Finding Relief from Pain with a Naipo Back Massager

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Not too long ago I received a Naipo Neck and Shoulder Massager to review. It worked wonders for my shoulder pain and sore muscles due to the worn discs in my neck and a pain caused as they rub against a nerve. I loved it, still do in fact but when the Naipo Back Massager turned up for me to review, I wondered if it could be something I was looking for and was going to help with my aching lower back after a long day of carrying and filling out potatoes at work.

The Naipo Back Massager is a remote-controlled seat cushion with these features
  • 3 massage zones
  • Vibrating seat
  • Remote controlled operations
  • Separate neck and back massagers
  • 8 deep kneading shiatsu massage nodes
  • Targeted massage options
  • Optional heat function
  • 20 minute cut off

The massager seat unit is suitable for use at home, in the office and in the car (not to be used when driving).

naipo back massager with nodes active and heat function switched on

The massager is pretty easy to set up. You literally sit in on your chosen chair and you are good to go. There is a strap around the back for you to use to secure it to your chair to prevent it slipping off. When you have plugged it in, it really is as simple as pressing the ‘on button’ on the remote and selecting your desired massage function.

There are many different options for you to change and adjust as you prefer. Personally, I love to use it on my lower back as that is where I get a lot of pain and aching and also my neck/shoulders too. You can target different parts of your back. Have a full back massage or just part of your back. You can move the neck massager up or down and change the direction of the nodes too. To add to this you can turn on the vibrating seat cushion and add heat. All you need to do is press and or press and hold the buttons on the remote.

remote for the naipo back massager

I have been using it for weeks now. and I love it.

Honestly. As I did with the back and neck massager, on some parts of my back, I did find it a little uncomfortable. But used where I need it, neck, shoulders and lower back it was heaven! I was a little dubious as to if I could manoeuvre it to the right position but you can. Dependant on your height and style of chair you are using it on, it is pretty easy to move your body to target the areas you need it the most.

So far, I have used it on my dining table chairs, my office chair and sofa, It has been comfortable on all 3 but it works best for me on my office chair. Due to the rounded shape, I can position it to better reach the base of my spine and my lower back to target joint pain better. It is also perfect (as is the dining table chair) for getting knots out of my shoulders too.

My doctor recently recommended I attend physiotherapy to ease the pain in my shoulders as it was causing me muscular pain too, especially at the base of my neck.

But using the seat massager around 3 times a week on average is helping me and I am really starting to feel the benefits. The relief as I feel it working where I need it to is such a relaxing feeling. I’m hoping that with long-term regular use it will also ease my pins and needles associated with my pain too.

You can find the Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion for Full Back and Neck with Heat Function on Amazon currently for £99.99 (RRP £239.99) With the back massager you also get the adapter to plug into the mains electric and a car adapter to use in the car for passengers.

*disclaimer: I was provided with the naipo back massager for purpose of my review. all thoughts and opinions are my own*
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  1. Been looking at these massagers for a while, but was sceptical as to their Health benefit long term. I tried One out once in a shop, and whilst it was pleasant, like you i wondered if thats where the benefits ended. Hope it waves its massaging magic on your painful areas, to bring you the relief you need xx