Dr Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector Review and Competition

dr beckmann colour and dirt collector

dr beckmann colour and dirt collector


Recently I was asked if I would like to review the  Dr Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector. Being the undomesticated parent I am, the only time I have ever used something like this is when I have bought something new and was worried it would run and ruin the rest of the wash! Also I always mix my washing and never really had any major issues so I honestly thought it wasn’t something I really needed to use all the time!

Ha! How wrong was I! Well it turns out I was totally wrong. Apparently colours do run in the wash even if you can’t see it and boy was I shocked, I mean who knew! Probably everyone except me. Olivia’s bright yellow waterproof coat, ran. My new maroon onesie (I’m sorry I do own one and it is ridiculously comfy!), it ran too. My black work trousers and socks, totally ran, a lot! Just look at my pictures to see the proof.

dr beckmann results collage

I am horrified to think that I had been throwing Olivia’s white school t-shirts and socks in with all these colours, major fail! No wonder they start going grey and nasty looking! This is going to be stopping unless I am using one of these fabulous colour and dirt collector sheets from now on. I am a convert. I have placed the used sheets next to an unused one so you can actually see how much colour it has collected!

How does it work?

Using innovative microfibre technology, the extra fine fibres provide a larger surface area for the stray colour from your clothes to lock onto instead of ending up back on your washing. This helps your clothes to stay brighter for longer.

You pop 1 sheet (or 2 for heavier dyed garments) into the back of the machine before you add your washing and then wash as normal. It’s as easy as that. Visit Dr Beckmann for more information.

If you would like to try this for yourself why not enter to win yourself a bundle of Dr Beckmann products to help you keep your clothes in tip top condition!

dr beckmann competition products collage
The prizes on offer are Dr. Beckmann’s:
– Colour and Dirt Collector
– Stain Devils Survival Kit
– Glowhite Ultra
– Service-it Deep Clean Dishwasher Cleaner
– Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner

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*Disclaimer: I was sent a box of Dr Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector for purpose of this review however all thoughts are my own honest opinions based on my use of the afore mentioned product*
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  1. I’m pretty organised when it comes to cleaning, it feels great when I’ve finished and I can sit down with a well earned cup of coffee x

  2. Im a convert to the uses of vinegar – i have a book which tells me all the hundreds of ways vinegar can be used for different stain removals and even cleaning windscreen wipers.

  3. I just had a disaster yesterday when I put the curtains into the washing machine and they shrinked soooooo bad- they are half of what they used to be.

  4. I hate cleaning.My worst disaster was when I shook a bottle of tipex but the lid wasn’t on properly and it went all over me.

  5. Hate cleaning, but I use smear-free foam to spray on most surfaces, leave for a minute and wipe off – eats practically all the grime up.

  6. I often use baby wipes to clean. My New Years resolution is to have a clean and tidy house before my 2nd baby arrives in February!

  7. I hate cleaning but tend to do quite deep cleans around the house. Best tip that I can’t seem to get my family to do it to pick up as you go along.

  8. When I was pregnant with my twins I went on cleaning frenzy. I somehow managed to spray oven cleaner in my face I was so lucky that I shut my eyes quickly but needless to say I am banned from doing it when I’m alone in the house and now only with goggles

  9. I love cleaning but I can’t for dear life remove any of the dark stains from my white socks and tried every product there is to buy

  10. I had a pair of navy/white stripe dungaree shorts. Decided to wash them by hand not for them to run and hang them up to dry. The colours ran big time.

  11. I love cleaning once I get started, but sometimes lack the motivation to do it. It feels nice seeing evrerything sparkly and organised!

  12. I once put my baby son’s red dungarees in with his white cloth nappies and dyed them all pink – only to find out I was expecting a daughter!

  13. I used to hate cleaning and would avoid it as much as possible, until I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I can be confined to the house, and quite often confined to bed. Then I wanted to clean at every opportunity I could, I got really organised and regimented so when I had to spend time off my feet I knew that I didn’t have to worry as much.

  14. I hate cleaning. The colour catcher sheets are an amazing invention which saves me from having to wait for a full load of the same colours

  15. I both love and hate cleaning – I suppose hate doing it but I love the results and the satisfaction! I will always remember when I was about 8, I had an electronic computer and it was dirty – so I decided to clean it with Olbas Oil?! I have no idea why, suffice to say it damaged it! (There’s a surprise…)

  16. I don’t mind cleaning, I prefer it if I am in the house on my own so I can jyst get on with it. I find putting some background music on helps to keep me motivated with it.

  17. My husband and I run a business managing 22 holiday cottages. This involves having a team of cleaners. I hate cleaning, and am useless at it, but luckily the team are brilliant and so I don’t have to do any. We do the laundry for 8 of the cottages. My husband loves ironing, thank goodness!

  18. If you have a dirty rug and there is snow outside shahe it and place pile down on snow for half an hour the dirt drains out

  19. Worst cleaning disaster was using Dr Beckmanns washing machine cleaner. A tiny drop squirted into my eye – ended up in hospital. (It did make a great job of the washing machine though)

  20. i am a fan of soda crystals, a bag is super cheap and they are so useful. a scoop in with the washing cuts down how much expensive detergent you need to use and helps keep the machine clean too

  21. I put some bleach in our washing machine once to give it a good ‘clean’ it started foaming and coming out of the bottom of the washing machine door much to the amusement of my 3 year old!!

  22. The problem I have with cleaning is that I have to make a mess before it gets clean, then I feel so good as everything looks good.

  23. Pen left in pocket of the trousers and ink created a spot which became bigger and bigger with every effort to remove it… sadly it went to the bin

  24. After spring cleaning the living room, got the hoover out switched it on and the bag inside had burst throwing dust and mess all over, not amused

  25. I once decided to clean out the inside of my washing machine by pouring loads of pure bleach into the detergent drawer and running it on a boil wash. The machine started spewing red hot bleachy soap suds all over my kitchen floor – it was a real mess! I use proper washing machine cleaner now haha,

  26. I tripped over the step going into my living room amd threw sweet and sour chicken all over our brand new light peach sofa bed couldnt wash it out —–ever!!!!!!!!!!

  27. When you get oil on your jeans, just spray the oil with WD40, scrub it in with a brush, and then bung in the washing machine. Your jeans come out perfect. Merry Christmas.

  28. I once tripped carrying a bottle of ink with the lid off, it went all over a sofa, oddly it all came off with carpet stain remover – surprised me I was thinking throws would have to be bought.

  29. Best tip…try and declutter ur life and hour and do a small bit of cleaning and ironing every day….. I’m saying this to myself all the time…some times it works ..sometimes not!

  30. I treat all stains on my little boys clothing with fairy liquid before turning inside out and washing out.
    They can be so hard on clothes always rolling around the ground, so this keeps their clothes clean and looking new for longer.

  31. I had a disaster the first time I ever used a front loader washing machine. I was only 18 and had just set up house. I put my whites in including underwear. I put them on too hot and they all came out pink including all my knickers

  32. I’ve got to say I hate cleaning – its a necessary chore and I mostly do the bare minimum. I do use Dr Beckmann products for cleaning my washing machine, but I haven’t tried the dirt and colour collector yet – I’d like to though :o)

  33. My 10 year old grand-daughter had been given a blue crystal-growing set for a birthday gift from one of her friends. Her mother had asked if we would let her ‘grow’ her crystal at our house as here it’s generally more tranquil and there was less likelihood of it being knocked over. Over the next week we watched the crystal grow, sending her daily photos of the progress and just before her arrival for a weekend visit we balanced the container containing the crystal, still surrounded by deep blue liquid, onto a flat torch knowing she would be entranced by this beautiful crystal with the rays of light shining through.
    Saturday morning she arrived and as she gazed into the kitchen the front door, which she’d left open, slammed shut! The whole house shook and we watched , mesmerized, as the container, full of dye, slowly slide off the torch. tipped over and deposited its contents all over the worktop, down the front of the washing machine, into every crevice and then onto the new kitchen rug staining everything it touched bright blue. I had no idea one jar of dye could spread itself so far!

  34. I always pre-treat stains with a tiny drop of washing up liquid and cool water. It usually works but needs a bit of elbow grease x

  35. I sort my washing – whites, lights and darks and use Dr Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collectors in every whites and lights wash. My colours and whites stay perfect, I’m always surprised when people don’t use them. I would suggest putting them in a mesh laundry bag before putting them in the washing machine to stop them getting into the filter and blocking it.

  36. I discovered you should never put leather gloves in the washing machine unless you want to dye your clothes the dirtiest green mess !

  37. I think they are brilliant, I just forget to use them. Why does the colour not run out of the white clothes again when you next wash them?!

  38. I dont like doing the cleaning and washing would rather walk my dog but my hubby hates it too so mainly falls to me unless he sometimes does a 3 monthly blitz of the house , wish it was more often , these look great I am awful at mixing the wash 😉

  39. I’d love cleaning if everything stayed as I left it, at least for a few weeks, but our house just gets dirty again so quickly! I hate it!

  40. I’m awful at cleaning, but my tip would be to keep on top of it as when it builds up it produces a block and you just never get around to it!!

  41. The first thing I did recently when trying on a brand new white dress was to spill mascara all down it right before a night out. Thankfully my friend managed to get it out!!

  42. I once put the washing machine on and started hearing a thud thud thud. Then I realised I couldn’t find my smartphone. Uh oh. Yes, I had put my smartphone in the wash. Luckily my insurance company were understanding!

  43. Absolutely hate cleaning and love anything that will make it easier. I often use Bicarbonate for cleaning which gets rid of stains and smell – also cleans the washing machine.

  44. try and pre soak any stain or spill…small or large…. and then wash… and this usually gives fantastic results…. just have to be a little patient…

  45. don’t mind cleaning in general but hate ironing.
    cleaning tip – teach the kids early and to earn pocket money by doing chores

  46. I rate these sheets massively. I’ve used them for years, and they work amazingly well. While I do separate my washing, there’s always the risk that colours might mix on some clothing pieces, (i.e.. dark blue and white stripe dress). These little sheets have saved a lot of washing issues over the span of my laundry lifetime! x

  47. These sound like an absolute Godsend! I’m terrible for mixing whites and colours so I think I could do with a pack of these myself.

  48. We have strict rules about laundry in our house, with separate bags in the wash basket for whites and delicates, and still, STILL, the children’s (black) socks end up in with the whites and the bedding. I swear they stuff them into sleeves and pillow slips.