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Last year I reviewed some Marigold products. Of course, I knew the brand but in my head, Marigold was for rubber gloves. But it’s not. After receiving those initial products, Marigold has become my go-to brand all my cleaning products at home. My mind was swayed and I no longer pick up the cheapest brand I can find.

So when Marigold got in touch to tell me about The Marigold Try Me Free Offer, I already knew! I had in fact just replaced my no more elbow grease scourer for a new one and saw the offer on the packaging.

The Marigold Try Me Free Offer.

To try Marigold products for free, all you need to do is this;

  • Buy a Marigold product with the orange promotional sticker
  • Use it.
  • Write a review (min 15 words)
  • Post your review along with the itemised receipt showing your purchase and the promotional label from the pack to
    Marigold TMF (6055)
    PO Box 83
    Llandrindod Wells
    LD1 9BE

You will then receive a refund up to the value of £2.99 +p&p.

a kitchen sink in fornt of a windwo with marigold cleaning products to the left

If you read my previous Marigold review from Mrs R and her love of not only Marigold products but her passion for making sure all residents of Chatterington keep to the cleaning charter you will have read how she raved about them.

Well, I had to admit Mrs R was right. Cleaning is so much easier now I am using Marigold products, I can’t tell you how pleased I was to have another no more elbow grease scourer in my goodie pack Marigold sent out to me. Already in my cleaning cupboard was the scourer, microfibre cloths and a selection of oops away cleaning cloths.

Let me tell you about a few of my favourite Marigold products!

No More Elbow Grease Scourer.

a windowsill with a bottle of handwash, fairy washing up liquid and marigold products in a purple sink tidy

This is a life changer! If you haven’t already tried one, try it now. This little scourer is a sponge covered by a scourer. I use it for effortless cleaning of my pans, halogen oven, oven trays and my cooker. It is so easy to use, is non-scratch and lasts so long too. Perfect for any stubborn marks, burnt on food or grease. This is my favourite product from Marigold ever!

Oops Away Cloth.

a kitchen sideboard with a purple toaster pink marigold cleaning cloth and bottle of dettol spray

I already have these cloths at home too and love them for wiping over my kitchen counters. Strong and durable all they need is a rinse afterwards before they’re ready to use again – unless you spilt something bad or that stains!

Let it Shine Microfibre Cloth

I love these for my bathroom and for wiping over dusty surfaces at home (sorry baby wipes). They are also washable which means you can reuse them again and again and as there is 3 in a pack, they will definitely last the distance.

Products I will be Trying Out.

a sink filled with soapy water with a green marigold sponge and purple draining rack

I have already opened the Cleaning me Softly Sponge for my dishes. I usually use a sponge that you are able to put washing up liquid into the handle of, but now this needs replacing so I will be trying this one to see how it manages with my dishes.

The roll of oops away wipes will be perfect for my living room tray tables. I bought white tables for us to use when eating in the living room and it’s safe to say they get a little bit grubby at times. Hopefully having this roll on hand will help encourage the kids to clean up more/quicker/at all! Perfect for those dirtier spills when you don’t want to ruin your cloths you can literally use one of these! If they are anything like the pink cloth I already use, they will be great!

Do you use any Marigold products? If so what is your favourite product or what one will you be trying?

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*This post is in collaboration with Marigold. All thoughts and opinions are my own*
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