Blog Birthday Giveaway Day 2: A Set of 4 Go Create Crafts

Welcome to Day 2 of my blog birthday giveaway.

One Frazzled Mum is 2 on 14th February and to celebrate I am hosting 7 day of giveaways. 1 per day each lasting 14 days!

Today’s prize is a set of 4 different Go Create craft sets.

go create prize

There is no mandatory option so how you enter is completely up to you.

  1. Please enter all options correctly I will check.
  2. This is a UK only competition for over 18’s.
  3. The prize is supplied by myself and in no way associated with anyone else. Please allow 28 days for delivery.
  4. The winner has 7 days to acknowledge their win before a new winner is drawn.
  5. All reasonable attempts will be made to contact winner.
  6. The competition will run from 02/02/2016 until 11.59pm 15/02/2016
  7. Good Luck

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  1. I love doing crafts but I am so messy! I look like I’m the thing I’ve been crafting with all the glue and glitter stuck to me

  2. I love doing all crafts and passed this on to my son and daughter who now have the ability and interest to teach their children. It gives real quality time together no matter what age.

  3. I’m completely useless,If i sew a button on it will fall off the next day !.I’m a trier though and somehow I’ve got a daughter who’s an artist and can turn her hand to everything crafty,she must have taken it from my husband.Anyway I’d love to win as I still love doing things with my grandchildren and,as my daughter has shown,I’ve not hampered her in any way x

  4. I LOVE crafts and do a lot of sewing, card making, and general crafts I will really give anything a go at least once. In fact I love crafting so much my OH got me a laser cutter and engraver for my xmas last year lol

  5. I’ve always been terrible with my hands, so crafting / DIY etc has never been my thing. My main hobby currently is competitions – doesn’t take much skill – but it is fun!

  6. I love doing crafts, I always have done. I love making up little projects I can do with my 4 year old.

  7. I’m happy to give my kids the tools and help needed to make whatever comes into their heads, but I can’t say I’m particularly gifted in creating things myself!

  8. I used to have box loads of craft and handcraft materials and really enjoyed making cards, gifts, items to wear and so on. It would be good to have an excuse to start again, especially as the children enjoy it, too.

  9. i am not very good at craft at all, but my 4 children love it so am slowly getting better due to the help of my children! especially my 10 year old she puts me to shame she is brilliant at it and really creative xxx

  10. I love doing crafts. I wouldn’t say I’m brilliant at it, but I just love to create’s a real buzz. x

  11. I am terrible – unless it’s cross stitch then I’m ok. The rest….well…maybe tate modern would like them?

  12. I love card making, and it is something my 2 sons can help with. they love punching
    out shapes and stamping with ink!

  13. I’m rubbish at crafts but my boys and neice enjoy them so I watch as they don’t let me do much!! Xx

  14. I love doing arts and crafts with the kids, but not really talented at anything “crafty” I dont think x

  15. i do enjoy crafts i have always done , i do quite a few crafty things including cards up cycling and sewing i am quite good

  16. I am rubbish at them 🙁 my mum and sister’s always come out amazing and makes me jealous lol

  17. These crafting kits sound fantastic. I can’t wait for my friends to have kids so I can be the crafty auntie and do things like this with them 🙂

  18. I have always loved doing arts and crafts when I was young and now with my daughter I’ve got the Chance again to tickle the arty bug in me and teach her different types of crafts.She loves it too

  19. fantasic give away. we just bought our todler playdough and shes in love with it

  20. I love my crafts and regularly do cross-stitch, tapestry, needle felting, sewing, drawing and colouring! I have always loved my arts and crafts, ever since I was very little!

  21. My 4 year old daughter is Arts and Crafts obsessed! Unfortunately for her she has a mummy who is awful with glue, glitter and making things! Though I do try…..