My First Period with A Betty Box Review

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Let’s face it periods pretty much suck. If they’re not draining the life out of you with cramps and the overwhelming urge to cry, scream and lash out all at the same time, they’re bloating you so hard you end up resorting to not wanting to leave the house and slob around in your favourite stretchy comfy clothes for the week!

But I’m 36 now. I’ve been doing this for years. 24 to be exact. Minus 8 or so years when an IUD put a stop to them. But yeah, periods are just what they are now. But do you remember your first one?

I was babysitting. On a council estate for my sisters and some neighbours kids. The mums had gone shopping and I was left in charge. I remember phoning my mum on the landline (yep it was that long ago) and hearing her cheer as I told her. Silly me expected her to come straight home. Instead, she and her friends stayed out to celebrate my becoming a woman!

But things are different now. I am the mum and I currently have a tween daughter who herself will experience the highs and lows that come with changes puberty brings. Those first times aren’t fun. I still bemoan these days how much it sucks to be a woman sometimes. But what if you had something to make it that little bit nicer. A treat to help you feel more like you. And to have a little pamper as you ride the hormone train to cramp city! (and yes I am writing this mid-period with raging hormones and tears threatening so excuse the negativity, sorry) But for those not as experienced and about to experience this all over again as a parent then read on for our Betty Box Review!

What is a Betty Box?

A Betty Box is a cute little monthly subscription box aimed at teens and tweens experiencing their first period or 51st. Packed with all the little things you might need to help you through. From sanitary towels to tampons based on your flow and then packed with beauty treats and other goodies to cheer you up. She hasn’t used any items yet as she would like to keep them until she needs them so she has a little treat. Until then you read our initial thoughts in our Betty Box Review.

inside a betty box review

What Did Olivia Think of the Betty Box?

She was actually really pleased. She thought it was a really lovely box to receive and loved looking through it all, even asking if we can sign up to get one every month. When the time comes I think we definitely will! Her favourite items were the bracelet that she got and sweets (of course) and the hair bobble!

My Betty Box Review.

At first, I was a bit dubious as to what you would get in the box and would you receive enough tampons/pads to last your period. But you get a large selection and you even get to choose your own brand and the right product for your flow. We received not only the towels but liners too for before and after! So there is no extra cost in buying your own judging by the amount we received in our box.

betty box review always pad and liners

I was actually a bit jealous of what Olivia actually received in her ‘for you’ box. Aimed at 8+ I was worried there wouldn’t be anything suitable for Olivia. But there was a lovely mix as you can see and whilst she won’t use all of the products (I have already been eyeing up the Balance Me wash to go with the Balance Me samples I got at The Liverpool Style Collective), she will definitely use a lot of them and others can be put away until she is ready to use it.

Whilst I thought that a few of the products weren’t all age appropriate for Olivia. I totally appreciate that there was a great mix of products for girls of all ages. Also as the items are different each month, other months will be more tailored to Olivia and others will introduce her to new products!

various items in a subscription box betty box review

Our Betty Box Review: Verdict.

When that time of the month hits we could all do with a little bit of extra pampering and young girls are no different. I would love to receive one of these boxes and we were both definitely impressed with this one.

With the Betty Box shipping 3 times a month, there is a better chance of you getting one closest to your period. The ability to choose the pads/tampons you prefer is a big plus. You are getting products you are familiar with and be comfortable using. This is a big plus for me. There is even the option to mix products should you use both or want to try a different product.

I am genuinely really pleased we got to do a Betty Box Review and my account is already set up for Olivia now!

If you would like to either subscribe or just have a little nose at the Betty Box you can sign up for your first box for only £6.99, which I think for the items we received is a great price. Monthly subscriptions are then £10.50 a month thereafter. If you would like to use my sign up referral code GO5VV8A5BA then we both get a little gift too with our next boxes however this isn’t a requirement.

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A review for the Betty Box subscription for teens and tweens
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  1. Oh I love this idea! How very thoughtful. I hope when the time comes your daughter isn’t too anxious about it and the box helps her. It’s tough being a woman! Thanks for joining #bigpinklink xx

  2. Aww! What a lovely, thoughtful box! My teen started her periods earlier this year and even though she knew they were coming they were a bit of a shock…A box like this would have really given her a boost when the first one arrived….I think I might get her one to try. I’ve just had a look and they use the brand of pads she prefers. Thank you x