What Would Your Dream House Look Like?

When you were young did you ever dream about the kind of house you would live in when you grew up. I grew up on a council estate. It was a nice modest house, as is the housing association house I live in now. Sure it’s in need of some updating, redecorating and freshening up, but still it’s a nice house. I have written before about how I would like to transform different rooms in the house but what if could start from scratch? If money was no option (like if I won the £100 million Euromillions jackpot this month……….)

Before we moved into this house, it will be 5 years in December, we lived in a flat. A ground floor 2 bedroom flat. You know the kind. 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen standard stuff. For the longest time before we moved Olivia asked for a house with stairs and a garden. Then on December 6th 2011 I gave her what she had been wishing for. An early Christmas present if you please. She absolutely loved it.

She is now 10. Her requirements have since changed slightly. Her majesty would now like to add to her list of living demands. It seems a house with stairs and a garden was childs play and now she is older she needs more, lots more! Unlike back then when her request was cute, she was 5 after all, all she gets now is an eye roll and a put it on your xmas list.

Not too sure how I’m supposed to fulfill her requests without said lottery win but I’ll let you know anyway. While I’m at it why not just imagine our dream house, suitable for all the demands of a growing tween and me, her poor, poor mum.

Olivia’s Requirements.

In a nutshell she would like;

  • A bedroom just for sleeping, big enough to have those built in bunk beds. You know with 2 each side and the steps in the middle, yeah those ones!
  • A garden big enough for her own space possibly with a playhouse in too.
  • Her own en suite bathroom (so she can lie and tell me she has brushed her teeth!)
  • A playroom just for all her dolls. With a sofa, TV and sky box too! Sofa must be either reclining or a pull out sofa beds.

your dream house dolls room

My Requirements.

Me, I would like some things too seeing as she has voiced her requests.

  • A fully fitted bedroom, with full on sliding wardrobe doors and everything.
  • A nice space in the garden with a veranda like the ones you can get from 123v as I’m rubbish with the sun and for it have decking too.
  • French doors that open out under the veranda.
  • An open plan living space downstairs.
  • A huge kitchen with an island in the middle (my absolute dream)
  • My own ensuite too with walk in wet room for the shower no cubicles

your dream house black_veranda_with_blue_led_wall_splash_lighting

There is a house for sale opposite me. It has been for sale for a while now. Everyday I walk past and wonder what it would be like to be able to own my own home and to put my stamp on it. Make it truly my own little corner of the world. It has huge double gates for off road parking and from what I can see it would look great with a car port on the side.

your dream house123v-carport

I think I have spent far too much time watching Homes Under The Hammer with delusions of being a top class renovator building my perfect home from scratch don’t you agree. But do you want to know something, should I ever be in the position to buy my own home, we are going to have so much fun with it! What would your dream house look like?

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with 123v*
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