Upping Our Game with Monopoly Ultimate Banking

Monopoly. It’s a classic isn’t it. The family board game guaranteed to cause chaos and family destruction in even the most peaceful of households, am I right! Nothing like a like a bit of world domination to bring out the worst in people is there. We are no different. Especially now we are upping our game with Monopoly Ultimate Banking.

Olivia has grown up loving Monopoly. Her collection including;

  • Junior Monopoly
  • Original/Classic Monopoly
  • Pokemon monopoly
  • Monopoly Electronic Banking

It’s safe to say we are fans. I remember at least 1 game lasting days and days and days. We play it together or with family. Most recently with my youngest sister. Who, after being defeated back in July during Olivia’s stint in hospital, was out for revenge. Monopoly Ultimate Banking was the perfect game for round 2! BRING.IT.ON.

back of the box of monopoly upping our game with monopoly ultimate banking

What’s New with Monopoly Ultimate Banking?

Well the first thing is it is all completely electronic, no cash, no counting, no people short changing each other or helping themselves to extra funds from the bank! This isn’t so different for us as we already play Monopoly electronic banking. It is also a 4 player game the same as Electronic Banking but the Original game allows for more players.

The next thing I noticed was the board. There are no train stations! None, away with the electric and the water companies too. Not a fan of this development myself as I loved snapping up all of the stations. Gone are the Chance and Community Chest spaces too. In it’s place are still spaces you can pick up a card or two thus reducing having so many cards all over the place.

upping our game with monopoly ultimate banking picture of the board and banking unit set up

Gone are buying houses and hotels too. You still use houses but instead of buying them they are used as a marker for what level you are on. Ran out of money and owe another player or the bank? The unit takes care of all that too. Just scan your properties until the debt is paid off.

Other than that all other places remain the same and in the same places but the board is now smaller due to the removal of utilities and stations. There are also new additions to the cards also. As well as advancing to different spaces and having to pay the tax man etc. There are new and fun situations arising for you to deal with as a budding property tycoon.

How Does the Banking Unit Work?

Basically everything is stored on the unit and I mean everything. In the same way you would tap your bank card in a shop to pay via contactless technology, the banking unit is the same. Tap your card to start and load you up. Pick up your corresponding token and as long you continue to tap your card when you pass go, buy a property or land on an owned property the unit takes care of it all for you.

upping our game with monopoly ultimate banking pictures of the game set up being played

One of our favourite features was the sound effects. Each token has a corresponding sound effect. Got a haunted property? Scan your card and you will hear the ghostly sound effect too! Fun right!

How Did We Get On Upping Our Game With Monopoly Ultimate Banking?

I have to admit, at first we found the new rules and missing stations quite confusing. When you are used to playing a certain way the changes aren’t always as simple as they sound. The main one being the scanning of the cards. For example, if you want to buy Mayfair you scan the back of the Mayfair card and then your banking card. The amount is automatically deducted from your account and the card assigned to you. When someone lands on it, you re-scan the card and that players card to receive the funds you are owed and you are then upped a level (to a max of 5). It got quite confusing at times.

upping our game with monopoly ultimate banking picture of the back of a monopoly game card

We didn’t read all the instructions beforehand however. We read them as we came across them so we didn’t get any more confused than we originally were. Didn’t exactly work out very well for us did it. That being said after a few goes you will have it down pat and things will become easier. As demonstrated by Olivia as few days later when playing with one of her cousins.


Love it. Once you get the hang of the new rules it’s pretty self explanatory but definitely make sure to read up on them properly unlike we did. Loving the new addition of the full electronic system and added sound effects. Disliking the removal of train stations, thumbs down from me for that! Big thumbs up for an actual end of the game. The winner is the person with most money and properties after the first person to be bankrupt. That was my sister after she bankrupt Olivia. The unit ends the game there stopping you from carrying on without starting afresh.

Would I Buy It?

Yes I would. I was actually getting this for Olivia for Christmas this year before we received it to review. A great new addition to our Monopoly collection and brilliantly brought into the modern day by incorporating new technologies for a new take on a family favourite. We definitely had fun and will continue to be upping our game with Monopoly Ultimate Banking.

Are you a Monopoly fan? Will you be treating someone to a new edition this Christmas? If so Monopoly Ultimate Banking is currently on offer for £17.99 at Argos (price correct at time of posting). For some more ideas for presents this Christmas check out Hasbro Round Up and my previous toy reviews too.

*Disclaimer: We were provided with Monopoly Ultimate Banking for purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own formed after playing*
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  1. We have this game as a hand me down from someone with no instructions can’t figure out machine how to take and give money etc. Please take pic of instructions and upload ??? Am desperate no information on Hasbro or anywhere online videos on how to are little kids and not good.

  2. I hadn’t heard of this, it sounds really interesting. I haven’t played one with an electronic feature yet, either. Thanks for such a detailed review!

  3. My son saw this after xmas and I wasn’t sure but now I might get him it for his birthday at the end of the month!