Finding Me, Again!

A few months ago I became really unhappy with my weight. I had become stuck in a rut and was noticing I was putting on more and more weight. Having to go and buy the next size up trousers for work was the final straw for me. Realising how much bigger I had gotten since I lost around a stone in weight for my holiday to Gran Canaria last June made me make some changes to my lifestyle.

The first time I noticed it was wearing this dress below. I bought it in December for a Christmas night out and it fit perfect and I loved how it made me feel. But come to the end of January when I wore it to see Wicked in London with my sister, it felt a little bit snugger and didn’t quite evoke the same feeling in me. That night I was glad it was dark and I was wearing a big coat to keep me covered.

I don’t do well with big dramatic changes to my diet and fitness. I didn’t want this to be something that I would just stop after a few weeks because it was too hard. I wanted a lifestyle change that worked for me. This meant introducing things slowly and gradually and making small changes.


The first big change that was needed was to exercise more. I didn’t feel up to going to back to my workouts so I started Sunday Walks with Olivia and my sister. This was back in April. We then added a Thursday night walk into the mix and started to love our time out from everything else. Olivia soon tired of joining us and up until recently, our walks were going well.

I do have to admit that the past few weeks life has gotten in the way and we haven’t managed to go out as often as we would like.

But we have made sure we are doing something more fun instead. One Sunday we walked around Chester Zoo for the day and recently we hit the slopes in Altitude at Chill Factore in TraffordCity to get a workout in a completely different and really fun way!

I did promise myself I would start doing The Body Coach workouts again. I know I enjoy them and they work for me but I always have an excuse not to do them. My back/knee/ankle/any other body part hurts, I am too tired, I don’t have enough time, my sports bra doesn’t fit me!

OK, so that last one is pretty important but now I have a cute new sports bra from Hunkemoller so that excuse doesn’t work anymore for me. I workout at home so all I need is a good sports bra and a pair of trainers – which I recently purchased as well, and I am good to go!

The Diet also Needed A Lot of Work Too!

And I mean a lot! Slowly I introduced more salad heavy meals to my diet. Gone went the frozen chips in favour of new potatoes and homemade chips dry fried in the oven. Without even realising or trying I had started to lose weight. This spurred me on to join Weight Watchers. In all honesty, I didn’t last long. I didn’t want to join a local class and pretty quickly I rebelled against my self-imposed diet.

Another change I made was out with the majority of sugar-free fizzy drinks and in came more water.

This time I am convinced that not drinking enough water during the day is one of the reasons I lose my willpower and ‘feel’ hungrier than I probably am.

Then my mum and youngest sister started Slim Fast. They were doing really well but I knew from past experiences it didn’t work so well for me. So I true Tracey style I hesitated. Until finally I decided to just go for it once more. Part of the problem was wanting to do it and I knew this time I really did.

I stocked up on the new Slim-Fast Vitality range, swayed by the different mix of ingredients and extra protein. Literally days later, I felt so much better and I wasn’t struggling in between meals either. Could this finally be the thing that worked for me? I have to say it was, for a short while. Which brings me up to now.

July 2018?

July has been a bit of a bumpy month for me weightwise. I had managed to lose a stone in weight but at the same time my enthusiasm for Slim Fast and missing out some of our weekly walks has pushed me back and I have regained around half the weight I had lost. But the difference is me. I WANT to get back onto the Slim Fast and I actually miss taking it so I am currently locked in a battle with myself as I start the day with the best intentions only to fall off the wagon later in the day.

I am aware I am my own worst enemy at times so I have drawn up a list of things I need to do come August after my summer holiday.

  • Slim Fast Vitality 2 meals per day.
  • The main meal to be salad or veg based whenever possible
  • Experiment with meal times and not just have my meal of an evening
  • Consistently drink enough water each day
  • Eat more fruit
  • Make sure to go on regular walks
  • Start working out 2-3 times per week (starting with beginner HIIT workouts and building up from there)

I have enlisted my sister to make sure I attempt to stay on the straight and narrow and out of the takeaways. Can I do it? Of course, I can but whether I will or not remains to be seen!

*this post contains pr samples*
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