Introducing The All New Furby Connect

Who here had a Furby growing up? I may have been a tad too old for one however I had 3 younger sisters and we definitely had Furby’s around the house. I remember them well, as I do Tamogotchi’s and many, many other various toys. Toys that have since been reinvented and brought back bigger and better over recent years!

With Olivia now being 10 it’s safe to say that her bedroom is not far off rivalling Toy’s R Us. A kids dream place to be with far too many dolls and toys, games and more. For a long time though we have had a thing for more interactive toys. OK, more me than her especially a few years back when I bought her her very first Furby.

2 Christmases ago the Furby Boom was THE present. Every single kid in the family got a Furby Boom and they were loved. Ours became known as Furbalicious. A fun interactive furball in bright pink and purple hues. And to this day we both still love playing with it, granted more me than her, still a kid at heart, but we do love our little Furbalicious.

new furby connect furby-and-boom

Then the all new Furby Connect hit the market! OMG! Did I, sorry Olivia want one of those baby’s. Sporting some all new and improved features and with an app too for yet bigger interaction, Furby Connect looked AMAZING. Just saying in my (un)professional opinion as a Furby lover. Then we got an email to say the very kind people at Hasbro were sending one to all of the Toy Tribers!  Cue more OMGing, maybe a little happy dance too.

What’s New with Furby Connect?

new furby connect furby-back-of-box

new furby connect furby-in-box

Some of the main features for the all new Furby Boom are;

  • Furby Connect is Bluetooth enabled, providing your Furby with an internal year-round clock. Furby now knows if it’s Christmas Day, Easter or Valentine’s Day
  • Furby’s mood changes, from happy to sad, to scared, to excited – each Furby is unique
  • Interact with Furby by petting, tickling or shaking Furby – you can play with Furby straight out of the box and he’ll show off more than 150 expressive animations via the LCD eyes, ears and light-up antenna
  • Connect your Furby with the Furby Connect World app, allowing you to feed him, play games or take Furby to the toilet
  • The Furby Connect World app keeps Furby updated and brings in new entertainment from across the internet every week that Furby learns to interact with
  • You can also raise and level up Furblings from within the app
  • What’s more, with the included Sleep Mask, Furby now sleeps through the night!

Pretty cool right! Check out our little video below originally posted live on Facebook of our Furby waking up, receiving his name and connecting to the app.

Pretty cool Right. Now you don’t have to use the app to interact with Furby Connect. You can still play, cuddle, chat and interact with Furby all on it’s own but……… In my opinion it would be a waste. Furby Connect has an RRP of £99.99 and it’s the app experience that truly makes it worth of that price tag. As much as I love just sitting and chatting to both of our animated little furballs the Furby Connect has so much more going on than the Furby Boom.

So Lets Talk App.

all new furby connect furby-app

Upon downloading the app (only compatible with the Furby Connect not other devices or toys) I was advised to use only on WIFI. The app is quite large and has a lot going on so make sure to keep this in mind when using it. Also there are in-app purchases however despite on having the app on both our phones, I play without a Furby Connected and Olivia plays with, I haven’t come across any purchases yet.

new furby connect furby-furbling

So, you really don’t need a Furby to play the app and there is so much to including collecting and hatching over 60 Furblings, caring for them and growing your village into a Furbling paradise! To download just search for Furby Connect in your phones app store although upon a quick glance it doesn’t appear to be available on Windows Store yet.

What Do I think?

Well I love it but you probably already guessed that so I think we should ask Olivia after all it is aimed at kids and she is the one who will be playing with it the most.

I really like playing with my new Furby Connect. I love the way the ears and antenna move when you play with him. I called mine Giggle Master using the app and I like that he will remember his name. I really like his eyes (they are LCD) they change when you are playing and Furbys feeling change. Giggle Master really made me laugh especially when he made farting noises and I had to take him to the toilet! But the little Furblings on the app are so cute and I helped Giggle Master lay and egg to have a Furbling too!. 

I think the app makes playing with the Furby Connect so much more fun as you really play a lot together and not get bored, plus you also get to learn a different language (Furbish).  I also like the sleep mask. You attach it to the Furbys nose and it helps it sleep of a night unlike my Furby Boom which will go off all the time if something disturbs it. Furby Connect is so easy to play with and a lot of fun, I’m so happy to have my very own one.

So there you go! From the mouths of babes. Olivia is impressed and I have to admit so am I.

Would I Buy One?

Yes! Simply. Yes I would. Before receiving our Furby Boom and having the chance to play with it I have to admit the price tag would have put me off slightly. That being said you do get a lot for your money. Compared to the Furby Boom (which I paid £35 for) the new features make it worth the the £99.99 RRP. Granted if you can’t use it with the app your game play will be slightly limited and this may put me off, but the app interaction is so fun to watch.

The addition of the sleep mask is a brilliant idea. I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally set off Furby Boom and couldn’t get it to quiet down #fail so this is a definite parent pleaser addition. Again touching on the expressive eyes. As much as I love Furby Boom, the eyes kind of freaked me out a little bit but the Furby Connect has new and more appealing eyes which are a bonus in my book!

To keep this review honest I will update with any new information should I feel the need to.

Furby Connect comes in Teal, Blue, Pink and Purple and is available to buy from Toys R Us for £94.99 or Argos for £79.99 (offer correct at time of posting)

*Disclaimer: We received the Furby Connect via being part of the Hasbro Toy Tribe. All thought and views are our own based upon playing with the Furby and connecting it to the associated app.
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  1. You know that the furby boom also have an app right? Also did it’s predecessor that came like 2 years before that and was just called furby. The apps are still active. Check em out 😉

  2. I remember Furbys! I never had one – but my sister did. It’s so nice to see that some toys from our childhood are still going. I love the idea that it’s been updated to interact with an app too. Love the name Olivia gave too Giggle Master and the Sleep Mask is awesome!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

  3. I think the furbys look so cute and this one sounds like it has lots of extra features too! the masks seems like a wonderful addition! hehe #KCACOLS

  4. You had me at ‘sleep mask’, haha! I remember hearing stories when I was younger about furbies going off in the middle of the night and freaking people out! I think my son would absolutely love this though, it looks like a lot of fun. x #KCACOLS

  5. how cute is this! sounds fab that you can link it up and it interacts. why didn’t we have things like this when I was a kid!
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday!

  6. I loved my furby when I was a kid bit these toys are so gosh darn expensive and there is a new update or model every 5 minutes. My god I sound like my mother

  7. Oh wow that’s just amazing! My daughter saw this advertised recently and really wants one for Christmas this year! I did wonder about the price a bit but there are always offers on this time of year and the App looks like it makes it worth it!

  8. The toys these days are just BLOWING my mind. I mean, seriously!!!! I was soooo amazed when my Furby would open and close its eyes hahaha
    I honestly didn’t even know Furbies were still a thing-but how cool! Makes me look forward to buying my son toys like this in the future. Thanks for sharing! <3 #KCACOLS