Birthday Crafts with Nail-A-Peel

box of nail-a-pell deluxe set on a whitw table in front of a fireplace

You already know we are big fans of Gel-A-Peel. We have so many sets and recently we have been lucky enough to review some more too! So when we were asked if we would like to try out the Nail-A-Peel kits, it was a definite yes.

Olivia loves having her nails done and wearing false nails so she was excited to get stuck in with the set and create some funky designs to wear on her own nails.

The Nail-A-Peel Deluxe Kit contains;
  • 5 gel polish tubes,
  • 3 nail décor tubes,
  • 4 design templates,
  • nail stencils,
  • nail tray,
  • 7 designer tips,
  • 5 nail wheels,
  • Manicure and design tools

With the ability to make over 100 designs, you really won’t be stuck for new ideas and a whole host of different nail art design ideas at (and on) your fingertips! Suitable for ages 6+

Creating Nail Art Masterpieces with Nail-A-Peel

Olivia decided to get to work with her friends the morning after her birthday sleepover. Instructions in hand, the girls set to work creating their own designs. I was a bit worried until I opened it up and saw you do get the false nails to practice on. The colours were brilliant and they all seemed pleased with them.

accessories from nail-a-peel deluxe set on a white table

It did look a little tricky if I am honest and some of the girls found it a little fiddly to create designs on such a small space. It is definitely something that requires a steady hand and a lot of concentration. I would have said it was perfect for them (11-12-year-olds) but they seemed to think it was aimed at younger girls. However, younger girls may need some help with it initially to get started.

Whilst the tubes look small, they do have a lot and as you only need a small amount, the girls managed to make a fair few different designs.

girls sitting around a circular whitw table with accessories from the nail-a-peel deluxe set

Listening to the girls as they concentrated on their designs, once you have done a few it does get easier. They all passed them around each other so they could all have a turn at creating some nails. Some found it easier than others.

From a parent point of view, this is a little messier than Gel-A-Peel.

It may have been because there were 7 girls around the table but a few days later, I am still struggling to remove some of it from my coffee table. Definitely do it somewhere you can wipe clean easily and quickly once they are done.

close up of pink false nail disc decorated with nail a peel and girls crafting in background

As the girls had school on Monday and false nails/nail varnish isn’t allowed, they have yet to wear them so I can’t comment on how well they stick to the nails, but they do come with small adhesive pads to stick to nails, no nail glue involved at all if you were worried about this with younger kids.

close up shot of a white false nail disc with nails decorated with nail a peel

Nail-A-Peel Deluxe Set is available to buy from Amazon for £33.94 (non-affiliate link) with smaller kits available to purchase too. This is definitely a set for kids who love nail art or crafting in general and was a hit with Olivia and her younger cousin who both love painting nails and wearing false nails too.

*disclaimer: i was supplied with the nail-a-peel set for purpose of this review. all thoughts and opinions are my own. this post contains amazon affiliate links (above)
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