Blackpool Really Does Have It All!

Let me set the scene for you……..

It was a cool and dreary Friday morning and reluctantly I roused 3 mini people from their slumber at an ungodly 6am in the school holidays. Within seconds the excitement was building and fizzing through them giving us all the boost we needed to make our connections for the 8am train from Liverpool Lime Street to Blackpool North. 

For today was the day, today we were taking on the challenge of finding out if #BlackpoolHasItAll. And who better than to put it to the test than 3 hard to please (and possibly sugar hyped) under 11’s. K, aged 7. C, aged 10 and of course the ringleader Miss Olivia, 10. I would be the ‘grown up’ in charge in the loosest sense of word determined not to let them have all the fun, but first we had to make it there!

Blackpool, we are ready!

One of Britain’s oldest and renowned seaside resorts, Blackpool today is a thriving town welcoming millions of visitors each year who come to sample all the attractions, new and old it has to offer. Surely that many people can’t be wrong can they? The team behind the #BlackpoolHasItAll campaign don’t think so and asked us to take on the challenge of finding out exactly how much fun can be had on the resort! As you know myself and Olivia are already big Blackpool fans but what would C and K think of it?

Armed with our Resort Pass Plus courtesy of Merlin Entertainments we set off to see exactly what the attractions adorning the iconic Blackpool Promenade had to offer. A Resort Pass Plus gives you 7 day access and 1 visit per attraction per pass to the following: Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Nickelodeon Land, Blackpool Tower Eye and 4D Experience, The Blackpool Tower Dungeons, SeaLife Blackpool and Madame Tussauds Blackpool, Blackpool Zoo, Sandcastle Waterpark (including hyperzone tickets) and Blackpool Model Village and Gardens.  At £80 each you get a massive £55 saving. Perfect for a weekend getaway up North!

bpl resort pass

Due to Olivia’s recent illness we cut our two day trip down to the one day and our itinerary saw us checking out the Blackpool Tower Eye, Madame Tussauds, Sealife Blackpool and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Hence our early start! In typical British summer fashion we were greeted in Blackpool with a torrential downpour and were thoroughly soaked upon reaching our first destination of Madame Tussauds.

Having visited recently I was worried there wouldn’t be anything different for us to see but with the welcome addition of One Direction no less, Justin Bieber and the return of the ever popular Ant and Dec the girls had a ball whizzing round everyone making sure they didn’t miss anything or anyone out! They loved the new additions of the score a goal feature in the sports locker room and belting out some tunes on the karaoke in Festival Fields. Although Olivia wasn’t impressed at the swapping of Taylor Swift for Justin Bieber!

bpl tussuads collageblackpool really does have it all picture of david beckham and one direction in madame tussauds blackpool

It’s safe to say we got a little snap happy and all 3 girlies are absolute posers! Madame Tussauds, as always, gets a big thumbs up from all 4 of us. From the always friendly staff (not just because we were there to review. We have visited many times and the staff are always really helpful!) to the full on the entertainment factor. If you like you celebs this is a must visit attraction for young and old alike. PS make sure to pop into the Rovers for some dutch courage if you need it before getting to the karaoke, Olivia, however, didn’t need this!

Belting out some Taylor Swift as you do #mtblackpool #pbloggers #daughter #igkids #BlackpoolHasItAll #Blackpool

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Next stop was The Blackpool Tower Eye and 4D Experience. You can’t go to Blackpool and not go to the top of the Tower, can you! The glass floor though is completely different. Wild horses couldn’t drag me on that and C and K took some convincing from Olivia too. I love going to the top of the tower and from the full room of the 4D cinema, it seems I’m not the only one who thinks this is the biggest draw of all. Before you reach the top you get to take in a 4D tour of Blackpool and it’s history to the soundtrack of ‘All the lovers’ by Kylie Minogue. What I love about 4D is the way it comes to life. Someone squirts water, you get wet. A bit of breeze? Yep get ready to be blown away too. There were plenty of gasps and giggles all round from visitors young and old. Despite having seen it before I still enjoy it and always take heed not to snap away for fear of being locked in the dungeons.

Next stop was the lifts ready to take us all upwards. The lifts to the top have a member of staff in who are great at drumming up excitement whilst providing us with some interesting tidbits about the Tower and Blackpool. I can’t help but admire the sheer guts and bravery of those men who built the iconic landmark all those years ago (and more recently the ones who partook in essential repairs). Just thought of doing that brings me out in a cold sweat.blackpool really does have it all picture of girls enjoying the views from the top of the tower

The girls loved checking out the views from the viewing platform, and also felt brave enough to keep going higher, although not to the very top. One of the things I love about visiting the Tower is that there are always plenty of staff around. I watched them interacting with the visitors and coaching little ones and scared big kids onto the glass. The fact that they just stand there with their back to the viewing window on the glass floor freaks me out! You are welcome to spend as long as you like up there. There is no rush or time limit and you have the chance to take in some stunning views. You then just make your way back to the lift when you are ready to leave.

The tower is fully accessible to all users so no need to worry if you have a pram with you or you are a wheelchair user. If you are planning a trip to Blackpool you absolutely must make sure to visit the Tower. From a frequent visitor point of view, it is 10/10 you won’t be disappointed.

blackpool really does have it all views of the blackpool tower

Coming soon: Part 2 sees how we found Sealife Blackpool and The Pleasure Beach!

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a Resort Pass Plus for purpose of this review. All thought and views expressed are my own based on my experiences. Thank you to Merlin Entertainments for supplying the pass. For more information on visiting Blackpool why not check out Visit Blackpool*
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  1. This is awesome! That pass is great value for anyone who wants to see it all, and I had no idea the Tower was fully accessible, that’s great.

  2. You know, I’ve never actually been to Blackpool! But it sounds like there’s loads to do there, and I bet my children would love it! x #KCAOCLS

  3. Ive never been to Blackpool but the photos look fab – some of the wax works look amazing, other….not as realistic lol! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  4. Ahh amazing! I had so many family holidays in blackpool as a child and always loved it, we visited with my son last year and I was blown away by how fantastic it still was – we didnt brave the tower as I`m scared of heights but now I kind of wish we had! #KCACOLS xx

  5. I am not sure I would have wanted to go on the glass floor either! The views look great though. I have never been to Madame Tussards , I know my daughter would love it there.

  6. This has taken me right back to my summer holidays as a child – I love Blackpool! My sister also used to work as a dancer on one of the shows the pleasure beach so I spent quite a lot of time there. Looks like a lovely time together and I absolutely love the picture of the girls at the top of the Blackpool Tower – just beautiful. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday xx