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You can tell a lot about a person from what socks they wear you know. Honest. Like with me, it’s either crazy colourful patterns or plain black. Usually mismatched, in fact 99% of the time my socks are odd. True Story. Life’s too short right! By this fact alone you can tell I am spontaneous (unorganised), indecisive (lazy) and willing to express myself (no choice really I have no time to find the other matching sock)

What would your socks say about you? Do you go for fun bright ones? Or are you more of a more understated sock wearer? As a fun, bright, mismatched sock wearer myself I found myself a little bit excited when some ChattyFeet socks landed on my doormat for review this week. I have seen them popping up in various places and loved their bright fresh designs.

making socks fun with chatty feet pictures of 2 different designs of sock styles la diva and milo

We received 4 pairs La Diva, Miko (in picture above)Sandy and Venus. There are so many different designs to choose from for men, women and kids. I loved the look of their Kate Middletoe design, obviously I need to say no more as to who they are modelled on do I. There are even matching ones for you and your little ones. Considering Olivia is only one shoe size behind me we are way past that option. She has already claimed Sandy and La Diva for herself. La Diva as she is obviously a diva and Sandy because she thinks she is named after Olivia Newton John who of course played Sandy in Grease! Go figure :/

Anyway back to the socks. Individually priced at £7.50 a pair for adults and £5 for children’s. You can also buy in sets for £23 and £16 for children’s sets. Gift Sets are an option too (our designs are Gift Set Two) for £30 as are Family sets for £11.50. Adults socks come in 2 different sizes Medium (sizes 4-8) and Large (9-12). Children’s are available in 12-24 months, 2-4 years, 4-7 years and 7-10 years.

Verdict: I love the designs they are so fun and vibrant. They were a hit with Olivia too. As mentioned before she claimed her two pairs and despite being ill she agreed to try them on. At a size 4 she is at the smaller end of the scale size wise so I expected them to be a little bit big. They actually weren’t and the toe and heel sections sat firmly where they were supposed to which is good. How many of us have ended up with heel pieces up our ankles as they’re too big or not even reaching the heel as they don’t have enough stretch.

chattyfeet olivia feetmaking socks fun with chattyfeet view of sole of feet and heel area

Olivia wearing Sandy.

As you can see they were a great fit and a really nice length on too. No worrying these are going to slip under your heel while you are walking! I was concerned before trying them myself that as they fit Olivia so well they wouldn’t have much stretch for larger sizes. As I’m a size 5 I’m obviously not that much bigger than Olivia but I do have wide (and chubby) feet. I do tend to wear size 6 in some styles/stores depending on the shoe. Again they fitted great and were really comfy and soft too. Like Olivia I just sat comfortably in them until bed. Our feet having a little chat with each other as you do (sorry, we got bored!).

making socks fun with chattyfeet my chosen pair

Me wearing Venus.

I didn’t find them restrictive at all and I loved that the design is on the top of the foot and the sole too. I didn’t think I would notice but compared to your standard run of the mill socks they felt nicer to wear somehow. With some socks I find that they get a bit tight around ankles due to the extra wide (chubbiness) with being a plus size girl. There was also no visible sock line that I noticed after taking them off despite having worn them for most of the day.

As a side note these socks washed really well and they even came back out the wash as a pair! Worth paying for in my book that is! Although I would still wear these socks odd anyway it’s just who I am.

If you are one of those people who always buys socks as presents or you’re the person who loves to receive socks, then you absolutely need to get these. For me they are a tad on the expensive side to buy as a one off pair of socks. But for a present or a treat…………….. (hint hint it’s my birthday soon *ahem*) then not so much. A set of these beauties would be a fab, quirky addition to anyone’s sock drawer, promise.

 I actually would love to see these in a slipper sock style. They would look great with the stitched moccasin sole and a nice long thick sock for the winter!

Fancy a pair (or set) for yourself or even just want to check out the Kate Middletoe design ChattyFeet can be found online and on social media.

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  1. I want to wear sensible socks, but sensible socks are just so impractical! If they’re dark-coloured they go missing, if they’re pale they get stained then go missing. Silly socks are the only way forward. I’ve never bought from this company, they look fab! Thanks for the review :).

  2. I am always wearing bright and mismatched socks, so these are right up my street! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Hi Tracey, I love these socks! Socks should be bright and fun (and comfy, of course). It’s been an age since I had a fun pair of socks for Christmas, as fun socks is something you just don’t see over here.

  4. I love the design but not sure I want to pay that much for socks which is a shame because I actually really want some