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One Frazzled Mum is 3!

So it’s here it’s day 7. And I’m going to be honest with you. I had an AMAZING prize for today. However we have a slight delay in bringing it to you, but I promise it’s totally worth waiting for. But the thing is I promised you 7 competitions didn’t I. I didn’t want to let you down o the last day so instead of going out with a bumper prize. it’s more like it will fizzle out. I’m sat in bed at 9:50pm throwing this together for you to win a £20 Amazon Voucher!

In true gamehost style have a look at what you could have won….or rather will have the chance to later this month when everything is finalised! Something to whet your appetite if you will.

do you wake up ready sleep hamper with lumie light hot chocolate and bubble bath

I have been trying to improve my sleeping habits with the help of this handy little hamper containing a Lumie light, A Moleskine journal, lavender bubble bath and some hot chocolate and I have one to giveaway too. Soon but not right now. So as a last minute hastily thrown together, totally professional way, I am digging deep (not too deep) to offer up a replacement for you.

Win A £20 Amazon Voucher.

Ts & Cs

The prize is 1 Amazon voucher for the value of £20 sterling. Voucher will be emailed to the winner directly. Open to over 18’s worldwide. Winner will be contacted within 5 days of the competition ending and will have 28 days to acknowledge the win. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. The competition will run from 7/2/17 to 21/2/17. There is no mandatory entry but please complete all options correctly. Any incorrect entries will be disqualified. I do check. So what are you waiting for? Enter now!

amazon voucher

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  1. teleportation. my friends are all over the place and I seem to spend half my life travelling. how cool to pop over to see my canadian cousin for dinner one weekday evening??

  2. I’d choose the superpower to slow down time so I can get everything done in a day that needs to get done and I can have the young ones younger for longer x

  3. I’d go for time travel, because it would be awesome to see all those historical times. But also good to not have to stay there!

  4. Id have powers like Mary Poppins. Id snap my fingers and everything will be tidy in an instant and when it all get’s too much id fly away with my umbrella and see where it takes me.

  5. Teleportation – no more expensive airfares or irritating airports, no crowded public transport, traffic jams or Oyster top-ups and no arriving late anywhere!

  6. would love to win money on everything I did so icould give to the needy causes which are cryin out for help from animal shelters to little childrenneeding life saving treatment which cost thousands

  7. I would love to be able to control time, freeze it when I don’t have enough time and speed it up when I want to get past things

  8. To be able to fly, I love holidays bu flights are soooo expensive. Be great if we could skip the queues at security too.

  9. I would like to be able to stop time, then I might manage 5 minutes to myself without children, husband and pets bothering me.

  10. Invisibility, then I could see what my children do at school. Whenever I ask them what they’ve done that day they can’t remember!

  11. Telepathy – I would love to know what goes on in some people’s minds! It would be so fascinating, maybe disturbing at times, but it would be great.

  12. Time travel would be fab – I could go back and ask my family questions that I never did when they were alive and into the future to check I am making the right decisions.

  13. I’d like to be able to travel through space and time and speak any language (even animal and alien!). Just because I could have so many adventures and meet all sorts of different people, it would be amazing!

  14. My superpower would be to fly. That way I wouldn’t need to learn to drive, or buy a car, worry about fuel or insurance or parking spaces!

  15. I’d love to be able to make time stand still, I could get so much more done in a day.
    Thanks for a super giveaway 🙂

  16. The ability to click my fingers and have all the brooms and cleaning equipment come to life like in the sorcerer’s apprentice – but hopefully without it all going wrong ! It would save me so much time running round after the kids and dogs cleaning and tidying !

  17. I am a mother – therefor I have superpowers! hahaha
    I think I’d like to be able to pause time. Could ponder things, have a bit of time to myself….watch a show or read a chapter of a book without interruption! The list is endless!!!

  18. Mind Reading is probably the most useful superpower to have as it would prevent so many arguements and miscommunications but for purely frivolous reasons I’d really love to fly! 😉 x

  19. If I could I would like to give people and myself just a little extra mojo and confidence with my smile, – then we could all just be a little better x

  20. To be speedy, then I could get the housework and all the rubbish stuff done as quickly as possible and have more time to enjoy other things 🙂

  21. i would like to have telepathy because then i wouldn’t have to wait for people to ring me and i could just ‘tune in’ instead

  22. I would have the power to clone myself so that I could be in multiple places at once, doing multiple things at once! This would be the only way I could get everything done!

  23. I would love the ability to be in 2 places at once, so I can get the endless list of jobs my wife gives me, done in half the time!

  24. The power to be able to hear other people’s thoughts, when needed, so you could stop other people from being harmed.

  25. I would love the power of super sonic flight like Superman, then I could visit my mother whenever I wanted to without spending 5 hours on the motorway in each direction

  26. My super power would be to be able to see what my boys are doing when I’m not there. I’m super nosey and this would help with my curiosity!

  27. To get all the work done in a few minutes. Spent an hour today looking for the paperwork my colleague had left out instead of filing away. 🙁

  28. It would be the power to freeze time so I could get the kids up and ready for school without having to rush every morning xx

  29. Would love the superpower of turning any liquid into Prosecco and any food into chocolate. It would be very useful on an evening watching TV 🙂

  30. To be able to stop time, so that I could actually manage to do all jobs I can never achieve with my 9 month old in tow!