This Year’s Happy Aunties Day Bags with B&M

a gift bag laying flat closed with a selection of gifts and chocolates next to an open bag filled the same gifts.

It’s coming up to that time of year again when we start looking to put together our gift bags for my sisters courtesy of Olivia’s little tradition called Happy Auntie’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day but for Auntie’s too!

Each Mother’s Day for the past 7 years, Olivia has made up a small gift bag filled with token gifts, sweets and a little personal present for each of my sisters. The aim is for them to cost around £5 each and they must fit into a small perfume sized gift bag. But truth be known, most of the time we go over, way over our limit.

We always scour a whole host of high street stores and sale sections, online and off to find something new and different each year. We also do them at Christmas now too, so it’s safe to say we are getting to the point where items and ideas may be duplicated.

But this is where the Mother’s Day Range at B&M come in.

We all know you can get some amazing bargains all year round at B&M, but could they help us out in our quest to find some different and original gifts to treat my sisters with come Mother’s Day this year? For those who may have forgotten it’s slightly earlier this year, on 11th March 2018.

Armed with a £20 voucher we headed off to our favourite B&M, which also happens to be the largest stores in my area. The aim was to get;

  • perfume sized gift bags x3
  • sweets/chocolates
  • small gifts
  • a personalised gift
Would we be successful?

Yes and no. Yes as in we got items for the aunties gift bags, but no, not what we had planned!

But the beauty of these bags is that they can be literally adapted to anyone.

a selection of travel cvups and glasses for the mother's day range at b&m pictured in store on a display unit

B&M has a lovely selection of gifts for Mother’s Day along with cards and gift bags to help complete your gift. Whether you are looking for some cute ‘Mum’ branded accessories like mugs or wines glasses or you want to go for something slightly more different, there are so many things you can opt for.

I left it up to Olivia to choose what she wanted, her only restrictions were; 1) items had to be affordable within her £20 voucher and 2) to stick to our usual plan with regards to making up the bags.

We nearly did it!

How cute are the items she chose? The only things we need to buy are small personalised gifts to add to our bags! But……. we broke one of our rules for THE FIRST TIME EVER!

3 sequin wooden frames with quotes, 3 mugs with words on and 4 small glass candles on a wood background from the mothers day range at b&m

We upgraded on the perfume sized bags to the next size up. Olivia was steadfast in her wanting to gift these cute mugs (£1.99 each). Whilst the small frames (£2.49 each) would have slotted in nicely, the mugs are just a little too wide to go in too. As always, there is a little candle each too (£1.49 for a pack of 4). The total cost so far was hitting £15.

The remaining amount was saved for some delectable goodies to fill up the bag. She took advantage of the Easter confectionary to provide some much needed chocolately goodness to the gift bags.

What Did We Think of The Mother’s Day Range at B&M?

We did struggle a little due to our self-imposed rules for the bag size but I think we did well in the end, don’t you. If this wasn’t an issue, we would have been spoilt for choice gift-wise.

Have you bought presents for Mother’s Day from B&M? What do you think of Olivia’s picks?

*this post is in collaboration with b&m*


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  1. B&m ARe amazing, lets face it, you can always buy something when you dont need anything. Thanks so much for linking uP for #kcacols this week and hope to see you next time.

  2. We don’t have a B&M near us – as far as I know – but it sounds like a great place to try out. Those gifts look great, I’m sure the Aunties’ day gifts will go down a treat! Thanks for the tips.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  3. I love those mugs! And the idea of aunties day is so sweeT, what a winderf kind daughter You have. We dont have a b&m close by but i love the sound id their gift range.xx #blogcrUsh