Tips for Boosting your Facebook Engagement

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In recent months I have been working on expanding my somewhat limited skills to increase my knowledge and help boost my social media pages. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to keep on top of every platform so I took on board some advice to concentrate on one platform. Right now, I love being on Facebook. For me, it gets me the most interaction and is the easiest way to engage with my followers. I seem to have found the trick for boosting your Facebook engagement.

I have learnt a lot when it comes to what content does well and doesn’t do so well and the importance of the times of day you post. That being said I really need to get better at organising my own page and putting all of this into practice consistently!

Tips for Boosting Your Facebook Engagement.

What Are Others Doing?

Don’t be afraid to look at other pages you like and see what they are doing. Whilst you shouldn’t try to copy someone else’s feed, you can get some inspiration from the pages and try some new ideas to see what works for you and your audience.

Sharing Posts/Videos/Memes.

This always goes down well, personally, I have found that the more extreme and funny the better. Search Facebook using the search function within the site to look for suitable and relevant content to share for your followers or even create for yourself. Save the post to your profile to return to at a later date and schedule for your page. Always try to share from the original source and/or credit the creator in your post to show your appreciation. *Top Tip: when you have added the link to your post and the preview has found what you are sharing delete the link for a cleaner looking post*

Another great way is to share hot topic news items to your page as you come across them (if you have posts scheduled you can always go back in and reschedule or just have an extra post on your page). This is a great way of boosting your Facebook engagement!

Or you could choose to create your own and aim for a viral post to bring in more followers. After all, when people comment on your posts, their friends’ list sees this interaction meaning more exposure for your page and potentially more new followers.

Be Consistent and Engage Your Followers.
screenshot of facebook insights showing post reach and engagement figures
Screenshot from one of my VA clients Facebook pages showing the increase in reach and engagement over the previous 28 days

Use your page insights to find out when the majority of your followers are online and experiment with posting your content around those times. Whilst the Facebook algorithm makes it ridiculously hard for your content to be seen, by posting when more of your followers tend to be online gives you a better chance of your posts being seen. Depending on your audience this could vary but use the tools at your disposal to help you out when considering posting times.

There are so many factors that come into play when considering the Facebook algorithm and who it shows your posts to. This means it is virtually impossible to know how well a post will do before you publish it. So publishing when peak followers are around makes more sense to maximise exposure.

Use the Facebook Scheduler

We all know Facebook likes to kill posts with external links, but if you are going to schedule posts for your page or even group, use the Facebook scheduler as opposed to a third party scheduler. You can find this under ‘publishing tools’ and you can schedule from there. Another tip I have picked up is to add a question or a short description to the post about your link. If you give your followers something to interact with chances are higher they will leave you a comment and/or click the link.

Share your Day.

Your followers want to know about you and who you are or what your business does. That is the main reason they follow you. So make sure to share a little bit of you so your followers can get to know who you are.

text on a multicoloured background reading " back in january I went to see wicked uk in london followed by aladdin the musical the next day. what show would you like to see?
Screenshot of a post to be published for my One Frazzled Mum Facebook page.

These are a great way of boosting your Facebook engagement and interaction amongst your followers. People love to share a little of their knowledge, experience and opinions so posting questions is the perfect way to engage people who see your posts. I have come up with a list of tried and tested questions to help you engage more and get more responses to your posts. Below is a selection of those questions. Of course, you can tailor these to suit your own audience and to complement your own content on your page.

  • What do you recommend to watch on Netflix?
  • Vacation or Staycation?
  • What is your favourite takeout food?
  • Coffee and cake or tea and biscuits?
  • Are you a morning person or night owl?
  • Who is the best band of all time?
  • What is your favourite way to relax of a weekend?
  • Can you recommend some great places to visit for families in your area?
  • Where would you like visit on holiday?
  • Where is the most amazing place you have visited?
  • Favourite West End Show?
  • Books or movies?
  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would you choose?
  • You have to spend a year on a desert island and you can only take one thing what would you take?
  • How did you pick your child’s name?

I hope these tips help you out and if you are short on time or struggling to boost your Facebook engagement then please feel free to get in touch. I am now pleased to offer VA Facebook services

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  1. This is really helpful. Ive made a mental note to come back and make some notes off this post because facebook is my worse social olayform. I love instagram but i find faceboom really hard to develop and get the engagement that it needs #KCACOLS

  2. Thanks for this post! i really need to learn how to grow my facebook following. It’s absolutely tiny at the moment, but then I haven’t made any real effort to grow it yet. Something else for the to do list! #kcacols

  3. My Facebook definitely needs some tlc, it’s all over the place in terms of engagement. The personal posts definitley do the best but funnily enough, giveaways do very badly! I’m not sure how to improve those, can be very frustrating at times. Thanks for this helpful post, I’ll look at putting some of this into practice – I like the simple questions idea. #blogcrush