A Wicked Mid-Week Break to London

“Run, faster, quick! No, no, no just go, don’t wait for me I’ll meet you there. We’re nearly out of time!”

I turned the corner huffing and puffing as my body heaved gulping in air as I reached the bottom of the steps. The cold air providing the perfect breeze to my now flushed cheeks as I ran up the dark street to reach where I was headed. But there was no time savour the cold now, I had to get myself up those stairs and fast, there was no time to lose. We had been waiting a long time for this and I wasn’t about to be late!

Can you believe I was nearly late! I mean seriously with mere seconds to spare! Who even does that? I had been waiting years to see this and here I was running across London in a brand new pair of boots! Some things will never change. But let me start from the beginning.

4 months ago……………………

It was the beginning of October and I had less than a few weeks to sort out a birthday present for my youngest sister’s 30th birthday. For the girl who has everything, each birthday and Christmas she gets harder and harder to buy for. We have done the concert tickets, the cinema tickets, the subscription boxes and everything in between. I had a personalised cushion for her from Bags of Love which I knew she would love. But I needed something else. Something she would be shocked and thrilled by. Something a little bit more, a little extra, something, well, special and that she definitely wouldn’t do off her own back. But what?

Then a week before I got it. I was browsing Moonpig with Olivia choosing her cards and there it was. A face so green, nose as pointy as her hat. It was Elphaba from Wicked ready to greet one of the shows fans a Happy Birthday. I couldn’t, could I? I mean we had BOTH wanted to see Wicked for so long. But with it having never toured we hadn’t gotten around to booking to see it. 30 is a special one though, isn’t it?

Seconds later (that’s literally how long it took me to make my mind up), I was writing a personalised message and clicking ‘purchase’.

Come October 20th, 2017, she opened her card.

Dear Jo,

I had no idea what to get you for your birthday so I thought I would get you Wicked. Well, the tickets. How about a sister mid-week break to London to see Wicked on the west End? 

Love Tracey xxx

Fast Forward to January 31st, 2018. 2 pm.

It took us a while to get here but finally, the last day of the longest month of the year saw us touching ground in the big smoke ready for our mid-week sister break to London. We had booked in for 2 nights at Central Park Hotel with our tickets to see one of the best shows to ever grace the West End that same night. The excitement was electrifying.

After checking in we decided to go for a walk to get a bit of fresh air after our long trip. So we walked, and we walked and we walked. Before long it was 5 pm and the tube line we needed had been closed down! T minus 2.5 hours, there was just one word for it! Typical, just typical!

Fast forward to 7.28 pm and I was running from the exit of Victoria underground with 2 minutes until Wicked was about to start. I could have cried, except I couldn’t breathe from literally running for my life. I sent my younger, and obviously fitter, sister to go ahead to get our tickets and pray we would make it in on time. And we did, barely! At 7.29 pm 60 seconds before the show started we managed to find our seats just in time!

Would it all be worth it? Was the show that good it could make up for all the drama to get here?

Oh, what can I say! Elphaba took my heart and by the interval as the last notes of Defying Gravity rang out across the Apollo Theatre, I was sold. My heart was in my mouth and my eyes wet as I took in the sheer awesomeness they had just witnessed. My head was already planning on booking to see it again when the national tour came to Liverpool!

Arriving back to the hotel on a high, we had 2 days to explore London at our own pace after deciding against booking up any attractions in advance. Could anything top finally seeing Wicked or was the highlight of our trip going to be done on our first night?

Actually no it wasn’t!

Walking was the theme of our trip and by Thursday, after a shaky start on the tube, we had found our flow and travelled around with ease, just choosing to take in the sights by foot and at when we were ready. But our second day had another surprise in store for us. A few days before our trip we decided to look at booking tickets to see Aladdin. We wanted to see that too, however, Wicked was the main point of our trip. But after being told we may be able to get discounted tickets on the day, we decided to try our luck.

And as it happens, our luck was in! After stopping off at a concession stall at Leicester Square station, we managed to bag ourselves a pair of tickets to see Aladdin. Reduced to £57.50 from £96! ABSOLUTE BARGAIN! So whilst we waited for the 2.30 pm matinee showing, we took ourselves off again around Leicester Square, wandering up to Soho before coming back to The Prince Edward Theatre.

I have to say, with all the walking, we were averaging 20,000 steps a day by this point. Despite my weary feet our gorgeous boots from LOTD were still comfortable (and looking fab) from morning till night. In fact, they were so comfortable I wore them for the whole trip! As did my sister with hers too! I didn’t even miss my trusty old pumps!

Aladdin took us to a whole new world and was mesmerising from start to finish!

Still on a high from another amazing show, it was time for us to head back for a quick outfit change before meeting my 2 blogging besties, Maria from Suburban Mum and Franca from A Moment With Franca. It was my second time meeting Franca and first time meeting Maria and the first time all 3 of us had been together. It’s such a shame we live so far away as I loved meeting them both.

We decided to make the most of the last day of our mid-week break to London by doing what we do best…. shopping!

Oh yes, it was time for a trip to Harrods. It was a good job we had booked a late train, it was never going to be a quick trip! We ended up coming out with a birthday present for Olivia, a mermaid pen and a gorgeous new handbag for me!

After Harrods and a quick refuelling stop at McD’s we headed to Oxford Circus station. I had to visit Hamley’s for Olivia and then onto Choccywoccydoodah! OMG! I have actually visited twice before once with my sister almost 6 years ago and then last year with Olivia.

After the most irresistible (and gigantic) slice of cake and some pink lemonade, it was nearly time for our whirlwind trip to come to an end. After collecting our cases, we took a stroll along the South Bank before we made our way back to Euston and the Virgin Pendolino back to Liverpool!

London it was amazing, we had the best time and I can’t wait to come back again!

We booked our trip via Hotel Direct for a show and hotel package deal for 2 nights staying at Central Park Hotel and watching Wicked. We travelled via Virgin Trains booked on Trainline. We received the boots for the purpose of this post.
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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Posts like this make me appreciate how close I live to London and can enjoy the sights. Sometimes it is so familiar it gets lost

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time! I would love to see Wicked! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  3. What a fun filled trip! I loved Wicked too but am yet to see Aladdin. If you manage another trip I recommend Kinky boots, one of my favourite shows on at the moment! #kcacols