Our Review of The Old Quay, Parkgate

About 18 months ago I visited The Old Quay, Parkgate on the Wirral and was instantly impressed with not only the gorgeous views over to Wales but their carvery meals too. So when Olivia and I were invited back to try out the new menu at The Old Quay, Parkgate we couldn’t say no, could we? I also took along my youngest, and fussiest, sister too.

What has Changed at The Old Quay, Parkgate?

Since our last visit The Old Quay, Parkgate is now part of the Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery chain and I was really excited to try out the pizzas. It’s not usually something I go for when eating out but after scoping out the new menu online I was sold and my mind was made up. That’s not to say I wasn’t swayed when I arrived but for a chain who have pizza in the name I couldn’t not try them, could I!

Other than that, The Old Quay, Parkgate still has the lovely relaxed atmosphere I remembered from my last visit and of course those gorgeous views over to Wales. We were booked in for a 7 pm reservation on a Saturday night. It had been a lovely day and not surprisingly it was busy and there was a queue at the bar when we arrived.


I know I keep comparing it to my last visit, but, I did visit in January on a pretty miserable day so it was on the quiet side and we received amazing service. This time the staff had their hands full so I was curious to see how their service would be in a completely different situation. Could the food still be as good with a pretty full house? I will let you know.

The Menu, The Old Quay, Parkgate.

Could the children’s menu please lil Miss Fussy Pants, Olivia? And would my sister order anything other than her staple Hunters Chicken/Gammon meal? Who knew. I had already picked my order but anything was possible with these two. So after much deliberation, to-ing and froing, me telling them they were liked spoilt kids in a sweet shop they finally settled on the same meals! And off I went to order!


What Did We Order?

Let’s start with the kid’s menu. All meals, kids and adults come with endless sides. So your chips, veg and salad are pretty much all your little ones can/will eat. This is really good to know especially if you have a fussy eater who won’t or doesn’t like their meal. There is the choice for the kids (and adults) favourite of chicken nuggets and fish fingers but also pizzas and the carvery too. Kids meals, the mains are £3.99 and £4.49 for pizza. Pretty good value really. Olivia went for the carvery. I think my sister swayed her a little bit with her choice as she opted for the same too with the adult’s carvery for £5.99.

We just had to try the starters. 5 for £13.99, we chose the mac and cheese balls for Olivia – she loved them. Crispy potato skins, southern fried chicken strips, mini dough balls and pigs in blankets for us all to share. We can recommend them all, absolutely delicious, however, the crispy potato skins weren’t what we expected and didn’t really hit the spot for us I’m afraid. But the pulled pork topping we got on them did. For me, though it was the southern fried chicken strips that were the winner here!


Enjoying The Pizza and Carvery at The Old Quay, Parkgate.

I kid you not when I went to the pizza counter pick up my freshly made pizza, my eyes popped out of my head! No frozen pizzas here. This was a light stone crust base generously topped with all the favourites I expect on a meat feast pizza. Exactly how I like my pizza. They do only come in the one size 12″ so be warned. It looked amazing, but how did it taste?

Soooo good! Really good in fact, that despite me being really full at only 2 slices in I still went ahead and ate more. I couldn’t finish it despite really not wanting to leave it. But…… you can take it home! I took my half a pizza I never finished home with me. Did you know you can also take away the pizza too? If I lived closer I 100% would be having pizza for dinner every night. With prices from £6.99 depending on toppings you can even go all out for a calzone for £9.99 or opt for a skinny pizza (should have done this) for £5.99. I didn’t even need to get any sides at all this time. The pizza alone was more than enough for me, I doubt I would have finished it even without the starters.


A Carvery on A Saturday Night?

This was exactly what was going through my sisters head when she caught sight of my pizza. Now I want pizza she moaned as she headed off with Olivia to choose their meals. But then they sat down with these beauties and all doubts were gone. Good choice, they high-fived each other! Good start and that was before they have even tried it. Waiting patiently until I had snapped away so I could show you all.


If you have never been to a carvery before. You are given your choice of meal, eg meat and Yorkshire puds for a roast dinner or fish for fish and chips at the counter first. You then help yourself to the rest to build the meal you want, how you like it. So my sister and Olivia chose their own veg, roasties, mash and amount of gravy – this is very important, don’t you hate a dry roast dinner! And with it being pretty much self-service, except the main part (meats in this case) you can go when you like and keep returning until you are full by topping up on those endless sides. Olivia went back for seconds on mushy peas!


Both of them finished off their meals no problem. My sister delighted that the veg wasn’t too crunchy for her tastes and Olivia just loving every mouthful. It was a big hit. She was even talking about coming up the next day with my mum to show her how good it was. That is some high praise indeed. We weren’t disappointed at all.


Bottomless ice cream sundae for kids (£2.49)…… Olivia was in ice cream heaven. Even better self-service! Oh, my days! Best.Meal.Ever. To be completely honest she only managed one trip up as she was quite full after her roast dinner and we had an hour journey home on the bus. But had she had a lighter meal, there would have been no stopping her at all.

a collage-of-pictures-showing-the-ice-cream-selection-at-the-old-quay-parkgate

Ever since I walked in, I had my eye on a freakshake. I have literally never had one before. But after the amount of food, and not being able to finish my pizza, I had consumed. I knew there was no way I would eat a whole one so My sister and I shared. We went for the Banoffee Doughnut Freakshake which was only £3.99. No regrets here people. If you visit you NEED to try one of these things you will not regret it, I promise.



Once again I wasn’t disappointed. The Old Quay, Parkgate lived up to my memory of our previous visit. Despite it being really busy when we arrived the staff were still just attentive and the food just as, if not more, amazing. It did quieten down during our visit but that didn’t impact us at all. I would say to expect longer waiting times for foods other than on the carvery ie pizzas during busy times but pretty much that is it.

The pub, on the whole, was nice, clean and tidy. It still has that great family atmosphere and the service from the staff was excellent despite them being busy. This wasn’t just for me either, waiting in the queue to be served the staff were friendly and courteous to everyone.

*Disclaimer: We were provided with a voucher to try out the menu. All thoughts and opinions are my own*
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