Why We Shouldn’t Dismiss Our Efforts, No Matter How Small They Are.

Do you ever feel like the only reason you never fully succeed at something isn’t anything except you? Like you are your own saboteur, constantly telling yourself you can’t do something or it isn’t even worth it?

Do you start something only to give it up quickly? Or have your efforts dwindle to nothing after all your hard work in the beginning? Sound familiar? I literally do this all the time to myself. I have no idea why I just do.

Surely I’m not alone?

And it isn’t even in one area of my life either it is many different things in many parts of my life. I have discussed many times on how my writing is stalling and I have no idea how to develop my story properly. The only thing stopping me developing that story? Me. If I don’t know how to do it, why don’t I just learn?

I tell myself it really isn’t that easy, but honestly, the only thing that isn’t easy is changing my own mindset from self-sabotaging to positive.

Let’s take today for example. I was three-quarters of the way through watching The Greatest Showman when all of a sudden I got the urge to do a workout. Now, longtime followers will know of my stop-start workout issues. Once this thought was in my head, that was it and I needed to do it. So I did.

I loaded up a 15-minute beginner workout on The Body Coach YouTube Channel and got to it.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

In the end, I managed 10 minutes. 2 rounds of 5 exercises, 30 seconds on and 30 off. I may not have got to the end but I could feel those 10 minutes. I was hot, sweaty and my heart was beating so fast it felt like I had done a Zumba class, not a short 10-minute workout.

Will I do it again tomorrow? I hope so. But for that, I need to make sure of a couple of things. Like 1) I remember that euphoric after exercise feeling. The one that propels me to the shower afterwards when my legs feel like they can’t possibly move anymore. And 2) I need to make sure that I know I have done a good 10-minute workout and NOT I only managed 10 minutes.

Because that change is the change that will help me make the right choice to do that workout again tomorrow. And tomorrow, I may not do the full workout. But I will have done something. 10 minutes working out is much better for than 10 minutes on the sofa or 10 minutes eating more food I don’t need, isn’t it?

But why do we always feel like this? And why is it easier to feel negative about our effort or our perceived lack of efforts? Why do we negate what we do to something worthless instead of feeling proud or celebrating our achievements? I know I’m not alone in this and changing the way I and indeed we think isn’t as easy as it sounds.

So from now on, I will be celebrating the small efforts and changes I make.

So I may not be able to do a full 15-minute HIIT workout, even a beginner one today. But if I do 10 minutes a day every day this week, next week I may hit that 15-minute mark. Then before long, I can move from beginner to intermediate. Then possibly onto the harder, more advanced ones I used to do a couple of years ago. I am not the same girl, same weight or anywhere near the same fitness level as I was back then and I need to remember this before negating my efforts to nothing and being flippant about what I have achieved today.

But, if I can do this for something as simple as starting my workouts again, I can apply this to my writing in the same way. 10 minutes a day, 200 words a day, just something every day no matter how small. I can make a start on changing the things I really need to change and pushing for the things I really want.

Negativity breeds negativity and we all need to stop allowing ourselves to let it have a place in us and in our lives. Even if it is just 10 minutes a day where you push it all aside and do what you want to do regardless of how well you do it and what others think or even what you think others think of your efforts.

After all, you have to lay the foundations before you start to build or everything will come crashing down on you. So take those 10 minutes, lay the foundations. Because everyone has to start somewhere. And where better than by creating your own beginning with something you can build on day after day, week after week.

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  1. I can totally relate to this, we are oftern our own worst critics! It is really important ot cling to the moments of joy and remind oursleves of what we have done rather than what we can’t do. Speaking of which, you have reminded me that I wanted to to a 10 minute workout today too so I’m off to do that now – thank you! 🙂 #blogcrush

  2. I really relate to this – so much of the time, I berate myself for not achieving “perfection”, even though I did the best I could at the time. But I think recognising these unhelpful thought patterns is the first step in correcting them so thank you for sharing your journey. #blogcrush

  3. Hon, you need to know that it takes the strength of the mightiest of all mighty women to actually turn off the greatest showman to do anything, let alone work out! You earned some kind of medal! Spoken from a family who has seen it at least 907 times so far… #blogcrush xoxo

  4. I definitely feel like this about a lot of things in my life, with my blog especially. Like you said, the only thing holding me back is me. My attitude is very negative right now, I need to find a way to adjust it a little so that I can reach my goals instead of just letting them slip away.

  5. Its funny that ive read this today…ive been to my weight watchers group, i lost 2.5lb and my first reaction was “i wanted 3lbs” I SABOTAGE my healthy eating regularly and I’m trying to stay on track till xmas. thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS Hope to see you next time x

  6. Yes! This is so important! so glad you wrote this. it is something I needed to hear right now and be reminded of. sometimes I am so hard on myself! #KCACOLS