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Oven Pride

The easy oven cleaning system.

Do you agree?
Oven Pride

Personally I love it and now I’ve’ discovered it I won’t use anything else ever.

I’ve been using Oven Pride for a while now and it makes cleaning the oven so easy for me.
I have an old style eye level grill and gas oven. As you may be aware I hate any sort of housework and only do it because it has to be done.

Years ago I moved into a flat with an oven included in the kitchen and the previous tenants told me they had never cleaned the oven! They had lived there for over 5 years!
 Disgusting wasn’t even in it and it took me 2 whole weeks of cleaning before I could even contemplate cooking in it! Still makes me shudder to this day.

Anywhoo, fast forward to last week and boy, was my oven in a state. The orange Oven Pride box was and had been sitting in my under sink cupboard for a few weeks, so I thought what the heck lets clean this thing.

Now we all how it works but DOES it work that is the question!

My answer:
YES it really does.

I was too embarrassed to show you the before pics of my oven *hangs head in shame*
these after pics should and do prove that there is nothing this stuff can’t clean off.
Racks soaking in the bag

How do you use it?
  1. Firstly use the gloves provided or longer ones of your own, but  always use gloves
  2. Take your racks out of the oven and place into the bag right to the bottom and over into one of the bottom corners.
  3. Carefully empty half to three quarters of the bottle of solution into the bag
  4. Seal bag and fold the bag over the contents so all liquid stays where you need it to be.
  5. Pour the rest of the solution onto the bottom of oven if required avoiding any glass, pilot lights, seals as the solution is corrosive.
  6. Wait
  7. After 2-4 hours turn the bag over to ensure even cleaning.
  8. For best results leave overnight.
  9. When you come to clean the solution from your oven just wipe it away and it will take any bits of food, grease, crumbs etc with it, then rinse off.
  10. To take the racks out of the bag pull the bag carefully down so you can pull them out and not reach into the bag itself which isn’t recommended.
  11. Rinse off your racks and clean away any bits of stubborn leftover residue/gunk to reveal like new sparkling racks.
  12. To dispose of the bag swill water into the bag to dilute the solution and pour away before disposing of the bag.
My new clean oven almost finished excuse the back!

As I mentioned before I have used this before and will continue to use it as I find it such a simple, easy and effective way of cleaning my oven and I can’t see myself using anything else for the job!

Have you tried Oven Pride? What did you think?
What product have you used that you just can’t do without now?

I was not asked or paid to do this review. This is a product I buy and use regularly and I wanted to share my views.

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  1. Wow I've never tried this – is it really that simple!? I worry about the smell of oven cleaners usually.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. I've had similar experiences with previous tenants but unfortunately I didn't discover Oven Pride. This sounds brilliant

  3. Oven Pride is amazing! Anything that allows you to clean your oven with minimum effort gets my vote!