Smiggle Is Now in Liverpool!

A few months back we were in Manchester for a restaurant review. Upon finding ourselves with some extra time before our train home. So we done what most people would do. We went shopping obviously! We ended up in a stationery store called Smiggle. I swear I couldn’t drag Olivia out! She didn’t need any more encouragement to become even more obsessed with the stuff than she already was, but alas it was too late and so began Olivia’s quest to one day get her hands on some magical pieces from her new favourite shop.

Then last week something happened that could possibly be the best thing ever as far as Olivia was concerned. Smiggle opened it’s first store in Liverpool! Liverpool One to be exact. We had a store within a 20 minute travelling time. It was like all her Christmases rolled into one! I kid you not she got so excited. Then I told her we were invited to visit on opening day to choose some items for a review. *earplugs were needed here* BEST.THING.EVER.

If you haven’t heard of Smiggle they are an Australian stationary company who create colourful, fun, fashion forward stationery and have been since 2003. Their first store opened in the UK in 2014 and now have over 80 stores nationwide!

smiggle is now in liverpool smiggle-stock-image

See what I mean about the bright fun stationery, no wonder Olivia is hooked on it!

smiggle is now in liverpool inside smiggle-olivia in store

When we arrived at the store it was in the middle of a torrential downpour, I wanted to get a good shot of the outside of the store but inside was so much more appealing. The shelves stacked high of a kinds of wonderfully colourful items and so much choice too. It’s a stationary lovers dream.

smigge is now in liverpool smiggle-pens in store

The second we stepped foot inside the bold new store I knew. I knew that getting Olivia out of there was going to be really hard. Really, really hard. Especially considering Smiggle had kindly given her a voucher to spend in-store to review some items! And on that note I will hand you over to Olivia to let you know exactly what she thought of goodies on offer.

Olivia’s Review.

Hi everyone,

When my mum told me we were going to Smiggle in Liverpool I was so excited. I loved the shop and when I went in they had lots of things out to use and play with before you buy them and the staff were really friendly too showing me all the different things in the shop. I even got my face painted! Do you want to see what I picked?

smiggle is now in liverpool smiggle-items

It took me so long to choose but eventually I managed to pick some bits with my mums help. I wanted to buy it all but she said no (too right I did missus!). I really wanted one of the cool pencil cases after seeing them in the Manchester store. So I picked this pink one.

smiggle is now open in liverpool smiggle-pencil-casePop Out Pencil Case £11.50

I love how it has buttons on it that pop open and all my friends at school think it’s really cool and want one too. There is a pencil sharpener, calculator on it too. It’s so bright and fun and really different to others I have had before.

smiggle is now in liverpool open pop up pencil case

Obviously I needed to get some new pens and pencils to go in it so I chose the carry me art studio kit. It had everything in I wanted. Pens, pencils and paint and lots of other things to put in my new pencil case!

smiggle is now in liverpool art carry me caseCarry Me Scented Art Case £18.00

I love it. I love having a space for everything inside it and guess what else? It’s scented. Well the markers are. How cool is that! My mum said she can’t smell anything but I can. I have been having fun doing lots of colouring with them and using them at school on my projects.

smiggle is now in liverpool inside of an art case with pens and stationary

I also got a Party Scratch Book. I love how you scratch off the surface to draw and it has colours underneath. I love to draw and this is so good for helping me draw new things.

smiggle is now in liverpool colour scratcher bookParty Scratch Book £8.50

It looks fun right! This what I managed to draw inside.

smiggle is now in liverpool. girl colouring in a colour scratcher book

So what do I think of my new Smiggle goodies? A big thumbs up from me. I love them so much. Thank you Smiggle for inviting me over I love, love, love my new stationery.

The new Smiggle store can be located on Paradise Street in Liverpool One. Or in parent speak, just past Starbucks! We were invited over to check out the new store and was given a voucher to purchase some items to review in this post. All thoughts are Olivia’s own and based on using the products purchased.
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  1. omg, my 2 twin daughters love this online store
    we all have blingy desk tops its insperational that you could share this with all of us
    xx Bella

  2. I love Smiggle! I haven’t had an opportunity to go a store. I didn’t know they were Australian, that’s interesting. Thanks for the review and pictures; it looks like it was great fun to visit!

  3. My kids love Smiggle. The colours and designs are fabulous. Thank you for sharing your review, Olivia. I really enjoyed reading it. The Part Scratch Book looks like it would make a great Christmas gift.

  4. Oh I love this store! I live in Warrington and we’ve had one in Golden Square for a while. It’s such an indulgence if you like being organised and have everything in its place on your desk like I do. Glad your daughter has discovered this place!