March Workouts Update

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March Workouts Update.

I am very pleased to say that throughout March I have managed to keep up the momentum on my workouts. As you may remember from my I Work Out post, during February/March I was trying out a whole range of different classes and workouts to find my ‘thing’ These past few weeks haven’t really had that same desire for experimentation and has seen a lack of class workouts. Some due to cancellations by the leisure centres, some by me/my workout partner. Most were replaced by mad gym sessions that always end up on a leg day despite starting off as something completely different!


I still haven’t managed to get that first class. The one I had booked I cancelled for reasons I can’t remember right now. I have been watching some video’s on YouTube and my 11-year-old niece is desperate to come round and do some yoga and/or piyo.


I never made it back to another class. Mainly due it always being full and because the one I can get to is on a Tuesday. Following kettlescise on a Monday!


In a twisted and slightly warped way, I am coming to love my kettlecise classes. Probably because I know I am getting a good workout. Every Monday morning.

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I am still doing the odd Zumba class again due to time restrictions and many, many cancellations not as many as I would like.


These classes seemed to have fizzled out of late and I haven’t really been to so many but one of my friends has decided to join up and wants to try some aqua classes so I can see me tagging along too, why not!


I have turned into one of the people who is constantly taking pics at the gym. Constantly. There is the ‘I’m going the gym’ mirror selfies. The ‘I’m on the treadmill’ action shots and the ‘It’s time for the weights’ snaps too. I’m sorry, I apologise. But I have such a good time at the gym I can’t help myself. We start off, we being me and my friend/gym buddy/hairdresser, on the treadmill and/or cross trainer for a warm up and a little HIIT session. We then use various machines around the gym depending on what we are doing that day then hit the mat with our 5kg dumbbells and 8kg kettlebell. We can stay here for a good hour doing squats, lunges, planks, Russian twists, ab crunches, planks to name a few.


My kitchen is now my workout area. I do my Zumba on YouTube here. I do The Body Coach HIIT  here too. I spend a fair bit of time here doing anything other than cooking!


I am still struggling to control my diet and it has been erratic this month, to say the least. I am refusing to weigh myself and using tape measure only. There have been noticeable changes to my body shape, especially when I was on my Shake it Slim week trial and my work shirt is now hanging loosely as opposed to clinging in all the wrong places! There is also the added benefit of feeling so much healthier and fitter too. For such a long time I had a stabbing pain in my left shoulder, this is now gone although I still have a loud and uncomfortable grinding going on in my shoulders and neck but the exercise is definitely helping ease some of the aches and pains so all good there!

Tips, advice, ideas on changing my awful diet are always welcome!

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  1. Such a lot of variety there! That’s great. I’m a go for a walk or bike ride fan. I have been doing a fitmum class which is basically squats and lunges galore! I never knew there was so many different ways to lunge! Thanks for linking up to #abrandnewday

  2. Wow, you’re really inspirational with the variety of your workouts, and your dedication! Mother used to go to the gym lots and started running again but she is struggling to find time to fit it in now. I think this is a feeble excuse and she needs a kick up the bum 😉 #abrandnewday

  3. Well done on keeping up the motivation. I like the variety of things you are trying. I gave up on going to the gym last year – I was not using my membership. I recently started to jog to work and |I am really enjoying that. It’s 4KM (8KM in total with the jog back) so feels great to not have to worry about getting exercise after work.

  4. I do aqua every week and absolutely love it. I do love kettlecise too as it feels like such an allround good workout. I also like doing spin/ pedal x and just the gym in general. It’s good to mix it up x