I had managed to get it tied up. She has been looking after my hair for a good few years now and knows it well. I can only attribute this rapid regrowth to the Colladeen supplements as I have to say it does also seem thicker and easier to manage as well as looking super healthy. Which is a bonus for a girl who has oily hair!

4 weeks later 16/06/2018

Skin and Nail Changes.

Colladeen Visage is designed to help protect your skin from sun damage. Anyone who knows me knows I only have to see the sun from inside my house and I am already sunburnt. We all regularly joke that the factor 50 is more for me than the kids and I spend my time outdoors in the shade as much as possible to prevent burning through even the highest factor suncream.

However, recently I haven’t been burnt so much in the sun. I am still using my factor 50 cream but the redness is a lot less than previous years and in lower temperatures too. Now I’m not saying if you burn easily this will be the answer, but it could definitely be worth trying them out for added protection (not in place of sun protection). Plus I do actually have a tan now not going from red back to white again and much healthier look all over due to this. I have even stopped wearing makeup as I feel much happier with how my skin looks.

Would I Recommend Colladeen Visage?

If you are looking for quick benefits and a short-term ‘fix’ I would say this isn’t your product. For me, the results were only noticeable after around 8 weeks or so. This product is for those looking for a long-term solution and ongoing results. There are benefits to adding the Colladeen Visage supplement to your daily routine and I have no doubt that for those wishing to look after their skin regardless of age these could be exactly what they need.

*I was sent the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*
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