Using the McDonald’s Click and Collect App

menu screen from using the mcdonald's click and collect app on a samsung phone

I am a huge McDonald’s fan. Huge! I have a feeling I always have been. Ever since I was one of the lucky 80’s kids that was able to enjoy my very own McDonald’s birthday party complete with My Little Pony cake. Amazingly all these years later (*cough nearly 30 cough, cough*) that same restaurant is still going strong and just so happens to be within walking distance of my day job!

So when I was kindly invited to the branch to meet the franchisee and staff to find out more about how using the McDonald’s Click and Collect App can give me and all their customers, new and old a better in-store experience, I couldn’t exactly say no could I!

Honestly, I hadn’t heard much about the app. I waited until I arrived at McDonald’s Wallasey to find out exactly how the app would enhance my dining experience.

Using the McDonald’s Click and Collect App.

using the mcdonald's click and collect app ordering screen

It couldn’t be simpler to install and register with the app. Do this before you want to order to speed up your ordering experience. Once you are registered you can then register a card for payments and select a favourite restaurant for future orders too.

Once you have installed the app and registered your details simply click ‘ordering’ to get started. Those of us who are familiar with the ordering screens in the store will recognise the layout and be able to easily find what they want. Whether you want a quick snack or a full meal, all food items available to order at the counter are on the app and customisable the way you want it.

Add all your items to the basket and check out when you are done. Whether you are already at the restaurant, at home, or simply 2 shops away spending your wages in one go (guilty). Order and pay wherever you are.

Then, when you arrive at your chosen restaurant, simply scan your app on the QR reader located in the restaurant as you enter – in my local branch they can be found by the main entrance and further inside by the kiosks. Your order will then be made up when they know you are here to collect.

green mobile order point inside a mcdonald's for use in store after ordering on the clock and collect app

This is it for me! To be able to order and pay before arriving means I can cut out the queues on a busy Saturday afternoon leaving me more time to enjoy my lunch hour instead of waiting around to be served.

It can also be used for the drive-in too! Just order, park one of the designated bays (where applicable) and your order will be made without having to visit the window and then brought to your car!

But the app isn’t just perfect for those like me rushing in and out during a lunch hour

Using the McDonald’s Click and Collect app is ideal for making group orders, for before you arrive with kids in tow. Maybe you are – or are with, a counter ditherer who, after making up your mind to finally try a new, signature burger, ends up back ordering your staple favourite anyway (Chicken Legend with spicy mayo, fries and Fanta). Pretty much any McDonald’s customer can benefit from using the app and experience an easier, quicker experience in store.

Using the McDonald’s Click and Collect app is pretty easy to navigate.

With options to adapt your meal and customise it how you like, to guides on meals under 400 and 600 calories, there’s something for everyone! You are also able to access nutritional information too before ordering your meal.

If you can order it in the restaurant, you can order it in the app! Pretty cool if you ask me and perfect for avoiding being easily swayed by the screens waiting in the queue! True story: I enjoyed my first ever McDonald’s frappe after waiting in line and being swayed by the changing screens behind the counter to order one with my order, yes you guessed it, the chicken legend with spicy mayo!

image of a mcdonald's click and collect app order of fries and a closed boxed chicken legend with a table number in the background

Meeting The Staff and Finding Out About My Local McDonald’s.

Ready to greet me for my visit was Franchisee Paul and one of his longtime crew members and managers, Joey. What really struck me was how enthusiastic they both were about the brand. Their love for the company and work they do was evident as I spoke to them. They shared with me their careers so far and how the recent changes had developed the way they work.

In his 35 years as a McDonald’s franchisee, Paul has seen a lot of changes and developments. The Wallasey restaurant, which Paul has owned for 12 years now, was a test restaurant. New ideas and/or services were trailled here before being rolled out across the brand. This was something I never knew before and I think speaks a lot about Paul and his stores and staff to be able to carry this out.

We also discussed Paul’s and McDonald’s charity work in and around our local community. He really does get involved doing what he can for our local area and charities. He is the chair of the RMHC (Ronald McDonald House) at our local hospital which supports parents of children by giving them somewhere close by to stay whilst their child is being treated at Arrowe Park Hospital.

Paul has also helped out in communities tasked with regenerating local town centres, including the one where I work and the restaurant is based and also where one of his other stores are by donating to things like sponsoring plant pots and Christmas trees.

There is a real sense of his commitment to the area and helping out where and when he can, something which I can personally see and appreciate having met and discussed ideas with the team involved in this particular project for my local town centre.

After talking to Paul I had the chance to meet Joey who has worked for the company for 30 years and with Paul for 18. Joey started off as part-time and has worked his way up and he now looks after 3 stores. For Joey, the company really is a family for him as this is where he met his wife 29 years ago and whilst she isn’t still working for McDonald’s, his 17-year-old daughter is a part-time crew member.

Meeting Crew Members.

male and female in mcdonald's uniforms with a third woman

It was great to get to meet 2 of my local stores’ crew members too. After all, they have possibly made me many a chicken legend in the past, to see how much they enjoy working for McDonald’s. Leanne has been a crew member for over 5 years now and Scott for 3. Scott currently is a shift manager and has actually made the progression to his position the fastest in the store. Both Scott and Leanne commented on the training programme. Thorough and easy to follow, parts of the programme are available online as well as at the restaurant, it has been a massive help for them learning everything they need to know.

They also told me how working at McDonald’s feels like a family. Flexible working hours around family was also a plus. As was getting your rotas well in advance and view them on and offline. I have to say, having worked for many retailers myself, I was impressed by what I was being told.

Technology & McDonald’s

Lastly, I wanted to finish off by finding out how the staff view the technological changes McDonald’s has introduced.

Because they are the ones implementing the procedures and making sure it all runs as smoothly as it should. And they also get to see how it is affecting their customers. I know from ordering in past visits that there is always a member of staff on hand in the restaurant to help you order at the kiosks. They come across and ask if you are eating in to offer table service and reduce congestion at the collection point too.

Have you tried using the McDonald’s Click and Collect app yet? Or is this something you would like to try next time you visit?

*this post is in collaboration with Mcdonald’s #yournewmcdonalds. all thoughts and opinions (and chicken legend obsession) are my own*
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  1. they have a click and collect app? that is insane! i thought they had evolved somewhat with the ordering screen stations and zones in which they bring food over to you. this would make life a lot easier though 🙂 Sim x

  2. I’m going to say something truly shocking. I’ve not had a mcdonalds in years! But the click and collect function looks great – must really save time having to wait as i hate having to decide what I want in a rush! Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG x

  3. Hi,

    Can you please answer what the point of Click and Collect is? I tried this service out for the first time yesterday under the assumption it would be quicker and easier.

    Experience I had was quite different, first place order in app where your going through thinking your actually ordering the food but then get to payment screen and no where to add in payment details, after a moment realise that need to go to restaurant first before can enter payment.

    So travel to restaurant and great QR code is easy to find scan the code but now have to stand in the restaurant with card in one hand and phone in other as can’t use android pay or any saved card details, finally once all details are entered and submitted you then get given an order number. So it seems after all that even though the whole process now started 20min ago the order is only now made and me and my wife stand there for 20min more waiting for food to be assembled.

    All this together I could have saved a ton of time and hastle just going through the drive through placing the order at the window and paying with contactless. Am i missing a amazing feature that’s not jumping out at me or is this a complete waste of space?

  4. A changing system for a changing world, I like it! The new screen ordering system was a great idea, so much quicker, so I’m sure the click and collect will be a big help too. #kcacols

  5. OMG Tracey you have got me yearning for a big mac!! Oh and a chocolate milkshake since I’m thinking about it;) I love the app, I’ll have to see if they have got it in the one i can see from my office window, i swear it calls my name when i leave from work sometimes:)

  6. I really love this idea! So handy when you are in a rush and want your order quicker. I will definitely try the APP next time we fancy to order a McDonalds! 🙂 Thanks for this great review! 🙂 xx #KCACOLS

  7. Oh I love this app! I downloaded it last month and weve used it a few times now! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time