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  1. hahaha Tracey, I understand pretty well what you are saying!! My daughter is exactly the same. I have to shout at her to get ready all morning!! It is just so annoying!! lol Great photo!! 🙂 x

  2. Oh yes! I know it well! Good luck with that!
    Mine is in a seemingly never ending shower at the moment. I wouldn’t mind if she would actually shampoo and condition her hair but 20 minutes on and she’s still standing like a statue under it! #wickedwednesday

    1. OMG! She does that too. I have to stop the showers before school when she decided she doesn’t like waking up of a morning!

    1. I had her up. I got in the shower to get ready and came back down stairs to find her like that she did however make it to school on time, just!